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  1. not on restart but it does on updates
  2. Mixeorite

    Trust only who you know (Story)

    @bombarding what is a good time to meet up with you so we roam around for awhile? im in central timezone12:07 a.m. is current time
  3. Mixeorite

    Trust only who you know (Story)

    I appreciate that but I already went up and back and helping Bambi's again lol dont know why, guess it's just not in me to be bandit or ruthless like many others. I enjoy the whole wandering with fresh spawns and the situations u help them through lol. I had one guy bleeding out on me and my partner did cpr as I ran saline bag and bandages for unconscious dude lol
  4. Mixeorite

    One more try

    In about 20 to 30 mins I will be leaving berezino for an adventure of gathering loot, would like one or two to join that are willing to have fun and not waste hours upon hours of running on a single gunshot to the back lol... anyone interested
  5. Mixeorite

    Xbox Update 18/09/2018

    @Bombardingkarma at it's finest huh lmao
  6. Mixeorite

    Trust only who you know (Story)

    looks like i lost everything today anyhow lol I just logged in
  7. Mixeorite

    Trust only who you know (Story)

    man, unfortunately, I was helping a newcomer about 2 hours after I met you. I guided him through the woods and showed him some good loot spots and kept him alive with food and water and he even offered some of his loot for comp. But i turned it down because I wasn't doing it for the loot I was doing it too better enrich the playing community of survivors. so we went from elecktro to stary sobor with no issues, and then said he had to go and thanked me and i went to log out and boom he domed me, and left the party. I invited him back to the party, to no avail for 15 mins and then he joins laughing saying sorry man, I'm scum. I just had to laugh it off but I miss my 4 mask collection I was too scared to stash due to server reset lost.... lol I dont mind bandits but I hate liars and fakes.
  8. Mixeorite

    Trust only who you know (Story)

    dude im sorry to hear this, why would he do this? make to staroye buddy and i got bug out bag for you
  9. Mixeorite

    Lockpicks taste good.

    its a funny as hell bug that will have whole party rolling laughing
  10. Mixeorite

    Lockpicks taste good.

    have you become a one armed midget yet???
  11. Mixeorite

    Staying Entertained

    still looking for that scope @Bombarding
  12. Mixeorite

    Staying Entertained

    morphine??? love a head change lol
  13. Mixeorite

    Staying Entertained

  14. Mixeorite

    Staying Entertained

    ill be in staroye
  15. Mixeorite

    Staying Entertained

    I have pu scope if you interested