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  1. no pickaxe?

    You can find plenty of small stones if you follow the trails. The ones marked with the red/green/blue etc stripe.
  2. Vehicles

    As in flyable helicopters? That's gonna suck. Not feeling that. I think bikes and buses yeah, choppers? Hell naw!
  3. Vehicles

    Had it only been a month!? Well sheeeeet, feels like at least 3!
  4. Need a way to stop Combat Loggers on Xbox One.

    Sounds good. Im on the busy servers all the time getting shot at, gone are the days of having a character for a week on the empty servers. Play on low pop for the first hour, just till I get food and water and hopefully a bag, then I'm over to the full ones.
  5. Need a way to stop Combat Loggers on Xbox One.

    While I agree with most of what you've said let's not kid ourselves, even when it turns to proper Dayz with the night and day cycle and disease etc, you're still just gonna be able to get on one of the scores of empty servers and gear up fast. But totally with you, the only reason I shoot on sight 90% of the time is because it's happend to me too many times. It's like the bullied who becomes the bully. I can't wait to RP and/or squad up and play in a group. Made a few posts on here looking for people to play with as I only have one mate who plays and he works tons so he's hardly ever on. I play mostly alone though I'd rather be playing with others.
  6. Need a way to stop Combat Loggers on Xbox One.

    Liking this comment because I love everything you said apart from the reducing PvP bit. That's like reducing racing in Forza....
  7. Wtf

    I get home from work, try play, try join the same server 3 times but keeps acting like it's loading then says I was kicked from the game, now locked in database? I thought this ish was fixed? I've only got an hour to play, this is getting ridiculous. This is taking the piss now.

    Yeah I miss understood is all, I thought you meant just shooting, like hit registration, cos since they fixed that I've had no issues. All the other stuff I'm aware of and agree with.

    How are shooting mechanics broke? I watch plenty of PC videos and this shoots exactly the same. Shooting is fine, satisfying and fine.

    I used to travel with my gun on my back, till I got killed on sight a few times. Doesn't happen anymore.
  11. UK player looking for older people to group up with

    36 Leeds UK. I can play nice or nasty :D I'm down to group up.

    I only stopped playing for a couple of days cos I was salty. After trying and trying and trying and trying to talk to people only to get no response, (games fault or not) or getting shot in the back, yeah now I pretty much bandit my way around.
  13. Yeah more often than before the last update.
  14. Hardcore loading lag

    Never heard of this before. I get the loot lag but it last a second maybe 2 at most. Xonex here.
  15. revive a shot friend??

    He died of thirst shortly after consuming me, I killed him right back with severe dehydration :|