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  1. Calling Adventurers.

  2. Calling Adventurers.

    controller isn't recognising my headset 🤬
  3. Calling Adventurers.

    Just trying to get my headset working an I'll try an make my way over
  4. Calling Adventurers.

    Give us a clue on location, lol
  5. Man Part's One Stop Shop (Closed!) US4311 91.9

    I'm currently near kamenka. Mite take a stroll over to Gorka
  6. Radio Z

    I'll need to get a mix tape done up,lol
  7. Radio Z

    If you happen to hear the mixed tunes of Radio Z pumping around one of the towns pop by an have a dance,make a request or just pass on by.....just try not to shoot the DJ please
  8. Man Part's One Stop Shop (Closed!) US4311 91.9

    Understandable bro,I'll keep an eye out for possible locations
  9. Man Part's One Stop Shop - Hiring now!

  10. Man Part's One Stop Shop (Closed!) US4311 91.9

    Where do you post the server? I've got a second character loaded with weapons and attachments for you,plus main character is loaded with stuff for you. Anything particular you're after or need?
  11. Repairs

    Yeah,I should have just said that in the first place,lol
  12. Repairs

    Sorry mate,I meant you can only repair the clothing once. With a sewing kit you can repair an item multiple times
  13. Repairs

    It can fix all items of clothing & backpacks but only once I think
  14. Man Part's One Stop Shop (Closed!) US4311 91.9

    I've got a few things if you want them. I'll try and scavenge a few more items aswel if you want?