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  1. new premium headset

    Hi, I'm looking for a really good gaming headset, primarily for dayz + movies/series. Wireless is a must. So far I'm looking at : - SteelSeries Arctis Pro wireless, DTS H:X 2.0 surroundsound - Astro A50 Dolby Digital, 7.1 surroundsound Both headsets are about ~2,5 times my 'mental budget' for a gaming headset, I can properly talk them down to 2 times, but for that price it should really be worth it. 1) But I'm unsure if dayz support dts and/or 7.1? 2 ) I really like the idea of headsets, where I can adjust game/teamspeak sound volume to my liking, and I guess an 'ordinary' headset doesn't have this feature, it has to be a gaming headset? 3) I haven't tried either digital surround or true surround, so I dont know which is better? 4) Any input would be greatly appreciated, especially if you happen to own one of the above mentioned headsets or has a really good 3rd. choice? And yes i have done a search for headsets, most are within some budget, so not really the same as these questions :) I did get some good info from this thread: "Beyerdynamic DT 990 premium" "Beyer/akg/lehmann" "Also, try to use Virtual Dolby Surround. I use a soundcard that enables 7.1 virtual surround emulation and i can adjust the virtual speakers. When i plug in just normal stereo headphones the virtual dolby effect is way way way better than true 7.1 headphones that try to ram 7 speakers into a 10cm piece." Brgds M_M
  2. how many characters can I have?

    Hi, I'm relatively new to the game and dont wont to delete my experimental 0.63 char by accident, so can I still play on the stress test 'branch' and just swap back and forth in steam for stress<->experimental? If you know or think you know please state how sure you are about this and if the info is valid for 0.63, I saw some 'ancient' articles claiming you could have 4 chars: 1 for 3. person + 1 for 1. person on each hive. brgds /M_M