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  1. bandito6000

    More lag than usual?

    That's a base loading in your vicinity The size of the base determines how bad the lag is.
  2. YES There's nothing quite like it on xbox. BUT That's my opinion.
  3. bandito6000

    Xbox Update 1.02

    Lol that's just unnecessary smh
  4. bandito6000

    Stash help

    Maybe you could park a vehicle where the tree falls to prop it up
  5. bandito6000


    Yeah the problem is how often they rotate. I believe it's every 10 to 20 minutes. So there's a chance it could despawn right before you get there 😞 I've resorted to finding a spawn on the map, and then server hoping until I get one.
  6. bandito6000


    Heli spawns aren't to hard to find, but I still think it should have a chance of spawning elsewhere.
  7. bandito6000

    Xbox Update 1.02

    The new layout took some getting used to, but honestly i would rather they stick with the same layout rather than change it every update in an attempt to satisfy everyone.
  8. bandito6000

    Quick test on 1.02

    Flyingpapaya has a point. Be the change that you want to see.
  9. bandito6000

    Quick test on 1.02

    Dude, I get being judgmental about a game that you want to do well, but your overly cinical attitude is just needlessly toxic to the community of people who actually play.
  10. bandito6000

    Xbox Update 1.02

    Well that's a drag
  11. bandito6000

    Xbox Update 1.02

    They disabled quick logout. To my understanding that should pretty much fix it for now.
  12. bandito6000

    Sks or cr?

    Yep, the cooked steak, and the 20 head shots achievement haven't worked for me either.
  13. bandito6000

    Before you get your panties in a twist

    I honestly wish it would go back to how it used to be. (Spawning with only rags and a flare) Remember finding food, but struggling to find something to open it? Remember having to LOOK for something to kill yourself with? Remember it's a survival game, and those aspects while sometimes frustrating, often made for a more challenging, yet satisfying experience to me.
  14. bandito6000

    Xbox Launch Update 1.01

    Love this patch, but I might as well be using a TV remote for a controller
  15. bandito6000

    how many players xbox lost on dayz

    I believe he is asking how small has the player base gotten recently.