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  1. Anyeurysm

    Stashes despawning!?!

    Yeah, I've stopped playing as all my stuff has been lost multiple times. Persistence is #1 for me right now, until they fix this I'm not playing.
  2. Anyeurysm

    Server Reassignment Xbox -> PC 19/12/2018

    Shaking my head.
  3. Anyeurysm

    Developers, you need to see this. (Soylegend)

    Snow map, for who?
  4. Anyeurysm

    Server Reassignment Xbox -> PC 19/12/2018

  5. Car tents have a size value of 40 and a weight of about 1kg. Large tents have a size value of 60 and a weight of about 1kg. Both force you to slow walk when carrying in hand but not when in backpack...
  6. Anyeurysm

    Character wipe?

    They changed the status icons again too... looks like you can see your actual level of everything now
  7. Anyeurysm

    Character wipe?

    Yes total wipe, but I spawned with a stone knife, soda and a pear... And a cuu jacket was nearby in a conex. It holds 42 now, lol is this right?
  8. Anyeurysm

    Ehat servers you all on

  9. Anyeurysm

    Unable to craft improvised backpack

    It won't let me combine the rope with the burlap bag... only let's be cover my own head and there is no option to scroll to a different recipe... Anyone else have this problem?
  10. Anyeurysm

    Hit reg issues...

    Is the bug specific to the weapon perhaps and not quite a hit reg bug? The gun had worked fine up until then, I had just reloaded the mag about 30 seconds prior to that clip...
  11. Anyeurysm

    Hit reg issues...

    Yeah, I know Im encumbered and prob could have gotten away... I'm an idiot. But hit reg completely failed here and I don't know why...
  12. Anyeurysm

    Some cool additions?

    You lost me at "like bfv"...
  13. Anyeurysm

    Day/Night Cycle

    Real time is not the way to go IMO... I think 6 hour servers, with day/night on a sliding scale based on "season"... ie: 60/40% for spring, 70/30% for summer, 60/40% for fall, 50/50% for winter...
  14. Anyeurysm

    Are barrels gone?

    Been playing for several hours and haven't seen a single one...
  15. Anyeurysm

    Servers are up! Character wipe! *end thread*

    Same, total wipe.