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  1. Hot Fix For 'Reset Timer Pop Up'

    I think the priority on that front is determining how the locking mechanism differentiates between... 1. A player leaving by pressing Start>Quit. 2. A player leaving due to Server Kick of any kind. Once that is fixed, this whole database lock issue will be nearly resolved. And yea, I'm imagining night time in the v0.67.500 - v0.70.0 range
  2. Do blood bags work?

    Whether it works or not, like I said in my response to OP... Be in the practice of doing it now, so when it comes it is simply second nature. Plus I think the blood bag and the morphine with thin the herd a bit. They are so focused on running to tents, and here we are going straight for hospitals. It will be a new elements to prepare for.
  3. Maps.

    Only 1 map in standalone, but the mod was done on multiple arma maps throughout the years. I personally would love to see a new map, but the effort to complete is probably too great. I'm not sure it is the developer roadmap, but you never know. I think the idea is to make chernaus perfect on pc and console, and depending on the success and state of the game after 1.0, maybe, just maybe, if were lucky, a new map may come to stand alone. Personally I would like to see a jungle exclusive map like tanoa in arma 3
  4. Do blood bags work?

    So you need a blood bag and then combine with an iv kit. Idk what you do with the saline, you may combine with the already combined blood bag and iv kit. Now, how it's supposed to work in practice is like this.. You get into a major gunfight. You have flashing red health. Bandaging would only get you to solid red. You need to do a transfusion and restore blood. Then you can morphine, bandage etc to get to full. Now in theory there is a direct correlation between blood and health. Actually on the mod blood was your health. I'm not sure if you can have a solid white health meter with a red blood meter. If you can this is when it will come into play. Much like the morphine, and even the dirty water to an extent, it isnt fully implemented. They have noted you can be sick from eating raw food, or drinking pond water without purifying, but the effects are minimal. I have noticed if you're sick your water drains way faster, but not enough to make it game changing. Now, morphine is used to fix broken bones, then bandage to return full. Blood transfusions are used to get yourself back to a stable blood level. How this gets implemented and shown on screen, I'm not sure. But it is good practice to atleast start these process now. So say for example you get into a major gunfight and you win, if you can, it would be good process to get somewhere safe, bandage, do a blood transfusion, bandage again and sit tight for 30s, as that is how long it would take to fully heal and be stable. So long story short, it's not in game, but coming. So better to practice now and know what to do when ImpulZ posts the weekly xbox status update/changelog, you know what to expect... than to not even know blood bags are in the game and what they do when the update comes.
  5. Hot Fix For 'Reset Timer Pop Up'

    Stability patches first dude. Because by the time that happens people may complain about not enough loot. Although to be fair, if they keep the reset times in intervals of 2 hours, and then respawn items all over the map randomly every 2 hours, I think that would work. That could make a nice 4 or even 6 hours reset time. I'd also like to see the reset time in game stay where it is upon server coming back. So like if it starts at 12pm, resets at 6pm, when it loads it will be at 6pm not 12pm. Ah well. Baby steps
  6. Wtf

    I have noticed this too. Idk why it happens, but I wont play for 24 hours and I'm locked I'm database. Maybe its residual from the day before? Idk
  7. Vehicles

    Well I was gonna give console the benefit of the doubt. But yes. 5 years hahaha @[Gen]Adzic Flyable heli man. I think from the files that one of the older contributors posted about, even if they are weaponized there will be LMGs and Rocket Launchers to fight them. But man, nothing is more tense than finding a heli spawn, no parts, so you get parts then there is 5 people there, so you gotta fight em, only to barely make it out alive and crash because you forgot to refuel. Plus crossing map takes minutes. It's mainly for end game players who store at a base, pick up their friend in the coast, bring em to base and then move.
  8. Vehicles

    Also @Larry Brill you can check out the pinned thread in the Console > Xbox, structure by @RaptorM60 Where they states: Are there cars, helicopters, and base-building on Xbox? No, not right now, but before leaving Game Preview, we'd like to have both on Xbox One. Especially cars play an important role in the DayZ gameplay! Which can be found here:
  9. Vehicles

    Actually it launched Aug 29, and its Sept 23. Not even a month.
  10. Vehicles

    There are 42,000 items that match thos search criteria. https://forums.dayz.com/search/?&q=Vehicles&item=239884&sortby=relevancy The team has stated vehicles are coming. Please be patient. We are 1 month in and there are far more pressing items needed other than having vehicles. We are on v0.63.148 I wouldnt expect vehicles until v0.70.0-v0.75.0 Considering as how I can go from Stary Yar which is just shy of the most northern bits on the map, to Solinichy in 1.5hr walk, while looting and shooting people, I'm not fussed right now. We need tents, QoL, Guns, Clothes and Game Patches more than vehicles.

    You were served hopping, probably to loot tents.. It triggers when you join 3 or more servers in like a 5-10 minute time but not always. Go watch an episode of your favorite tv show, and then you will be good.
  12. Xbox private shards

    There are loads of threads on this. It will come but considering qs how pc just got them I wouldnt expect in any time soon. Also, go play 20 pops. Get off the coast. Go to the woods. If you dont like the results you're having, dont spend so much time on the coast. And also, private servers arent going to magically fix your problem. Its gonna make it pve or minimal pvp, and the game isnt meant to be played like that. If that's how you want to play, there are 150 servers with less than 5 people on them. I could spend weeks alive on those but it's so boring. That's why I play 40-50 pop. There are resolutions to the problems you have and private servers isnt sone magical one that will fix it. I guarantee you will have a worse time in a 2-3 person PvE private server than dying in a 50 pop public.
  13. What about FPP Server?

    It's actually a lot more realistic on xbox if you think about it. It would run like ark dedicated. Granted you would need 2 xbox, but 1 runs the server with admin interface, the other can play server. But time will tell
  14. What about FPP Server?

    This an update on this thread. If you read the private servers config file update for pc, you will notice this: disable3rdPerson=0; // Toggles the 3rd person view for players (value 0-1) So yes, when private servers come you can force disable 3rd person and make it a 1st person exclusive server.
  15. Sound levels / Footsteps

    They arent loud anyway.... Unless you turn your mic up, forget about the volume, then some fired a gun. Then you'll go deaf and not hear footstep anyway lol