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  1. Exp Update 0.61.135961

    Any particular reason for deleting my post or did you just not like it? Anyway, Brian opens this thread (probably still months before 0.61) and instead of giving any form of info he just disappears for days and then comes back for some minutes and posts some totally random stuff. This whole project became one of the most ridiculous things I have ever witnessed.
  2. Exp Update 0.61.135961

    As far as I understood the seasons are actual real life seasons. So it should be eastern european September-ish...
  3. Exp Update 0.61.135961

    Hey Brian, will 0.61 contain any major graphic/renderer/visual changes? Like, more fog up in the northern areas? Or maybe moving fog over a morning lake? If so, will the for be affected by wind too? Also, could we by any chance change our view-distance to whatever value we like? Right now stuff seems to render for max. 2 - 2.5 kilometer or so. I'd like to test my rig (for fps) and also produce more detailed screenshots and videos. Regards & Thanks for da great work
  4. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    To know the exact release date you just have to find out on which date the devs will have their next holiday. Because I am 100% sure they will release 0.61 exactly 1 day before they close the office for a week :D :D :D I know I am evil
  5. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    Y is dis taking forever again? I long for 0.61! Gimme 0.61!
  6. sounds like a good idea. I would suggest Dolina since it has a nice big red metal barn where ppl could meet up while still having a bit of cover.
  7. How high is that tree?

    How 'high' were you when you calculated how high it does fly? Calculate that!
  8. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    seems like not only your reticle is bugged. The whole scope looks crappy. You've reduced object quality?
  9. What all got nerfed in 60 ?

    steam overlay sometimes isn't accurate. I use DayZspy.com or gametracker, but gametracker doesn't show experimental servers.
  10. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    mp5 and FAL have bugged scopes. No crosshair nor red dot showing
  11. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    make sure you don't aim your red dot scope at an close object. The red dot is actually a physical object that gets rendered a few feets away from your face. That way it can get obscured. ps: also don't forget to right-click the scope and choose "turn on" :p
  12. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    0.61 exp hype? o_O
  13. Stable Branch - 0.60 Discussion

    maybe the road itself wasn't pristine o_O btw, here a video proof of zombies respawning. I wasn't really sure if they would respawn during a server session or only on restarts. Now I know :D https://youtu.be/O02EkOoSAMg?t=918
  14. Lets talk about .60

    That's what stable discussion thread is there for :p https://forums.dayz.com/topic/234114-stable-branch-060-discussion/
  15. what I am wondering about is the fact that I haven't seen almost any loot spawn in the diffrent small wooden sheds and the rusty ones. I was in multiple towns within one server session and either there is no loot at all in sheds or there is plenty.