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  1. bandito6000

    Still no ARs after update.

    Maybe the spawn rate was scaled back a couple patches ago, but went unnoticed due to... "the D word" And that's why is feels like they're spawning less all of a sudden?
  2. bandito6000

    Grenades and base walls

    A hacksaw comes in handy :)
  3. bandito6000

    Weapon spawn bug?

    Is it even possible for server admins to adjust loot spawn ratios on xbox?
  4. bandito6000

    DayZ Update Patch Today?

    Anything else? Nvgs?
  5. bandito6000

    Outlaws: The Cartel Strikes Back

    Quality storie driven content.
  6. bandito6000

    Joining private servers

    I believe it just takes some time to load all the servers. for me it won't even let me scroll down until they've all loaded, and that takes about 10 minutes.
  7. bandito6000

    Active nvg suggests and flash light

    LOL I'm sure you understand what he's trying to say, but I'm bored so I'll translate 🙂 *NIGHT VISION AND FLASHLIGHT ACTIVATION SUGGESTIONS* Left on the d-pad isn't currently mapped to any particular action in game, so therefore is open to any future features requiring the press of a button whilst your gun is lowered. (Similar to turning on the universal flashlight when attached to a weapon)
  8. bandito6000

    Toxin Players

    I've been playing in a community rp server and man, it really feels different. Walking around I felt like I was in significantly less danger. Everyone I met was either an rp player, or trying to rp. (Kinda cringe) lol. But yeah try some rp servers out, because (on xbox anyway) it's a completely different experience interaction wise.
  9. bandito6000


    The server I'm playing on has a faster night cycle so I'm not too bummed. I can wait
  10. bandito6000


    So uh, yeah. That's in the game now, and better yet, you can use it on someone (or yourself) while they're awake 😉
  11. bandito6000

    Bandanas.. Is it just me?

    Hold the bandana in your hand and you should be able to press one of the triggers to turn it into a headpiece. In order to use it on your face you must already be wearing a hat. Hope that helps.
  12. bandito6000


    Lol true
  13. bandito6000


    People complaining about people complaining about people complaining about people complaining about people complaining about....
  14. bandito6000


    I cant wait for the next update so you guys have something else to talk about. Lol freakin' echo chamber in here.
  15. bandito6000

    Died random

    Ya probably got domed.