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  1. Good stuff!
  2. Hello survivors! The last couple of days I've been thinking about the visual representation of players in DayZ. While I do enjoy the massive amount of customization we've got now, I always feel like there's something missing. Now my thought was that we could have certain items strapped onto our backpacks to actually be visible for other players. For example a mountain backpack with a small tent strapped onto the lower part of the backpack, and by that perhaps having a decreased size in the inventory (let's say from 15 slots to 10 or something like that), or maybe not even have a slot size because it's outside the backpack, but it should of course affect your weight when this system is properly introduced. This is also used in "The Last of Us" where you can see your arrows on your back, and other such things when you find more items in the world. Certain backpacks should have a limited amount of capacity for items and only certain items should be on the outside of the backpack (if you so choose to), like canteens, arrows and such. Tell me what you think peeps! - TikTac'
  3. I think it would be better if the devs controlled the public hive servers if there's people actually still playing on those servers afterwards (that meaning you need better servers running public hive). I personally like public hive servers because I have the freedom to go on a night time server If I want to get some footage during night time, and also a much more diverse playerbase. I've played on a lot of private hives, and I still do and also enjoy playing on them, but I've had several times where I've run into the same person again, after a few days of playing. I don't really like that, which is why I want the public hive servers working. And then there's also the nostalgia part ofc. Having played the DayZ MOD back in the early days, there's just something about the whole thing with having your character connected to 100's of servers.. :) The only thing is try! and see how it turns out! EDIT: Awfully typeset! Sorry! Rushed it
  4. Hey mate, report it on the feedback tracker! :)
  5. I'm finally back with a new video for the continuation of The Road! Hope you enjoy
  6. Take a look peeps! It's cool! :)
  7. The 4th episode in my one life mini-series
  8. I agree with you, but that's not what you wrote you wrote "make the containers useful again" which they are.
  9. I see what you're getting at here but there's one major thing you forget... The containers work as "protective cases" and they're extremely good at it. I usually have my first aid kit with medical supplies and then a cooking pot for spare mags/ammo and another cooking pot for my pistol to take out zombies. + I now have 4 liters of water on me to drink from. :) Containers are by far useless mate. They save stuff from being ruined. So if you have an MP5K perhaps, put it to your hotbar and place the MP5 in the bag. Then the MP5 won't be ruined if you get shot and ruins the container. :) EDIT: When i write "bag" I mean the 12 slot waterproof bags that you can find in a variety of colors.. :)
  10. Can you tell me why it's not acceptable to pull the alpha card? Do you think 3 years and 1 month of development time on a big game is enough? Simply put; it's not! And the devs are not only making a game, they're also creating a new game-engine for the game at the same time. YOU... My friend.... Is the the one that have misread/not understood the statement on the store page when you sat down and wanted to buy the game. YOU are the one that has misunderstood the term "Early Access". Now sit down.
  11. The newest episode of my onelife mini-series, hope you guys enjoy! take care! :)
  12. I like the idea you're having here, I really do. But I think there's one major downside to this very thing and it's map size. I mean Chernarus+ is huge don't get me wrong but with 60+ (and they're planning on having even more than 60 players on servers) the servers will quickly become crowded with random houses being boarded up and players starting work on a house but never finishes it etc. I think the map simply isn't large enough for this unfortunately.
  13. There's already 2 different speeds of crawling in the game. There's just normal "press W to go forward" crawl and then there crawl with the sprint button held down too. Unless you're referring to the fact that It's too slow at the moment?
  14. I like the idea you're having here but I'm seeing several flaws with this system if you think about what the devs mentioned. Firs thin is, as you're saying yourself, It's a "grinding system" even though It's not as bad as some of the previous mentioned things It's still "grind" to get the most benefits. Which is exactly what the devs don't want. They just want you to play the game just like you would before, and then you get better at the things that you just so happen to be doing. So for example the "Explosives soft skill" that you mentioned would cause a lot of players to start throwing around grenades to get that perk up because they had some grenades laying around. If the system wasn't implemented they would never even have touched the grenade in the first place. Catch my drift? And I don't know if many of these perks are just "dummies" but quite a few of these also go against the rule, that the devs set out for, on the soft skill system. They whole plan of the soft skill system isn't to make a player "better" (which the Endurance, Scoping, Close Quarters and Driving perks go directly against) because they do so that a player have an easier time killing another player because they have been alive for longer and done certain things. The driving perk doesn't make it easier to kill someone, but it just doesn't make any sense at all. Why would you be able to go faster because you've been driving for a longer amount of time? I could see it work implemented into a system such as "Mechanics" where, if you find the right parts, you would be able to install certain types of vehicle parts that would give the engine a little bit of a boost and therefore increase top speed, acceleration etc. a tiny amount. This also makes it so that a player that doesn't have any "skill" within mechanics can find a car with it already installed in the wild. and therefore make it a bit more dynamic.
  15. Glad you're back man, yeah DayZ is really getting into the time now where all the major systems are being introduced and we're seeing huge changes in how the game works and plays (for the better). Now I think the "weather warning" you're referring to is the fact that you can't start fires properly in some buildings in the current stable version of .61, and getting wet/rain is really dangerous now as you get hypothermia quickly when drenched. So It's basically just a heads up :) (This is my guess on what that is because I don't have server messages on my self for immersion)