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  1. awalsh47

    Experimental Update 1.05

    Ah... Ak101 is only found in tisy. So that means when all the rest of the assualt rifles are buried by pack rats and stop spawning people will still hike to tisy for a high end assualt rifle and hence keep the circulation of players travelling the map.
  2. awalsh47

    Xbox. Wolf packs

    Yeah I never knew if the alpha theory is true as I can't tell it apart . Some people say it's the whitest wolf, some the darkest. I normally just shoot until 3 are dead By the way a friend got trapped by wolves with no gun and lived. He hid in a shed and stabbed them as they came in one at a time. He had to hid and eat and restore health for 15 minutes after he stabbed wolf #2. Then he bagged wolf 3 making the pack run. Everything he was wearing was ruinned after but it was like liam neeson in the grey
  3. awalsh47

    Xbox. Wolf packs

    Normally you are dog food unless you have some where to hide in. Once I lived standing on a high boulder If there is no avoiding them ,you have no Assualt rifle and you are in the open I use my hunting rifle to pick one off and then switch to pistol or shotty when close to kill two more. Try keep cool and concentrate on one wolf at a time as you only need to kill three to make them run away. I panicked once spraying the whole pack with mp5 before, injuring lots but not getting a solid kill and ended up dead really fast.
  4. awalsh47

    Xbox. Wolf packs

    Sometimes I hear the howl but don't get attacked. Is that them eating someone else? If you drop to a crouch as soon as you hear the wolves howl you can often get away without facing them. Saved my ass a few times. Wolves have a large agro distance IF YOU ARE STANDING UP.
  5. awalsh47

    Dayz Dupe Fix Suggestion

    Yes this is exactly how the vermin are doing it. I think it's a great suggestion to remove the server countdown
  6. awalsh47

    New weapons for 1.05 release

    I think throwing out the polish smg and possibly a pump action shotty in police stations would help too. The chance of an ak74u in a station would be nice
  7. awalsh47

    New weapons for 1.05 release

    On the confusion of if the forthcoming ak74u spawns in police stations or not from the stream... I'm pretty sure the ak74 or ak74u and or 5.45 spawned in police stations at some point in the pc in .61 or .62. Very rare though. The rationale being it was chenarus PDs swat assualt rifle. Like the way some US police use m4s, UK police use the G36 or Irish police have m416s
  8. awalsh47

    Still no ARs after update.

    I think so. I'd love a few more pistols. If the 357 weapons came back next it would be sweet. The repeater and revolver
  9. awalsh47

    Still no ARs after update.

    Bear in mind there's more assualt rifles to be implemented which will increase the pool of assualt rifles further. The ak74u Steyr Aug
  10. awalsh47

    Still no ARs after update.

    Cr527 I always find inland in regular houses. Normally ignore it as ussualy have a better gun by then
  11. awalsh47

    Night time is so dark it's unplayable

    All the dark fearing snowflakes are a godsend for the massive server wait times at the moment. Once it gets dark loads of them leave the server and you get in quicker
  12. awalsh47

    Still no ARs after update.

    I found 2 m4s the other day and 10 74 mags. My friend was coming to me and abput 20 mins away so I Stupidly got greedy and hit green mountain while waiting for him trying to get an ak74. Got killed. They are definitly spawning though.
  13. awalsh47

    Lack of fps servers

    At least they shoot at you fairly and not peak at you from around a corner. Probably with their privates tucked behind their closed legs so they look like a girl
  14. awalsh47

    Lack of fps servers

    Just remember. We who play FPP servers are better than them. And we know it. #fppGlobogym > average TPP average casual joes
  15. awalsh47

    Lack of fps servers

    I'd hold off playing 3pp servers until 1.05. Rumour has it Bohemia are implementing all the Paw Patrol Vehicles exclusively for 3pp servers