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  1. awalsh47

    27th of March

    Had a ump for 5 mags and a moisin with a scope. Started to purge last night and was following a player in Berezino. Suddenly I rubber band 30 metres back into a wall and and agro a zombie that appears to be invisable. Trapped half in and half out of the wall I get mauled to death and can't defend myself Couldn't be arsed getting kitted again . Enjoy your purging !
  2. awalsh47

    27th of March

    Duping is worse on low pop. They seem to be burying stashed on low pops and then jumping to high pop to pvp. Why can't they just play pubg. It's a good game and they can get their kill fix there
  3. awalsh47

    27th of March

    Yeah I dont KOS but me and the boys are going purging at the weekend with the wipe coming. Been working our way to across the map to a good hunting spot the last week. Only shooting miled up guys and spawn killers at the moment but it's open season and eating people season from Friday night🍖🥩🍖🥩🍖🥩🍖🥩🍖🥩🍖🥩
  4. awalsh47

    27th of March

    How are the servers at the moment with just over a week and a half until the wipe? Is everyone in full purge mode or are people playing normally?
  5. awalsh47

    Lack of HC players

    I hope we get a really busy hc server post march update. See you all on the list populated one. We should all try hit the same one post wipe/update.
  6. awalsh47

    So BI when is this update coming?

    It's this month. They said it multiple times on Twitter. Tweets imply it will be the end of the month. I got raided and with the update coming i went to the coast to mess with people and got shot so I'm taking a breather to play Metro 3 until it drops.
  7. awalsh47

    how many players xbox lost on dayz

    Apex legends is hoovering up players but that will calm down. Also there's a big update coming and I presume loads of people are sitting back until that drops. I got killed in dayz at the weekend and given imminent update and likily wipe I'm sitting out until the next patch. I know 4 other friends are doing the same.
  8. awalsh47

    No Military Challange

    Built a base for a few weeks with friends and all we had were basic guns. Our biggest gun was a moison and most had ig70 or shotgun. Mil bases at the time were barren with hopping a duping so no incentive to visit but we got a mil weapon or two shooting people who attacked us
  9. awalsh47

    Xbox Feedback Round - January 2019

    Game is working well for me. The lag in big cities isn't that notable and seems stronger on 3rd person servers I find. Got killed yesterday and there probably going to be a wipe with the new update soon so holding off playing until it's drops
  10. awalsh47

    Why I quit Dayz

    Boo hoo. Need a tissue? Maybe a tampon?
  11. awalsh47

    A message for those who play 3rd person servers

    I was so drunk creating this post! Still stand over it though. Fed up seeing YouTube videos where upon contact the first instinct of 3rd person players is to position themselves behind a wall and frantically peak over it.
  12. Seriously. It's a hardcore survival game. Peaking around corners should never be a legitimate strategy so grow some pubes, scratch your hairy balls with authority and be real men. Play HC servers and don't be corner peaking girliemen. Everyone who plays 3rd person you might as well tuck your private parts under your abdomen and flash your MANGINAS at the mirror. Go HC or go home
  13. awalsh47

    Scavenger Hunt

    Sorry my bad. Clicked into thread above/below this one and was on my phone
  14. awalsh47

    Scavenger Hunt

    I've been playing us 435 hc. There are quite a few mutes killing EVERYONE they see on the coast. Was shot twice last night. Both times I was a freshie. Berezino, sylomchy and kamy are the hot spots for it. The second time I had a guy follow me into a house and draw on me. I said " seriously mate I have nothing" and he just popped one between the eyes. The constant KOS meant when I finally got gear( the shitty break action rifle) I made my way back to try shoot coast killers.
  15. awalsh47

    Lack of HC players

    Got smoking on HC 4335 near Kamy. Was bored and tracking a freshie up the coast and had a spare 45 to give him. Seriously wasnt going to shot him as had svd on him for about 15 mins. The plan was to give him the 45 to wish him well or kill a kamy bambi killer who attacked him. He was in the police station. Then I was shot in head with a silenced pistol without warning. Respawned just a a bit down the coast and server reset. Took a spin past my killsite bit no sign of corpse. Ran into 3 bambis at kami police station and we all said hi and looted independently. Then walking out of a house two geared guys came in. Said on comms I had nothing and they shot me. Silenced weapons so pretty sure they were same people who shot my month old geared character Again respawned only a short distance away so went up to Kamy. Same two guys rushed out to me. Tried running but got shot to bits. No attempt at coms. I guess Kamy is just a spawn killer location. Good to see 4335 full though. Is there is discord for it as I will gladly set one up.if not.