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  1. awalsh47

    Night is now HORRIBLE!!!!!

    Yep. All the NVGS will be duped and the pricks will be able to run up and down the coast with all the m4s/Lars/aks
  2. awalsh47

    Night is now HORRIBLE!!!!!

    I like night now. Night will.be horrible when all dupers get NVGs in the next update and start running around in the dark
  3. awalsh47

    Night is now HORRIBLE!!!!!

    Night is great. It's a survival game.
  4. awalsh47

    Locked servers

    Well done making the poll. Results speak for themselves. Locked servers Will remove server hopping which was the number 1 biggest issue until duping came along. It will make duping harder too. ( just wait until the little pricks get NVGs next update and start shamelessly murdering everyone in the dark with their buried arsenal of ARs Do it devs. Easy win for you. At least lock the HC FPS servers
  5. awalsh47

    First KOS encounter

    My only reason for hitting mil bases are for assualt vests and camo nets. As for camo you can get decent camo hunting gear in safer spots. I get everything else I need elsewhere. Hitting mil bases now as a few friends need camo, vests and sks's( essentially the only free spawning top tier general purpose defence/combat weapon) so I cover from the treeline with the m70. My guys are all running scoped moisons and either shotty/sks/mp5 and that's a solid loadout. 45 ammo is all over the place at mil bases and fx 45s are easy to find too so that's our go to pistol. IJ70s get dropped once we get 45s and the 9mm pistol& ammo is too uncommon, we tend to give the 9mm to the guys with mp5s. We tend to give IJ70s to new spawns if we come across any and they seem cool
  6. awalsh47

    First KOS encounter

    People generally kill on sight at mil bases. I try to talk if I'm raiding them on my own but if in a group rules are kill on sight unless they engage us in a friendly manner first. Outside of mil bases we are friendly. Normally we will watch and stalk you but we won't shoot unless you have an Assualt rifle as it's likily your a cheating duper and need to be put down
  7. awalsh47

    Lack of good weapons!!!!

    Take a seat son...
  8. awalsh47


    I understand from youtube the dupers current duping methods entails changing servers so I think a character lock will fix this.
  9. awalsh47


    Nope just lock character to server. Solve the hopping problem and duping problem immediately. All my friends play on the same.server so I have no reason to hop. If other friends did play elsewhere and I wanted to join them the annoyance of starting from scratch is greatly reduced knowing I won't have to deal with cancerous dupers or cry baby "boo hoo I want an m4/ak", server hopping pricks who could appear behind me in a barracks and shoot me in the back Imagine how refreshing it would be?
  10. I had a gaming pc years ago but now have kids and bills to pay. It was great to get games and play them on ultra setting. My xbox x plays games that look incredible now. Dayz and far cry 5 look absolutely stunning and the gap in quality isn't what it used to be. Plus all my friends who I hang out in real life all play xbox Only thing I miss is RTS games Anyway back to night time opinions anyone?
  11. awalsh47

    Developers cater to people with no life outside of this game

    Your doing it wrong mate. It's a survival game. Your supposed to survive not gear up in mil gear. Ever since wholesale duping came in I don't bother worrying about Assualt rifles. An sks is just fine for protection. I much prefer building camps, fixing cars and escorting fresh clan mates up the coast or just encountering friendly randams. If I kill a guy with an m4 or ak all good.
  12. awalsh47


    I loved it early on when I didn't know the map. Unfortunately I'm getting pretty familiar with the map now due to how much I'm playing.
  13. Absolutely right. All servers should be syched at night. There's a whole different set of challenges required to survive at night. This is a survial game and a lot of the survival elements still need to be reintroduced so an hour of night added so much. Do I raid that mil base or cross the runway of NWAF under the cover of darkness to save me hiking the long all the way around during the day? Do I reorganise my camp and cook all that raw meat? Will someone see my campfire and bump me off? Darkness has cought me by surprise and now I have to sneak through all off Novo wondering if those footsteps are creeping players or shuffling zombies. People who complain about the long night and log off need to get some balls or play a different game. Dayz is a hardcore survival game. I swear most people whinning and bleating on this board seem to think it's a game about running to a miltary base and finding an assault rifle
  14. awalsh47

    Anyone Play Inland?

    I'm in the dayz community discord and they have a section devoted to 3858.
  15. awalsh47

    Anyone Play Inland?

    Yeah I got shot near green mountain by a gang of geared guys 2 weeks ago. Went unconscious. I came around restrained, we chatted , they were cool and they let me go. Even gave me a new backpack to replace the one they shot. Same character still going strong. Logged off near Severograd just now after trekking up from guglovo with my buddy