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  1. CarlTheGooner

    How's the community?

    Thanx for the reply. Yeah I've noticed the lack of AKs and M4s, I've spent around 10 hours on populated servers, been up and down NWAF twice around all the tents and barracks and 3 military camps in the north and the only AR I found was on a guy stalking me and refusing to talk. Plenty of smgs though. I'll just Kos to be safe.
  2. CarlTheGooner

    How's the community?

    26 views no comments? Guess this game and the forums are dead.
  3. CarlTheGooner

    How's the community?

    So basically when I played for the first month of realese, no body used voice chat and everyone I encountered shot on sight forcing me to always shoot on sight. I'm just wondering how the game is now and if there's any servers to play or avoid? I tried to open voice comms with my first encounter, dude didn't reply and kept circling me. I lost him but bumped in to him later and put three in his chest. (Thanx for the loot). So yeah don't want to be that guy that shoots on sight if the community as a whole is a little nicer these days.
  4. CarlTheGooner

    Hold breath

    5 months since I last played and you still can't hold your breath? Lolwut?
  5. CarlTheGooner

    Did the game ran out of weapons?

    I played for 4 hours today, haven't played since September so was looking forward to all the changes. Joined the only empty server as I wanted to get used to any control changes and get my sensitivity right and all that. Found lots of new items like the new compass and new ski masks, slowly and methodically made my way to NWAF, searched every single barracks, then all the tents at the north, then kept going North to the other barracks at the top, I found one SMG, the ump looking gun. Got a couple clips. Heard a guy running around so went prone in the barracks, he burst through the door like he thought he was the only person there. POW right in the kisser. Took his AKM. Guess my point is, I used to search NWAF and all them tents and barracks and get an M4 an AK and fully kit them out. I can't believe I didn't find 1 AR. Good to be back anyway. Game feels smooth, and I played for a full 4 hours with no DC and then it got dark and I got to use my new head lamp, but it has a red light. Lol atmosphere. Just eaten and jumping back on. Dark is very dark lol.
  6. CarlTheGooner

    Just found...

    Just found - Helicopter crash site, no helicopter just a thick plume of smoke. Meh
  7. CarlTheGooner


    I just left three dead in gorka after I was shot at first... Wasn't y'alll was it? NL highest pop server.
  8. CarlTheGooner

    Whoever ghosted behind me in berezinho

    Maybe he didn't know you was there and just logged in where he logged out? I think if I logged in to a room and someone was stood there I'd shoot before I was shot. Maybe he's thinking you spawn camping f##k! Lol
  9. CarlTheGooner

    Oil barrels

    Do we have oil barrels for storage yet? Haven't seen anyone post about them and just watched a YouTube with a guy with 3 barrels in one really sweet hiding spot. Would be nice to spawn and run to your spot and have everything you need.
  10. CarlTheGooner

    Game was fun for a while

    Awkward or difficult is a personality thing. All I've done is defend my point and ask someone why they're commenting directly to me when I never mentioned them yet it's me you're trying to set an example of? You're doing it wrong. But ok GG.
  11. CarlTheGooner

    Game was fun for a while

    Did I quote you?? I don't even know who you are or why you've taken my comment so personal, it wasn't aimed at you, I haven't seen your comment if you have commented. What is with this place today.
  12. CarlTheGooner

    VoIP in party chat

    Ah well, I'll stick to game chat. I never play in a party.
  13. CarlTheGooner

    Xbox Update 25/09/2018

    Wtf you taking about? My comments are to the other guy, way to get offended. "Our" I never mentioned you.
  14. CarlTheGooner

    VoIP in party chat

    This is the problem. Would be cool if people could stay in their party and still talk in game, would that be an Xbox live issue tho? Don't see why it can't be implemented cos you CAN hear people when you're in a party.
  15. CarlTheGooner

    Xbox Update 25/09/2018

    If you think I need to get good and am scared to PvP, why are you telling me to play fortnight? You clearly haven't seen any of my posts. Get off my nuts.