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  1. Anyeurysm

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    This is highly disappointing. Private servers or we riot.
  2. Anyeurysm

    Lack of good weapons!!!!

    I literally found 3 NV scopes at the 4 barracks south of Novo yesterday. The irony is that the scopes are of higher rarity than the ARs and in total I have found 7 spawned NV scopes and 0 spawned ARs.
  3. Anyeurysm

    Lack of good weapons!!!!

    I agree that there are weapon alternatives and that the game is far from "unplayable". My concern is that it is very hard to grow a player base when this duping/weapon spawn thing is as prevalent as it is currently. People are absolutely turned off by it and only those of us that are willing to look past it and the dupers themselves are playing. This creates problems for people who are on the fence about buying the game. "Oh, I've heard you cant even find good weapons in that game because of glitchers..." is the current narrative. There is a problem with the underlying code that allows for duping to happen. All we've seen thus far are hotfix bandaids that don't fix the underlying problem and the dupers are finding workarounds for. I understand the reason for BI not wanting to server lock characters but this is what the community wants. It needs to be tried out in some capacity. Private servers would also be a welcome addition. The servers should be 25% server locked characters, 25% private and 50% public... At least give it a try BI...
  4. Anyeurysm

    Lack of good weapons!!!!

    The lack of "good weapons" spawn rates is directly related to duping, ie: only X amount of weapon A should exist on a server. If Weapon A has been duped to 500% of X, no more Weapon A's will spawn until the number of Weapon A's drop below X amount. Saying it's a hardcore survival game and it needs to be hard is simply disingenuous to the fact that the devs themselves have acknowledged that duping is affecting the spawn rates.
  5. Anyeurysm

    Possible Dupping and server hop fix?

    Not a terrible idea, only problem I see is if you normally play on a high pop server. Often times they become full, so people will naturally just go to a different server just to be able to play. Now say they were on a trek to a faraway place the last time they logged off. Is it reasonable to be spawned back at the coast now? Character locking servers also presents problems when servers become full. All that time you spent grinding your character is stuck in queue until a spot opens up. The only answer I see is private servers with admin tools for the owners to create true RP servers. Passwords could be shared with like minded players and the playerbase would be reinvigorated... Just my opinion...
  6. Anyone that wants to learn will find the info... How about we use that energy to pressure the devs to fix it?
  7. Anyeurysm

    Sometimes I just want to shoot my gun...

    You're not wrong.
  8. Day is 2 hours, night is 1 hour... The cycle is completely reasonable, but you are right. It is too dark now and reverting back to 1.01 nighttime would be a good change. Bigger concern for me personally is that they fix duping. It has ruined the spawn rates of the better weapons to practically nonexistent. The only hope if getting an AR is from a stash or killing someone with one. Heck, I can't even find USG45s anymore...
  9. Anyeurysm

    Xbox Update 1.02

  10. Anyeurysm


    I know there are some clock towers in bigger cities that display the correct in game time. But yes, watches would be cool.
  11. Correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't the CLE (Central Loot Economy) say that there will be x number of any particular item on a server at a given time? So if for example say there can only be 20 M4s on a server at a time does that mean if those M4s are in persistence, ie: on a player or in a persistence stash (buried, barrel, seachest... etc) that no more M4s will spawn on that particular server unless another M4 gets destroyed, *despawns, leaves server...? If this is in fact the case, then it would be reasonable to suspect that I should not really bother looking for one as they are already most likely in someone else's posession? I've been racking my brain and although I know they are rare items, I can't help wondering how on earth I haven't found a single AR in spite of having searched Troitskoe, NWAF, Tisy... etc, for hours upon hours. Does my theory make sense or am I missing something? *Edit: "respawn" to "despawn"
  12. Anyeurysm

    Private server

    We will probably get them about the time the playerbase that wants them will have moved on to other games...
  13. Funny you say that. I found this one hanging up in a tree... 😁
  14. If a placed chest has loot will it be persistent or will it despawn?