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  1. Status Report 7 November 2017

    Thank you for the feature once again! I really appreciate it! <3 :)
  2. To the Devs. Love, The Village.

    Fully agreed! The future of this great game is going to be very positive! The DayZ Village shows the amazing community that is hiding beneath the negative comments and hate that we see so much of as of late, sadly. Hopefully .63 and beyond will make the community realize how great this game really is. ;) Stay safe! -TikTac'
  3. Stable Update 0.62.141072

    I can't answer this question for obvious reasons; I'm not a dev. But, they did write in the status report (I believe it was Eugen that wrote this) - that the GamesCom DEMO have helped them focus on the core gameplay, and therefore leaving out unnecessary - or less important things - for now. It sounds like it was a good idea even for the community as well as the team itself, this is just thoughts though.
  4. Stable Update 0.62.140694

    Go to https://feedback.bistudio.com/ and report the bug mate!
  5. Short post about life and direction.

    Well maybe someone cleared it up for him in the post?
  6. Can I Run With This Specs?

    You can obtain decent FPS, just not at the highest settings and everywhere. Whether or not you'll lagg in Chernogorsk is up to the PC, for some reason my PC doesn't like the forests too much, but Cherno (cities) more, however I do have a GFX-card with high video memory which might be why, I'm not sure though. I think it's worth buying, the game will also be increasing in price as the development goes forward, so get in now, try it out. If it doesn't work uninstall it for a while and then come back. The next update will be the 0.63 BETA update of DayZ where the development switches from 85% adding & 15% bug-fixing to 85% bug-fixing & 15% adding. And you should see further improvements on performance moving forward from there. :)
  7. Now this is not the case with all of the (feels like billions of different RPGs) out there, but most of them don't actually arm the warhead before it's in flight, it does this mostly by either the centrifugal force of the grenade itself when in flight, or when the propellant explosion occurs when in flight. This meaning that most RPG warheads out there is not actually armed before it's in flight. I'm also wondering whether or not the devs are going to have the "fuse" of an RPG implemented into the game, so it'll explode at a distance of roughly 920 meters automatically, if it hasn't hit an object at that range. ;3 :)
  8. Reconsider console choices Devs

    Bohemia Interactive is a massive company, and the DayZ Dev Team is only a tiny fraction of the company itself. I think giving this "advice" wont change the internal design plan, it has most likely been done, or talked about for a very long time. I completely understand what you're getting at here though, but in all honesty I think most of these decisions have been made internally, and wont be changed easily. Now what these actual decisions entitle, we don't know, so I'll guess we're going to have to wait and see. I haven't really followed up on any of the console stuff anyway, because I'm not going to play it. :)
  9. Mouse Buttons

    I use mouse button #4 and #5 to zoom in/out, then I have another button down on the side (where my thumb is) which is use to switch camera, and then I've got zeroing up/down on the 2 sensitivity buttons bellow the scrollwheel, however these are not in good positions to be used for this effectively.
  10. Testing a New PC with DayZ

    Ah alright man, no worries I was wondering for a second :) I run a 2560x1440 144Hz monitor myself, DayZ is a gorgeous game, it really is! :)
  11. Testing a New PC with DayZ

    Well what you're experiencing is the power of the new engine that the dev team have been busy creating. I'm so happy they decided to do it properly (the engine, Enfusion), that making it take a while longer yes, but it is so so so worth it IMHO.
  12. Testing a New PC with DayZ

    I haven't watched the video, but I'm guessing he's using one of those curved monitors, they have some freaky resolutions at times EDIT: Scrap that I can see it looks like a normal monitor, hmm that is strange... :S
  13. Vehicles are useless

    And THANK YOU for NOT being insanely narrow-minded when it comes to responses having different opinions than yours, it is gladly appreciated. I don't use vehicles all that much myself at the moment either, but I do use them when I establish bases far up north. Although I haven't made one in .62 yet. We can both agree with the fact that the vehicles aren't 100% functional and definitely needs work, but I still find them useful, it just depends on the situation, and what my plan is for my character at a given time. And one thing about being lonely, the dev team is planning to have 100 player servers (which I personally find crazy if you want to build a base but hey) so you'll have plenty of peeps around to interact with. :p
  14. Vehicles are useless

    And that is fine you disagree with some of the development cycles and whatnot, my problem (and I think a lot of other informed people out there) is that there's massive amounts of misinformation being spread around on forums, steam, youtube etc, which is what is really frustrating for the people who read up on development. Everybody is allowed an opinion but at times it becomes one big f*ck-fest for no reason. As I mentioned earlier: "The only useful criticism, is constructive.", which I see less and less of sadly. -TikTac'
  15. Vehicles are useless

    They idea is to reduce running speed later on as more vehicles will be available (and less buggy of course) to us, the players so you're on the right track when it comes to that, however at the moment vehicles aren't stable enough to reduce running speed a lot. You mention the patience and knowledge in the beginning of your post, which I totally get. I myself am very interested in development of the game, but that is also what you're supposed to be if you're playing DayZ. The developers don't recommend buying the game just to play as it was a newly released Bethesda title. They want us to play the game to do large-scale bug testing and actively support development of the game. The idea behind DayZ is to create your own story and not go by a story that is laid out for you, again I'm seeing you having a different vision than what DayZ Vanilla is and will be in the future (as you seemingly also agreed on yourself) :). The decrease in players I personally think is tied to the long time between updates, because they are now adding in the big features of the new Enfusion engine ( such as the renderer in .60, part of the new sound system, visual overhaul technology in .62, and coming by the end of the year; .63 with the BETA release of DayZ and the animation system and physics engine + a lot of other things that I wont bother you with here). This has led to long periods with no updates, because of back-bone tech implementation. Now this is only a thought, because no one can definitively say for sure, that's impossible. DayZ has been out for a while now, and I see some players (including myself) with many thousands of hours in DayZ, but I still enjoy the game, because the vision of DayZ is exactly what I'm looking for and I'll gladly help as much as I can in development (I literally submitted a crash report in between these two responses), but for the casual player, that just want to play a finished game I will STRONGLY suggest that you please wait playing the game until it's done and/or modding comes in. There's no need for frustrations if you/some people can't handle them. That's completely understandable. The plan is to develop Enfusion with as little hard-coded stuff as possible so that the modding possibilities are bigger than ever seen on Bohemia Interactive games before, so I think you'll be pleasantly surprised when modding comes around. My thought is that you must be in some sense interested in the game one way or another, and I can only say that you wait until the game is in a more finished state, it clearly bothers you, which is completely understandable, but that is how development is I'm afraid, and the whole reason DayZ is on Early Access is to help the Dev Team. I hope my wall of text was of some sort of use, if not.. Well shit :D -TikTac'