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    Rolling Changelog: Stable Branch: 0.32.114557

    you wrote hacksaw twice ^^
  2. youfindhans@gmail.com

    Admin threat

    o WOW! didnt even see that one yet! EPIC!!! XD Snapshot so we dont have to give him any views lol.
  3. youfindhans@gmail.com

    Admin threat

    Goto youtube page... ....Sees First Video that shows up saying: 24 Hour Charity Gaming Livestream! Wait a sec You game for charity to do good things.... ...?? But you trash talk to others and make false copyirght claims?
  4. youfindhans@gmail.com

    Admin threat

    I like where this is going
  5. youfindhans@gmail.com

    Admin threat

    No you didnt. Because else you wouldn't post the already obvious event. You were trying to back it up. Cause you thought youtube was behind you. But you're an idiot. There actually saying sorry because they have to remove anything by LAW that contains copyright music. They dont give a shit what music is playing on there. Even if it was "Friday - Rebecca Black" And im not against copyright so i think its right what there doing. its just a bit out of control.
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    Admin threat

    10 Beers that this guy thinks thats an actually typed respondse from an actual person.
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    Admin threat

    Well yes... didn't that just get confirmed? x) Picture below answers your question: There nice enough to say sorry though :lol:
  8. youfindhans@gmail.com

    Admin threat

    No Pvp Server?! XD The amount rofl my ass im having right now. ... So wait a second.. Then why didnt his pistol look like this?
  9. youfindhans@gmail.com

    Admin threat

    He's Going Super Saiyan on that SHIT!!!
  10. youfindhans@gmail.com

    Admin threat

    Re-upload it without the song. :) Please. for the sake of not letting 'Butthurt Barbie Queens' rule the internet.
  11. youfindhans@gmail.com

    Admin threat

    So what does the "Actual" Admin think of this? ;)
  12. youfindhans@gmail.com

    --- [STREAM] --- DayZ Special - Arnold Schwarzenegger (With Voice ROFL) ---

    if someone has a chopper. YOU HAVE TO LET US KNOW XD You can pick him up on the stream for epic Arnold meets Chopper DayZ Moment!
  13. URL: HTTP://www.Twitch.tv/PXXL About PXXL I'm from the Netherlands, about to finish my second degree and 28 years old. I have been playing games since the Amiga and never stopped. Next to my PC i own a 360 and PS3. I will probably stream various other games in the future, but for now i´m streaming DayZ. When I'm Streaming I will stream from day to day. When i do, the channel is guaranteed to be live after 1pm GMT+1, possibly sooner. If you wan't to be notified when i'm going live, click the 'Follow' button. Rules Rules are simple: 1. Enjoy the stream 2. Respect me and the viewers. Donations My stream just started so i dont really have the userbase to start taking donations and do give-aways. That's why I don't have anything set up yet, but if you guys can't wait to give me your hard earned money i will set something up right away for you to donate to the stream. System Specs OS: Windows 7 64bit CPU: Core i7 @ 2.7GHz (8CPUs) Memory: Corsair 6GB DDR3 Video Card: EVGA Geforce GTX 570 HD DS Monitor: iiyam ProLite 22 inch (dual setup) Headset: Creative Fatal1ty Gaming Headset Keyboard: Logitech K200 Mouse: Logitech MX518
  14. youfindhans@gmail.com

    Spawn with a hatchet?

    They tried but people ended up spawning wrong...
  15. youfindhans@gmail.com

    Non-threatening clothing

    I would like an hawaii shirt and some short pants so i can sit down on first arrival and start fishing.