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  1. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Duping 1.04

    I don't know what public servers you play on, but the servers i see during the day has full servers. The server i play in stays high to medium all day. US4227 1st person server if you wanna join a intense server.
  2. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Here’s how to do the new duping glitch!

    @DayzDayzFanboy Good find hope ImpluZ has talked to the DevZ about it. He say anything to you?
  3. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Waiting till 1.05

    I have ran into it. I made a post a hr after the 1.04 update. But I was playing on the private hives. I didn’t get a chance to play on official yet at the time but yea it has been happy to official too. Also can’t see flashlight from other people for me when that glitch starts acting up.
  4. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Waiting till 1.05

    Are you in a players server or official server?
  5. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Here’s how to do the new duping glitch!

    Yea I agree don’t look like a duper thing. Was there a bunch of tents etc...
  6. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Here’s how to do the new duping glitch!

    I’m hearing rumors on twitter someone found one but who knows. I’m sure someone will because they can’t find a AR or something waa waa baby stuff.
  7. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Here’s how to do the new duping glitch!

  8. xKJCxDaRkMaN


    I hope a forum mod sees this post to see the attacks the thread starter says to people who disagree with him. Don’t worry I want call them in here😏😉😂
  9. xKJCxDaRkMaN


  10. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Cant take items off Zombies?

    I found that you have to "try" to get it in your hands first. Make sure nothing is in it. Hold A as well instead of pushing A.
  11. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Items not working?

    Great update, really. To start off, thank you for fixing the head meshing with items. I can finally wear balakova without it looking all messed up. Now to the problem at hand literally. Why if i put a item in my hand it disappears. Shows on my screen but cant use it. Mind you i was just playing for a hr on a open user server so im not sure if that was the problem or not. When i took out a magazine by just pushing X it showed the mag leave but was still in, hold the X button to drop an it worked but it wouldn't let me pick it up. Tried to eat food that i stored and couldnt eat it. If i just found it an picked it up i could eat it or drink it. Tried to open .380 round box and it did the animation that he was opening it but it didnt open. I dropped it and tried to pick it up an it wouldn't let me. Everything i dropped my friend couldn't see it after i dropped it. My friend also picked up a IJ mag an it disappeared from his backpack. I really am excited though with the update just a couple tweeks should be good.👍👍
  12. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Shutting down servers

    Hope there will be more server😏
  13. xKJCxDaRkMaN


    Got mine updating 8.63gs
  14. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Why so unlucky?

    Yea i just noticed that its SGZ 😒🤐
  15. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Why so unlucky?