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  1. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Dev Xbox Livestream Feedback

    They kinda do talk bout it and they said it should be fixed by next update. When was video posted?
  2. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Rain is back

    The great fall monsoon rainstorm of 2018. What a season that was.
  3. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Glitch swiming on land.

    I just move around a little bit then i come back down.
  4. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Glitch swiming on land.

    I would of thought that has been brought up but couldn't find a topic of it but, when you follow the stream that goes from Solnechiy to Dolina once in a while your character will start glitching in the air and start swimming. Im not sure if there are anymore streams or spots that will do this.
  5. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    DayZ 1.0 - 27th of March

    Yea me to.Same stuff would happen though sometime. Yes i hope VOIP can also be directional to pin point a person.
  6. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    1.0 and what i hope for.

    Do you want a cookie for all you put? Sounds like you just want a friendly easy game with sun shine an rainbows. Oh The division 2 is out i do belive what you put sounded alot like that game. Not Dayz just saying.
  7. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    DayZ 1.0 - 27th of March

    Yea i know all of what you said amigo im saying they need to just take out Y button as change weapons an just keep to change weapon as the hot key wheel. I keep my M4 as the main one your smg is on i keep my smg above the M4 an my melee weapon as the top quick select for quick switch from M4 to melee for zombos. I just think the reloading of your mags would be easier if the Y button wasn't two buttons in one. Oh also reloading now is easy if you are ADS'ing then push Y button, it helps.
  8. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    DayZ 1.0 - 27th of March

    I just hope they fix the base wipes an bullet lag. Oh an meatball glitch. Oh and the trees an buildings rendering in when coming in an out of scoping an spinning around really fast while around people. Oh and duping. Please fix duping... Oh an the controller layout give us hold breath an lean. Oh an a proper reload button like remap quick choose to just the RIGHT on Dpad an weapon reload to Y, take out weapon switch on Y. Make a character selection an private servers.
  9. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    DayZ 1.0 - 27th of March

    I dont think the game should be ready for release. IMO way to many bugs. Also i think they should release a Test server for xbox so it can be tested properly on the console instead of testing Xbox gameplay on the PC.
  10. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Board??? RP Anyone?

    Yea I'm always on guard if im talking to randoms. Been shot in the back to many times
  11. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Board??? RP Anyone?

    Also most the videos i watch from PC are RP servers from 4 or 5 yrs ago. Mr.chow an Mr.moon, best DayZ RP videos.
  12. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Board??? RP Anyone?

    Thats messed up when ever im playing i try to give the other player a chance an good experience to keep them playing. Its like anyone with a brain should be able to tell from looks if they are just trying to kill you or be peaceful an have fun.
  13. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Board??? RP Anyone?

    I dont know bout u guys but i been board as hell with the game an i wanna Role Play with rules set in stone an no KOS. I dont know why 1st thing someone does is try to kill 1st person you see. PC is nothing like that from what i can gather.
  14. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Found M4s

    If it works!!!
  15. xKJCxDaRkMaN

    Found M4s

    So after reading the forums, I read a post from someone talking about the loot economy an went into detail with. Anyways i tried something an went to Nwaf an looted what i wanted but took everything i didnt want out of the tent an just sat it on the ground. I started at the camo sniper tower at the tents and worked my way to the last tent. After that I went back to the camo sniper tower an of course new stuff spawned. Repeted the process bout 8 times an found 2 M4s doing that. Then went to the barracks North of the tents an did the same thing only 5 times though cuz its a long dangerous process by yourself, but found 1 more M4 and 2 m4 suppressors. So if you want to keep your immersion without server hopping or duping, do that. It takes time but it does work.