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  1. Anyeurysm

    Has anybody gotten a refund for undelivered server?

    There were 500 more servers added since yesterday.
  2. Anyeurysm

    Is there Exp. Servers for Xbox?

    No, sadly there is not.
  3. Anyeurysm

    Imagine server tools...

    That's good news but also vague. Any insight as to what specifically can be done? Will the admins have a killfeed they can use to blacklist rulebreakers? Will the event log include this? Is it possible to give coordinates for each kill? We appreciate the work you guys do but please we are hungry for answers.
  4. Anyeurysm

    Are there plans to expand admin controls?

    Yeah, but whitelisting is basically merely GT verification. This is a good thing, but I was more concerned with enforcing rules, like kos and safezone rules of engagement. Will their be any admin controls to assist with this, ie: killfeed? What exactly is included in the event log?
  5. Anyeurysm

    Are there plans to expand admin controls?

    Yeah, but specifically what are they working on? I just find it vague, what is included in "eventlog"? Is this a killfeed? Can they monitor stashes to help enforce rules?
  6. Bans, killfeed, whitelisting? Admins need more control over the servers. Point blank. People are paying good money for these servers, expectations are not being met in this area.
  7. Anyeurysm

    [Suggestion] Weapon lineage

    I'm a stat nerd and I floated a similar idea to my buddies before of having each weapon having it's own unique serial number. This # could then be looked up to see all that stats of this weapon. Number of owners, kills, rounds fired... etc... But I like the idea of being able to engrave/mark a weapon as well.
  8. Anyeurysm

    Suggestions for the dev team

    8.) Craftable signage would be awesome. If there were a way to craft a sign with planks and attach to walls or utility poles with nails.
  9. Anyeurysm

    Suggestions for the dev team

    First off, I've really been enjoying this update. With that being said, my concerns shift towards... 1) Desync? I'm not even sure if its desync that is causing this but, I'm sure everyone's noticed items being stuck in tents/barrels/seachests/inventory... etc... and not being able to move said item without logging off and back on only to have it happen again a short time later. Also seems to have an effect on not seeing items in other players hands or things they drop. 2) Please fix the inventory scrolling in barrels, tents, seachests... etc. When you have alot if different items in a container, you're only able to see the "top page" and "bottom page" and nothing in the middle. The above 2 issues makes inventory management absolutely frustrating. 3) Please do something about the scrolling speed in the private server list. 4) Double tapping X to go into throwing stance needs to be changed to something other than the interaction button. Maybe a quick tap of LT? 5) Please make holding X drop the item in your hands again. 6) It would be nice if their was a quick way to detach the glow stick off of your vest/backpack quickly to throw/drop the than going into your inventory. 7) Make 1.05 as enjoyable as 1.04 👍👍 Seriously, though nice job BI.
  10. Anyeurysm

    Things I noticed about 1.04

    I have a concern with the "desync?", ie: not being able to see what a partner is holding or has dropped, not being able to remove items from containers, inventory management type stuff... a temporary solution is to log off and immediately rejoin the server. This isn't so bad on private servers because there is no queue to get back in. On public servers it's a big issue because there can be particularly long queues, especially during peak hours. Is this problem due to the switch to nitrado servers?
  11. Anyeurysm

    1.03/1.04 Wednesday Update.

    I wish they would let us know what time its dropping...
  12. Anyeurysm

    DayZ cross platform

    It's never been $60... Nor do I recall dayz ever being on sale for 50% off...
  13. Anyeurysm

    DayZ Battle Royale (survivor gamez)

  14. Anyeurysm

    private rented servers

    At this point I dont care about any of my gear. I just want a fix and a wipe #makedayzgreatagain
  15. Anyeurysm

    Someone please explain what duping is and why its bad?

    Ruins the devs intended vision of the game. I want an immersive zombie apocalypse experience, not a spawn and loot at a kamy tent city and sprint to Sol factory, where I ultimately die to a meatballing ghoster. Then, rinse and repeat. I want to grind for the loot so everything has a sense of value and player interactions can be meaningful. Duping destroys this.