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    Broken now...Submitted a issue # on Github Edit: Fixed. apparently the Bot Token on discord got changed
  2. falcon911


    Loving it!!! Great job!!!
  3. Just wanted to pass along some knowledge and maybe someone can fix the symlinks. But I found a old ARMA 3 script for a Windows dedicated server from a user named tissue901 (original link: https://forums.bohemia.net/forums/topic/202897-dedicated-windows-server-updater-steam-workshop-and-game/) While I got it to work with my server your mileage may vary. This is a python script to automate updating my Windows Dedicated server. I've only tested it on Python 3.6 but I think it would work for any version. Just update the directories and files section to where your stuff is located. The "WorkshopItems.txt" file just contains the workshop item number and a human readable string which automatically gets changed to a lowercase name without spaces. It uses a symbolic link to add the mods to the server's addons folder instead of moving it so updating works without redownloading everything. Update.py WorkshopItems.txt Note: If you happen to be good with Python scripting and you take a look at the original vs what I had to adjust above: You will notice that line (94 or 96 I believe) os.system('mklink /J ' + symLink + ' '"D:\\Dayzserver\\steamapps\\workshop\\content\\221100\\" + steamWorkshopId + '\n') The symlink was not working from the original. I send a email to the dev. but have gotten no response as of yet. Maybe someone else could give it a go and correct it. Either way match or adjust your folder structure accordingly.
  4. falcon911

    Server Persistance Still Broken

    Nope...Affects Fences, Barrels, Generators. My admins built their own bases and after about 4 days it was gone. It's REALLY hard for me to push my community to play Dayz SA at this point. I think we will head back to SCUM.
  5. falcon911

    Dayz PDB

    Hoping that one of the devs can chime in on this one. Not sure if you have seen about ALIVE and how it functions would be useful in your application for the Dayz hive structure currently in place. While I would think this would be a huge advantage for your modification to Dayz Stand Alone for your "Network bubble" issue you're running into with objects and the sheer amount of objects your spawning in. Unfortunately, I believe the Dev's would need to rework the structure of the PDB for Dayz all together in order to make this function properly. While I have no knowledge on the timelines you're placing on your team on or how your current testing structure is being played out. Just wanted to throw out some ideas and start the thinking outside the box. Thoughts?
  6. More information at http://www.survivaloperations.net/topic/5377-dayz-hard-corps-now-open-beta/ :: what is hard corps :: ACE CBA DayZ JSRS Robert Hammer Pook Mods Shack Tactical Mods Dayz 1.8 features 'updating occurs to keep relivent' :: how do i get hard corps :: Download sixupdater classic from HERE. Then, once installed create a new preset with this address as the repo source: Install video coming soon :: how do i find the server :: Filter for: HARD CORPS :: how do i report bugs :: GitHub :: how do i survive on hard corps :: You don't. :: check out your stats :: http://www.survivalo.../HardCorpstats/
  7. falcon911

    DayZ+ACE, Opinions?

    OK. I see that this is going no where. Do or say whatever makes yourself feel better Kar.
  8. falcon911

    DayZ+ACE, Opinions?

    Kar.. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xiB6F9c9CY Tell me what menu system that on time 1:34 is for? A.C.E or Dayz? Like I stated. We proved that Dayz can work with ACE. You guys might improve it a little based upon our efforts, but we showed the community it is possible.
  9. falcon911

    DayZ+ACE, Opinions?

    Like I said I have no problem with what you're doing. Hell I encourage it. The more DAYZ mods that come out with ACE will only help and fuel the realism. The point was exactly what you stated. It's was done and tried and in some ways succeeded. lol.. OK whu are you??? Lets see I'm going to try and dumb this down for you to understand. Why not try your excellent edjumatication skills you learned on how to type and proofread before you hand in your homework and type onto a properly indicated grammer base and you too might get praise. Hell, your school really deserve the praise now for the excellence they gave you. Also your reading skills need to work. Please read this whole topic (All of them above) out loud 6 times and then it might come to you that you made my point. Kar was the last version you played with/on bud. Also your right, ideas were always out there. But no one did a proof of concept on a multiplayer scale except for SO.
  10. falcon911

    DayZ+ACE, Opinions?

    You know Conor, I have no problem with what you guys are trying to do. But at least give credit where credit is due here in this topic post or within your posts.. SurvivalOperations.net first came up with the idea and provided that mod that completely reintergrated Dayz to work with ACE. . Proof: Check out the link below in DDG's video... Tell me what website it states there. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-xiB6F9c9CY Sgt Mac of Survival Operations worked his ass off on the mod and kept it going up and until this April when we lost intrest from him due to personal reasons and everyone even you guys decided to complain about how the lack of player base was running on the mod. No one stepped up to try and take the reins and if so brought it to my attention nor offer your assistance as you are here on helping revamp the HardCorp to where you all wanted it.Yes I did add a few features that I thought would help spark the interest (SARG_AI), which proved to be a overwhelming no from the community for it to be added.So I took it out and nothing else came of it. Also, please make sure that you do include that your group you run with was included in the progression of Dayz with ACE mod when it was in development. Now you have the gall to come here and state that is of new interest? My point is while you state this is new feature of Dayz needs to be been tried..please include the survival operations DID get it running and not only on Chernarus but also Taviania. We are in the process of getting the Hard Corp up and going again with a new Mod designer who is coming up with some great ideas up to and including new style of barracks as well as features never before seen on Dayz. Also Sgt Mac is making a come back and also assisting where needed. We are hoping to get the community the client side files out soon. http://www.survivaloperations.net/topic/4968-hard-corps-a-breath-of-life/ Good luck in your endeavors, just remember who came up with this idea/proof of concept first.
  11. Ditto. I downloaded the latest from BE site http://www.battleye.com/download.html
  12. falcon911

    Bring ACE to DayZ

    I know that this thread has been awhile since the last update. But we are Survivaloperations.net have brought ACE to Dayz. Not many server can say that now can they. Check it out and see what you think. Hell DevilDoggamer even made a video on this: Link to the sixupdater and mod. http://www.survivaloperations.net/topic/3827-dayz-hard-corps-144/
  13. falcon911

    Survival Ops - Hard Corps (Dayz Mod)

    Were back with the Hard Corp server. ACE is running as well as towing. Were planning on adding more features soon. Come on over and join up. http://www.survivaloperations.net/topic/3827-dayz-hard-corps-144/
  14. falcon911

    DayZ: Namalsk

    Whoaaa....Just because you can't read and follow instructions does not mean that you need to get uppity on reasons why he closes out the posts on some issues that have been asked 3 to 4 times already.Bliss is not a cookie cutter program and god forbid you have to WORK for being an admin.. You call him a dick before looking in the mirror and looking that the issue may not be with him but with you. Learn SQL or at least how ARMA 2 works before going over and posting that X is broke and you need to fix it attitude. Hell yeah I would ban you to if you came at me with that attitude too. Also you main issue is that .72 is not supported as of yet as Jean has pointed out... IRC is there for you to ask your questions. IRC: irc.thekreml.in #bliss
  15. falcon911

    DayZ: Namalsk

    OMG... YES!!!!!! YES!!!!! YES!!!!!! (damnit now I got to clean that up!!!!)