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  1. bandito6000

    how many players xbox lost on dayz

    I believe he is asking how small has the player base gotten recently.
  2. bandito6000

    A message for those who play 3rd person servers

    What in gods name are you on about? Lol
  3. bandito6000

    I fucking love this game!!!

    Preach man!! I feel the same dude. Sometimes I wonder, how badly pissed at a game do you have to be to join the official forums to complain about it. Lol I honestly believe most are just children, to blinded by selfishness to acknowledge there satisfaction with the game as a whole.
  4. bandito6000

    Survival aspects

    The bow has never been in the Xbox version. The feathers serve no purpose other than making arrows for said bow so they were removed.
  5. bandito6000

    Base De-Spawning

    Bet you get tired of repeating your self
  6. bandito6000

    A problem with the night devs?

    Night lasts about an hour on pc. We should see something similar with our next update
  7. bandito6000

    Dayz | PS4 | 2019 |

    As I understand it, PlayStation doesn't have a game preview system. So naturally it won't release on PS4 until it hits 1.0 on Xbox
  8. bandito6000

    base completely gone

    It's a persistence issue with the servers. A fix is currently being implemented on pc
  9. bandito6000

    Base builders off limits Truce

    While survival might be easy for you, it also can be difficult for others. Your idea of difficulty is subjective
  10. bandito6000

    garbage visuals?

    What is your setup? I play on a oneX and aside for the poor fps as of late, I enjoy the games visuals.
  11. bandito6000

    I think xbox 1.0 will be the next big update

    Just thought I'd say that the last big update for dayz experimental has gone stable!
  12. bandito6000

    whats going on with the loot on xbox

    Really? Lol sorry I didn't watch some stream on mixer dude. I was taught it's best to ask if your unsure than to assume.
  13. bandito6000

    whats going on with the loot on xbox

    Has this been confirmed by the devs?
  14. bandito6000

    whats going on with the loot on xbox

    No offense, I see you're new here. but I'm pretty tired of the "where's all the guns" threads. If your in high pop servers on the coast, I could maybe understand not finding a civilian weapon. But hell, even in elelctro i could probably go find about 4 pistols, 2 shotguns, a Mosin, and a scorpion in one sweep. I've NEVER had an issue finding guns (civilian or military). If you couldn't find anything in 4 hours you must have some really bad luck