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    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    I've heard it's foto do with all the duping it's messed up the loot cycle or something.
  2. Apex Predator

    My only issue

    Personally I think the game is great regardless of all the bugs yes they need fixing but that all comes in good time but the biggest issue is the frame rate I only play medium pop servers as if I play high pop and have to go through a town or city the game feels like it's between 20-30 fps and does drop to lower fps.
  3. You can do this yourself in the setting just switch it around it's really easy.
  4. Apex Predator

    Hero group UK/USA

    Hello my name Ian Liam I'm the founder of Citizens Of The Sea we are a hero group and we need you. Were allies with the biggest hero group on the Xbox. Everybody is welcomed and given a chance of becoming part of this great hero group. Roles will be assigned based on what you want to be part of. go a head a join my discord and we can have a chat etc etc Discord link will update every day https://discord.gg/n3v6XA
  5. Apex Predator

    Duplicate things

    To be able to do it you need to be right in the top corner NW only works up ther for some reason.