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  1. Dealing with the frustration

    I can agree that DayZ was never intended to be a crowd funding game and early acces wasnt on the table from the beginning. However, i remember a certain Mr. Dean Hall (or maybe it was youy Hicks, cant really remember), way back in the day, telling us that the increased revenue from the early acces program, ment that the scope of DayZ got expanded quite abit. As far as i remember, Enfusion was never an actualy idea from the start, it became that down the line and Enfusion is one of the results of the increased money flow, am i wrong? I am not saying you are relaying on early acces money to stay afloat or develop the game, it was never like that, but i distinctly remember getting told the development had been broadened alot because of the increased money, hence why you bought the bratislava studio. Can you confirm that the money made from early acces had no effect on the DayZ development, what so ever? Would Bohemia still have bought the bratislava studio, did they not go early acces? Im not trying to be an ass, but you cant really dismiss the fact that you got alot more oportunities from the Early Acces revenue, just want to clarify so less people mix things up :)
  2. Dealing with the frustration

    Nobody creates a "new engine" and just use if for a single game, especially when its an engine as complex as this. Thats why we have 1000 different versions of Unreal Engine, Source Engine, Crytek Engine, Frostbite Engine and even the famous (infamous?) Real Virtuality Engine, from which Enfusion is being created (forked). I personally had to step away from DayZ development and only casually follow it. I made the mistake in the mod of over-playing the game, over-following the development and thinking it would be done in a year or so, oh how i have become wiser now lol... This made me kinda hate the mod in the end, what a shame, because i got so many hours of absolute fun in it! I dont wanna make that mistake with DayZ SA, simply because i expect it to become so much more then the mod ever was, and i dont wanna get sick of it before even playing the final game. So i find other stuff to do and only boot up the game for some hours at each stable patch, just to feel the improvements. If you play this game every day and you follow development intenstly, you are most likely gonne end up hating the game when it comes out, simply because of the unrealistic expectations you have set for it, to begin with. However, like you mention, Bohemia is not know for making games because they want huge profits. They are known for making games, that they themselves love to play. Theres countless examples from the Arma-verse and Take On Mars, of player suggested ideas that never made it into the game, because the developers didnt like it. That, in it self, is not really a good thing, but combine it with a company that knows what they are doing and are producing games for a niche part of the gaming market, you usually end up with a brilliant product. I for one cant mention a Bohemia game i didnt like at launch, they are all pretty fantastic, in theyre own way. So im thankfull a company like bohemia is spearheading DayZ. Had it been Ubisoft or one of the developers under EA publishing (mainstream examples), we would have gotten the full release all ready and about 500 DLC's down the road, with content that should actually be in the core game to begin with.
  3. Dayz Moment At Work Today

    What kind of lame as country do you live in? We call it wednesday, where im from!!
  4. HELP! battleye problems

    Did you start steam as admin? That might be the cause of this issue, because Battleye needs admin acces to write in the folders.
  5. Skybox

    For the love of GOD make sure it will be like this again, mighty overseer!!!
  6. You are absolutely right and again i must point you in the direction of the status report, as it touches the very subject of player controls, hit detection and general interaction, in depth :) As far as physx, DayZ does have that, but its not fully integrated/developed yet. as far as i remember, its called Bullet PhysX SDK (could remember wrong). The Arma engine (Real Virtuality) is amazing and its also this engine, in a different fork, that is used for the most advanced virtual military simulater, in the world, called VBS. It can do alot of stuff, but the way it does this is also the core problem if the engine. You can do what ever you want, but the more you add the more the server/client performance suffers and the limit as to what you can do, at the same time, is actually quite limited. Not saying you cant do alot of stuff, no doubt, but finding the balance in AI amount and orders, scripts to handle events, weather, triggers and the amount of players moving around and what they are doing and are able to do, at any given time, is EXTREMLY difficult!! DayZ seems to take a different aproach, with alot more functions tied directly into the engine, so people might not have to write so many custom scripts and functions, simply adapt engine scripts to work the way you want. I for one cant wait to see how they are going to handle mods and what they can "hook" into in the engine. It might be more restricted then Arma, because of the whole server/client architecture setup difference, but who knows! As far as i understood the render talk in the latest status report, they have it well underway in internal testing. They are using it right now and making it work. But they dont want to push it to experimental, until they have a significant performance increase, when comparing renderers, so people will see and feel the shift. I bet you, if they switched it now, you would most likely not be able to tell the difference, perhaps we would get even worse framerate, because it isnt optimized or "finalized" yet. Cant tell you for sure :) You really need to take 15 mins and read that status report mate hehe, this one is very good and packed with information about lots of the things you speak of here.
  7. The latest statur report, october 30th, has alot of info about the renderer :) This is what im basing my statement on, although i must admit its just speculation, in essence. Read it here mate, if you havent! As far as Enfusion goes, we have had it for a long time. Enfusion is, simplified, a engine-module-replacement "mission". They are changing bits and pieces on the engine, as they develop the gameplay. So they are developing the engine and the game, along side, and thats why it seems like development is slow at times. So much going on under the hood, we cant really see or feel yet. As far as i know, they want to develop a robust engine, from which they can create future titles, but that might just be rumors.
  8. Enfusion, yes. - You are playing on Enfusion engine right now. New renderer, i doubt it. - Internal testing/development is far from done, so i doubt they will show anything about that, as i understand theres nothing to show yet. The lastest status report has a good amount of information about the renderer and how far along they are. You should read it :)
  9. The problem with the term "Early Access"

    The problem isnt Early Acces, its idiots bying into unfinished product without doing research..... Do you know why it is like it is now? Its entirely our fault as stupid humans who buy shit they dont know anything about. Of course someone will come along and take advantage of us, when we casually throw our money around like that. We are facing the exact same problems as gamers did in the "great 80's collapse", just on a much smaller scale. Stop buying into Early Acces and it will change, but if we keep buying it, nothing will change.
  10. Resting - The fourth survival need.

    Sleeping should never be implemented, but we should be in need of resting (sitting or laying down for 30-60 seconds, maybe abit more) to regain stamina and possibly increase current maximum stamina, simulating taking a rest and gathering strenght. Say if you run for 5 mins, you are gonna be tired in game and in need of rest, to be able to regain your lost stamina, from the running. Stuff like that needs to be in the game, but we dont need actual sleeping, it can be done in better ways.
  11. How did you discover DayZ?

    This was both one of the most amazing gaming stories and also one of the most horrifc, did not see that twist at the end mate!! Hmm, im having trouble remembering really. Lets see... Ive always been a vivid fan of anything zombie related. Books, comics, films and games! Absolutely love the idea of zombies and the true horror it gives me, when i read/watch/play something good :) I was fooling around with Arma II, because ive been playing Battlefield and Medal Of Honor for years and loved them, so Arma was right down my alley. I then realized the massive amount of usercontent and my true Arma adventure began! I jumped from mods to mod and had so much fun, with a group of guys, that actually just banded over random things happening in random mods on random servers. We then found DayZ..... And all hell broke loose! It didnt take us long to realize we needed a server, and we needed one fast. At that time i was living with my x gf and we had 30/30 mb internet, so i had no problems hosting a Arma server and i had the knowledge to get a database going and some basic server editing, so we jumped into it. Out of this random mess, came something amazing! DayZ @ Byrgesen. That was our community and server name. In fact we where one of the first groups to ever start, what would later become, a breathing, living DayZ mod community, and my old thread is still on these forums :) The server and community grew, we could see my home network and computer had issues dealing with everything and we wanted more. So i got in contact with 2 german guys, who where already renting a server, but had issues getting the popularity it needed. They also had a TS and a website, but it didnt have much traffic. We ganged up with them, and where now an admin team of 6 people, including some pretty good website programmers and Arma scripters, so we moved out entire database to the hosted server (which i forgot to mention was a box, not just an Arma server) and started branding out new name: Pl@net DayZ. Everything was amazing and we grew into something quite big, had several forum admins play on the server on a regular basis (including the one who should not be mentioned), basicly things couldnt be better. We had a small encounter with Villayer, when they launched theyre own HIVE, called DayZ Planet, which resulted in tons and tons of complaints to us, about villayer and theyre service. Hence the small disclaimer found in the bottom of my old thread hehe, but it was nothing major, just felt abit like they where trying to leach on something good and we did take it kinda personal, for a time. Time passed and DayZ mod died out slowly, we died out aswell and our community disbanded. Some kept in contact, some started new projects (one of the old admins is working on 2017 mod for Arma III) but i will never remember that time and the amount of fun i had, as a DayZ mod admin/player. Fast forward to 2015 and ive got about 70 hours in DayZ SA, waiting patiently for the finished product, so i can have fun again, like old times. The memories of DayZ will stay with me forever, it has been an amazing journey so far and im sure its not over yet. We just hit a few bumps in the road, but the road is long, so we got plenty left :)
  12. DayZ, Arma3 and Macbook Pro

    Ok not native linux, but they are like dirty cousins who almost use the same drugs tbh. :) You are facing many of the same issues when you try to get windows apps running on Linux and Mac. Yes, forgot to mention the client is also in beta stage on Linux and severely limited compared to the windows version, so you are right :) But you wont get the true Arma experience on Mac atm, without issues. For example, theres no BE support for the linux client yet and it only supports v. 1.42, so you have very few servers to play on, since the game has been updates to 1.52 by now. You can find the Linux/Mac requrements here: http://dev.arma3.com/ports Quote from BI on Arma III on Linux and Mac.
  13. DayZ, Arma3 and Macbook Pro

    DayZ Mod is for Arma II OA, not Arma III :) And neither of them is native linux software. You will have to try out wine or run bootcamp with windows to run these games on mac atm. Its not officially supported in any way and can be a real headache to get to work. In fact, im not sure anyone has actually gotten Arma II, Arma III and DayZ to run "well" on a mac yet. Theres next to no info on this forum about running DayZ in a linux envoirement, because its still in development and changes all the time, but on Bohemia Interactive Forums, im sure you can find many threads about Arma II/III and linux :) I know they have server setups for linux (Arma III linux server is in open testing atm) so chances are someone else is running Arma on a Macbook.
  14. All you Hardcore players packed it up and left?

    For me, PVP is a minor part of the whole gameplay, and since we dont have any infected atm, its not a very fun game for me tbh. Im waiting, patiently, for more features and for proper infected AI to come back and then i will be all over it again :) Im also NOT a fan of how the 3pp camera works and gives you such huge tactical advantages, always prefered 1pp and PVE elements in DayZ. For now, the game is not for me.
  15. It kinda makes you sad you own them all, when you see sales like that :P