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  1. PEACE_543

    New night cycle time!

    Ooh! Quote me next! I think nighttime should be long. It should also be feared. something to prepare for. Your either prepared or you end up stumbling around in the dark with a flare in your hand, freezing and starving to death while everyone who actually got prepared are lining up their shot and getting ready to pull the trigger. It's a bitch ain't' it? But in all seriousness it should be. even if you're prepared. it's hard to navigate, The tools that make it easier to see also give away your position, firing your gun gives off light. it's challenging It's just something that makes it equally harder for everyone. And in a game that pairs fresh spawns up against fully armed soldiers. I think that's pretty good balancing, a man with a spear can sneak up on geared up player much easier. especially if they're used playing in the dark. Just give nighttime a chance. for the longest time we've only had 5 minutes of it. If i remember correctly servers on PC used to be linked to a timezone so when its nighttime IRL in your timezone it would be nighttime in DayZ.
  2. PEACE_543

    Human Steak

    Here's a little article on what I presume is the real world inspiration for Dayz' "Brain Prion Disease". If you value your life, you'd be wise to leave the steaks alone. In the 1950s, a district medical officer working in the highlands of New Guinea observed a fatal disease among the people of the Fore (FOR-ay) tribe. The Fore people called this sickness kuru, which means "trembling in fear." After initially becoming unable to walk, victims of kuru lost the ability to swallow or chew. Drastic weight loss would inevitably lead to death. Today we know that kuru is one of several diseases in humans and animals caused by prion proteins. Diseases caused by prions are known as spongiform diseases, because the brain tissue in infected individuals is filled with holes, giving it a sponge-like appearance. Although prions are found throughout the brain, the symptoms of spongiform diseases vary according to the regions they are most concentrated in. There are currently no effective treatments for spongiform diseases and all are fatal. Ultimately, the rapid spread of kuru was linked to the Fore's funeral rituals: the Fore cooked and ate their dead relatives. This practice was only carried out by the Fore women and children, who lived apart from the men. This explains why men were rarely infected, and why cases appeared within families. The Fore quickly stopped eating their dead, and the spread of the disease stopped. Unfortunately, because of kuru's long incubation time, there are still a few kuru cases among the Fore each year. The people who come down with kuru today are in their 50s and 60s, which means that they have been harboring the disease ever since they ate infected tissue as young children. Can we contract them by eating cooked flesh yet? You cant kill whats not alive. (It's a protein not a parasite) Prions cannot be destroyed by boiling, alcohol, acid, standard autoclaving methods, or radiation. In fact, infected brains that have been sitting in formaldehyde for decades can still transmit spongiform disease. Cooking your burger 'til it's well done won't destroy the prions! The World Health Organization recommends any of the following three procedures for the sterilization of all heat-resistant surgical instruments to ensure that they are not contaminated with prions: Immerse in 1N sodium hydroxide and place in a gravity-displacement autoclave at 121 °C for 30 minutes; clean; rinse in water; and then perform routine sterilization processes. Immerse in 1N sodium hypochlorite (20,000 parts per million available chlorine) for 1 hour; transfer instruments to water; heat in a gravity-displacement autoclave at 121 °C for 1 hour; clean; and then perform routine sterilization processes. Immerse in 1N sodium hydroxide or sodium hypochlorite (20,000 parts per million available chlorine) for 1 hour; remove and rinse in water, then transfer to an open pan and heat in a gravity-displacement (121 °C) or in a porous-load (134 °C) autoclave for 1 hour; clean; and then perform routine sterilization processes. Correctly applying this to DayZ: In Dayz you can contract this disease only by eating the uncooked flesh of humans. Given the fact we don't have access to an autoclave, cant cook it in industrial bleach (cant eat it after) and the meat would burn long before the prions are cooked out: We should always face the risk of contracting this disease even after cooking our meat. Maybe burning it should be the safest option in game? Your disease ridden hands, even the knife you prepared your meat with should cross contaminate anything you use it on. Find a knife lying next to a dismembered corpse, use it to open your can of beans, Now you're in the same situation as the cannibal that left 10 minutes ago. Now he's up the road dipping his fingers in every can of food he can find and leaving them there for the next guy. (It'd make you think twice about picking up used knives, food or water) Now imagine starting a fight with that contaminated knife. If you get killed or they run away: atleast you can rest assured your enemy will contract the disease. Say you kill a cannibal with your knife and you're feeling a little hungry afterwards (This is a new knife). So you pull out your can of peaches and open it with the same knife. shouldn't you contract the prions? Maybe not. The abundance of prions are found in the brain so stabbing the body shouldn't transmit the disease. (but it should definitely transmit other ones goddamnit!) "Biological Warfare" I'd like to see something like this added. The ability to poison bullets, knives, arrowheads and (most deceitfully) food items. (It'd make you think twice about taking handouts from strangers) If you haven't filled a water bottle with gasoline and given it to an unsuspecting passer-by then you haven't experienced life to its fullest. It's a legitimate tactic that has been used for thousands of years. Though it currently goes against the common rules wars are waged by today as it causes unjust suffering to combatants. But this is post-outbreak Chernarus with no pesky UN to enforce their pussy rules on everybody. The only possible downside that I can foresee is that the disease may spread too easily and the coast will become overrun with twitchy, diseased, knife wielding, madmen. (So in other words; business as usual) I just think the apocalypse needs to be a little less hospitable. I hope they'll add diseased animals, expired food a few different poisons/diseases with different symptoms, sources and means of transmission. Oh yeah and hypothermia, gangrenous wounds and spontaneous combustion. XD On a side note does anybody know if incorrect blood transfusions can kill you yet? I've tried alot in the past but I've yet to kill someone with a blood bag. (Myself included) Sources/further reading: https://www.cdc.gov/prions/index.html https://learn.genetics.utah.edu/content/basics/prions/ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Prion
  3. PEACE_543

    No Military Challange

    I don't wear military gear...Unless, I'm armed or trying to stay well hidden. Camouflage makes you look like you've been to a military base...Where all the guns are. (Or at least where they're supposed to be amiright?) Most people don't like to stop and talk to green men with guns. People tend to shoot at green more than any other color. And I (almost) never carry a gun. The only exception is if I have someone to protect. A sturdy melee weapon and some quick reflexes is usually enough to fend off most of the coast dwellers. (It really helps if you keep a light inventory, as you can keep up to a fresh spawn and run circles around people with single action guns) It's pretty funny when someone depletes their ammo trying to shoot you, then pulls out a melee weapon and is still unable to hit you. Then ultimately give's up and walks away or calls truce. That is if you haven't slain them already. (They lose stamina every time they take a swing. Heavy attacks are easier to dodge because you can see them winding back to hit you) You'll have a much higher mortality rate going up against full/semi auto weapons. (You cant outrun their bullets) So it's usually best to surrender. You have nothing to hide, nothing to fear losing, and the D-bag that killed you doesn't get rewarded for killing a friendly. It's a different way to play but I find I'm more mobile without a gun. I'm not sitting in a bush scanning the treelines all day. And I get a lot more player interaction as people aren't so scared of me.
  4. PEACE_543

    The easiest/depressing loot route

    I've marked this route out just so everyone can see how absurd it is: https://dayz.ginfo.gg/#groupb=VGhlICJFYXNpZXN0IiBMb290IFJvdXRlIA;;&secret=bruh Your route covers a massive 40 kilometers! (Feet hurt yet?) And takes 3 hours and 42 minutes to reach your destination. How stupid do you think we are? There might be a few poor souls that need this level of instruction but this is useless for anyone who can read a compass or follow road signs. This route is counter productive and poorly thought out. I don't know what kind of player would try to utilize your route, though if I had to speculate I'd suggest they're a buffoon. If your traveling south down the coast and see Rify: you're better off turning around or heading inland at Berezino. Imagine how many people you'd come across following the coast from Svetlo to Kamenka. You'd be lucky to make it past Rify without getting attacked. There's no military loot to spare on the coast. Every outpost on your route will have been looted out. Even on low pop servers. Not to mention they're planning on adding foot damage and boot wear soon so you'll need a lot of different pars of shoes or risk bleeding out through your feet. If this is the route you usually take I feel sorry for you. Here's a *PRO TIP* If you spawn in Svetlo just follow the train tracks from the docks. There's plenty of military outposts just a short walk off the tracks. If you have a map you can easily locate them. Once you get to Novaya train station: pull out your compass and head directly northwest to the NWAF. Bob's your uncle. This way you only have to run about 14 Kilometers and the trip only takes 1 hour and 20 minutes.
  5. PEACE_543

    Resources and supplies

    Lets be realistic. You would have been able to find more than that. Even in Niznoye on a full server. This isn't fortnite, pubg or (insert generic Dayz clone here) There shouldn't be something useful in every house. You spawn with a knife, bandages, food and soda? Kill an animal/human - Obtain "Bones" Cut down a bush - Obtain "Long Stick" Combine them to make a "Spear". Spears are arguably the best weapon in the game but you can find a lot of melee weapons in industrial zones/factories/toolsheds. I do think there are some bugs in the loot economy mechanics? I've come across towns/cities with a noticeable abundance of one particular item. A couple days ago, In the industrial area west of elektro. I came across AT LEAST 20 barrels. All of which seemed to have legitimately spawned. They were literally everywhere. You couldn't loot 2 buildings without finding a barrel. But the weirdest thing is that 90% of these barrels were green. The other ones were red. I never saw a blue or yellow barrel, but I found a good 20 green ones and 5 red ones. (Like, what?) But other than that I sometimes find 3-4 water bottles/cooking pots (and other things) in close proximity to each other. (In the same town)
  6. PEACE_543

    Stone Fireplace

    Back to the topic of ovens: Did anyone know that you can equip a fireplace to the wood stoves found in certain houses? The smoke even comes out the chimney!
  7. PEACE_543

    whats going on with the loot on xbox

    After reading some of the "No guns" posts the other day: I walked from Mishkino to Pavlovo and picked up every weapon that I could carry. Upon reaching Balota I was carrying a whopping: 5 Pistols: 2 U-70s, 2 CR-75s and an FX-45. Plenty of ammo but I was missing magazines for the FX and CR. 3 Sawn-off Mosins, 2-3 packs of ammo and after looting the lodge south of Mishkino, I had PU scopes for all of them. 2 BK-133 Shotguns. being the heaviest I carried these in my hands and on my back. (Shotgun ammo is always abundant) 1 USG-45, 2 magazines and a couple boxes of ammo. (These are just the guns that I felt were worth carrying) ^ this Is me waiting for someone to buy my weapons in the Pavlovo church. I later dropped them off at Solinchny Factory (or tried to) I got shot in the head about 10 seconds after I declared my weapons. Ran back and told everyone which body had the guns on it and. My dead body effectively armed about 6 bambis. they then tried to take the infamous ladder room from some lazy campers but ultimately failed because the bandits were exceptionally skilled at shooting through the hole in the floor. Ouch! CEASE FIRE! You're gunna get the thread shut down. (The keyboard is my spirit animal, and it cannot be tamed)
  8. PEACE_543

    Rare item challenge

    @xzDIABLOzx Never used Imgur before so bear with me. https://imgur.com/gallery/eGtaRuD https://imgur.com/gallery/jsp6aPc You can see both helmet variants and the red sunglasses (and the xbox overlay/HuD) Now, Who knows the rarity of this helmet/glasses?
  9. PEACE_543

    whats going on with the loot on xbox

    Do you think a pack of real wolves, in a real forest, are going to wait for you to sit down and combat log on them? Nah, they'd just rip you apart. Really. I don't understand why everyone says weapons are so hard to find Maybe it's the classic case of "when you're looking for something in DayZ, you'll never find it" But I find plenty of guns, magazines and ammunition (with the exception of 7.62/54mm) on both low and high population servers. I can admit the assault weapons are spawning less frequently nowadays, but it's not completely rare to find 2 assault rifles in the same location. I'm not sure how you think the game is supposed to be played but I don't think you're meant to always have a weapon (or survive a wolf attack) It's meant to be an uneven playing field where anyone can get an advantage on anyone. (depending on different situations, environment, items and skill.) The person with night vision can snipe in the dark. Those without one cannot. The person with a gun can survive a wolf attack. You could not. You're not meant to be carrying everything all at once. (sadly nobody told the dupers that) Since guns are so easily duplicated: the duping half of the playing field is evenly matched (dupers killing dupers). But for the non-exploitative players it makes player interaction a deathwish. When every person is a self sufficient soldier: DayZ turns into COD. (where the only objective is to kill people before they kill you.) So you kill everything that's not dressed in your teams outfit. On xbox most people outfit themselves with ghillie gear, lockpicks, landmines, an SVD on their back and an M4 in their hands. They are ready for close combat, bush sniping, (Un)locking doors, planting mines, god knows what else. And as long as the duping persists: these people are walking loot factories. Teaming in DayZ used to be fun. You'd have to rely on your squad mates to supply anything you couldn't find yourself. And with the loot being divided between 3-4 people you'd all have act as a team or face being less equipped/organised. DayZ humanizes people. You have to eat, drink, SURVIVE. The player has morals and a conscious. They're character has a backstory. You know that when you kill someone it takes their time, loot and enjoyment away from them (More guns = More violence and deceit = More desensitized bandits looking to kill on sight = Call of duty) It just pisses me off that in a game where you really don't have to kill people, degenerates camp the coast and kill unarmed bambi's for nothing but target practice. (makes me wonder about their mental state) So although it fits the lore (Chernarus is a highly industrial state, overly capable of flooding the map with ammunition and gun steel). For the sake of cutting down on Kos and cleaning up the community, I don't think guns should be made any more abundant than they already are. P.s. Just keep looking, I assure you they're out there. Loot out an entire town on a low pop server, you're bound to find something (if not multiple) that goes "bang".
  10. PEACE_543


    They were probably wearing either "Tactical vests" or "Field vests" as I'm pretty sure these are the only currently implemented vests that come in both black and green colors. I've never found the Tactical vests anywhere except for on dead bodies. (Someone knows where to find them) After comparing the wikis stats of the two vests they seem to negate virtually the same amount of damage. the only apparent difference is that the Tac vest holds 5 more pounds than the Field vest. So I really don't understand why they're any better than the field vests. (Being harder to find might make them something of a status symbol) I would like to see some form of civilian vests added though. Even if it only adds 15 pounds to your inventory space.
  11. PEACE_543

    Rare item challenge

    Yes. I've never personally found a pair assault boots in a bus/van. Why would military boots spawn in civilian vehicles? I agree wholeheartedly. I found something, but I cannot confirm or prove that I've found it. I'll try and get an image of it soon. I was mainly asking if anyone knew the rarity of a "Chernarus Enduro Helmet" I'm also wondering if there's other variants of the enduro mouthguard/visor other than just red/white as I've only found red mouthguards and white visors. Edit: Or what about a pair of red "athletic sunglasses"? https://dayz.gamepedia.com/Athletic_Sunglasses (I don't go searching for them but I've only ever found the green variant)
  12. PEACE_543

    Rare item challenge

    Cant prove you didn't plant em there. Anyone know the rarity of a "Chernarus Enduro Helmet"? Or any other helmet variants for that matter? https://dayz.gamepedia.com/Enduro_Helmet I'm not saying its in the game, but I found one. EDIT: Just found a "police" one too, but I still cant confirm its in the game.
  13. PEACE_543


    You can find some of this info (and more) on the wiki: https://dayz.gamepedia.com/Clothing#Vests (There's even labels for how much damage each piece of clothing negates.) (to my knowledge) We have everything except the Leather vest and the Assault vest (+ attachments) The Ballistic vest (Press, Police vest) has 2 colour variants (Blue, Light blue) The Tactical vest (High cap, Tac vest) Comes in Green and Black. (Not too sure where people are finding these but I've found many a dead bandit sporting this vest) I've also heard that the Plate Carrier attachments (pistol holster, pouches) are in game. But with the mass amount of duping I think we'd find one by now. I'm not too sure what you mean by "Hunter vests". You might be talking about one of the other vests, but I've heard they are planning on adding, or re-adding (civilian) hunter vests. https://dayz.gamepedia.com/Hunter_Vest They are, or were, also planning to add a reflective construction vest. https://dayz.gamepedia.com/Reflective_Vest (i'm pretty sure this texture is already being used on a particular "construction worker" zombie)
  14. PEACE_543

    Stone Fireplace

    I can feel the sarcasm pulsing through this thread. I did not know that. I'm far from 500 posts. Thanks for the "Inzight". (Sorry I had to) If "beanz" are just another way of agreeing with someone then there's really no way to disagree. Other than being sad and confused. I read alot of things I disagree with that don't make me sad or confused. Without a negative vote: How am I supposed to accurately convey my opinion? Whats the point of a voting system if you can only vote one way? You have no choice. If I had a nickle for every time I've been attacked by a fresh spawn wielding a can of beans (or other non-perishables): I wouldn't have to play on a "One S".
  15. PEACE_543

    Stone Fireplace

    I just don't want to end up with the title of "Bean King" It adds digits to your reputation score? I thought beans counted as neutral (+0)? Nope you're right (I beaned ya) I personally use it to call out misleading or obnoxious posts. It's just that when you help someone you expect positive feedback. Not beans thrown in your face. Maybe its just me but it kinda takes the fun outta posting anything on here. I mean. Do you want to help someone who doesn't appreciate it? At first maybe, but it starts to seem pretty pointless.