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  1. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Game crashing.

    Yea. That i am.
  2. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Found a RP server

    Well i hope we meet on there one day. Run around for a while.
  3. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Found a RP server

    I feel ya on there now its full. Hit me up whenever.
  4. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Game crashing.

    So when ever i find a person my game crashes. Try to meet people an that happens. Does this happen to anyone else?
  5. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Found a RP server

    Yes that would be the one.
  6. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Found a RP server

    @Flyingpapaya i think i saw your GT in the server last night. If so lets squad up.
  7. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Found a RP server

    Been in that position before 😂
  8. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Found a RP server

    Of course though you still have KOS zones like dont think you can go to NWAF an try to talk to someone you know.
  9. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Found a RP server

    Pretty much what flyingpapaya said
  10. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Found a RP server

    Its the way DayZ was ment to be played. Not KOS everyone you see. You can but raiding and bad guys are still around. If you do though go more in land.
  11. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Found a RP server

    The thing is im not apart of the RP yet the people running it has factions of certain roles an proper times that the RP is mainly active on a discord room. Im not apart of that discord yet so my foot isn't all the way in the door. But i do know that there is a AID station that some people has set up for the survivors. But they have been attacked by a group of cannibals recently so they are on guard an people do KOS still because its not a private server an other blood bound players do join. Also as i mentioned yes there are duppers on the server an as much as its RP on the server since its a public server NOT EVERYONE IS RPing. So if you join just try to make conversation with people, see where it goes. My gamertag is xJGBxDaRkMaN add me an i can get us going for some RP. I have some videos of me an a couple randoms having fun.
  12. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    New to these parts!

    Sorry to say sir but DayZ got its roots from a game call ARMA. The DayZ was a mod an it grew from there. Add me tho if you're looking for a team. I got a team of 13 but only 5 or so active players. Most of us came from a Military Sim. But my GT is xJGBxDaRkMaN. Hit me up if your interested. Oh yea thank you for your service too sir.
  13. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Found a RP server

    So i been playing on US4227 HC server for about 2 or 3 weeks now an I just found out tonight that it is a RP server. XD XD. Been fun tho. If you want to join some of us add me. Yes we do have to deal with dupers but that dont stop the RP.
  14. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Sound glitch.

    I have noticed that when a weather effect starts to happen, the sound will start to glitch out to where you can't hear anything. ( really worse when its night.) Just dead slince unless you are around a object, mainly a tree, you can hear rain hitting the tree but move away nothing, silence. Same with wind. Might add that i can hear myself an other players much easier.
  15. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Night is now HORRIBLE!!!!!

    Love the night. Playing on the One X.