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  1. Blades56

    Is this game officialy dead ?

    Dont worry guys, At least you get a response, PS4 forum gets nothing, no info no replies or very little replies if your lucky
  2. Blades56

    DayZ on PS4

    Its now May, do you have anymore info the release of Dayz on PS4? Im guessing there must be some progress if the release is due later this year.
  3. Blades56

    PS4 finally release now?

    The roamer is august after the Xbox 1 year exclusive on console contract runs out, Still waiting
  4. Blades56

    Dayz | PS4 | 2019 |

  5. Blades56


    Moved? Meaning, where too?
  6. Blades56

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    I know its a little off topic, But when will Dayz be coming to PS4? Its good that you are concentrating on the PC and Xbox to get all their issues sorted, But at least post update as to a possible release, Sry guys
  7. Blades56

    DayZ on PS4

    Now dayz is on the xbox and running ralitively smooth, Can we have a rough estimate as to when it will be released on the PS4. Or that the very lease an update as to what it going to happen with the PS4 version, ,,, PLease