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  1. Survivor1431

    Stable Update 1.03

    My rangefinder displays 999 no matter where I point it.
  2. Survivor1431

    Stable Update 1.03

    Very good work keep it coming now all we need is some new cosmetics colors the entire community has been desperately awaiting this feature for a very long time thank you.
  3. Survivor1431

    Experimental Update 1.03.151478

    You call it clunky but in actuality it just requires serious training like you would have to do in the real life military. In real life once you commit to a real swing your momentum forces you to finish the swing in the direction you started, and you cannot alter the object's trajectory until the swing is complete. This is exactly the genius the developers had to implement this in the game. The player now must gradually improve until he is a competent warrior and can aim properly. This takes intense focus and expert training regimen which I follow each morning until dinner to ensure I never get defeated. So this change now separates the wolves from the rabbits by seeing who can handle a skill challenge. I'm a wolf and you're a rabbit and that's okay. Not everyone is at the top of the food chain.
  4. Survivor1431

    Experimental Update 1.03.151478

    A hardcore survival game is now challenging. Gasp!
  5. Survivor1431

    Experimental Update 1.03.151478

    Sorry but they're here to stay for skilled players who enjoy a deep authentic combat experience. If you want overly simplistic button mashing arcade fighting then Minecraft is just the game for you my friend.
  6. Survivor1431

    When ya gonna actually fix your game.

    You got tricked by the April fool's post! The developers aren't spending money on a rollercoaster, they're in fact working hard at making this perfect game even better then it already is. I see you have been struggling to survive in Chernarus and find a way to defend yourself. Search hard and long young Padawan, and you will eventually be victorious. That is, if I don't mow you down with my delicious, pristine stash of 5 KA-M's and 6 M4's. Good luck, son.
  7. Survivor1431

    Sorry to sound like a broken record..

    An assertion without evidence! Dismissed as dogma.
  8. Survivor1431

    Sorry to sound like a broken record..

    You're gonna have to search harder son, this is not Call Of Duty.
  9. Survivor1431

    Not a happy Ending

    I would have killed them all with my bare hands that said I'm the best player in DayZ so I succeed where most others fail.
  10. Survivor1431

    Future DayZ

    How do you know what they planned?
  11. Survivor1431

    Future DayZ

    I think zombies opening doors is really important. It's currently way too easy to run into a house run out and close the door to trap them. They should be delayed temporarily and then break open the door so you're forced to either escape and hide or kill them. Then if you have a lock-pick it should take them even longer to break the door open. And if you barricade the door with boards it should take really long or be impossible. But this would make fighting infected far more interesting and threatening.
  12. Survivor1431

    When will more vehicles be added?

    I don't want more vehicle and gun models. I want better performance and increased player count, bug fixes, and more challenging survival (infected can break doors with barricades and have better AI, advanced diseases, bears, fractures, etc). Unless the player count is increased, you can go a very long time without an encounter, so PvE needs to be more of a challenge. Although bikes would be cool.
  13. Survivor1431


    I'm saying it's the best place to live based on scientific logic and facts.
  14. Survivor1431

    What is the hydration limit?

    Interesting, a bigger difference than I expected.
  15. Survivor1431


    Canada > Europe ezpz