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  1. Experimental Update 0.63.149653

    But server crashes aren't the only reason why bases are wiped. I've had several reports now that disproves this.
  2. Experimental Update 0.63.149653

    Let's be honest, there are also very few players on there atm. Backupping is good and awesome, and I'm all for automated solutions but it shouldn't be on the communities to develop this. The devs should build that into the product if this is the way to go. Edit: Also I have had cases where there was no crash and bases were gone.
  3. Experimental Update 0.63.149653

    It might be a solution if it REALLY is more stable. ATM that doesn't seem to be the case. The reason why I say so is that if 6 clans are building a bases separately and the last backup is from 6 hours earlier. 1 clan loses their base. Is it really up to me to me to roll back and make the other 5 clans lose 6 hours of progress? Persistence stability is key here. It should be very stable persistent if you're running a pretty much vanilla server. ATM I get reports of lost stuff every day.
  4. Experimental Update 0.63.149653

    They say it's up to the developers to fix. These providers are official providers appointed by Bohemia Interactive as a partnership. Backups are not a solution because wipes are area based. If we decide to roll back someone in another area of the map will lose progress too. Backups are only a solution if everything breaks.
  5. Experimental Update 0.63.149597

    Can't you put a mag or ammo on the hotbar and hold the hotbar button? I think the r button is only used for cycling ammo for rifles or shotguns and unjamming by holding r.
  6. Experimental Update 0.63.149597

    I understand. Thanks again for your answer I think a lot of people have waited on a reply like this regarding persistence.
  7. Experimental Update 0.63.149597

    Thanks a lot for this extensive answer! :) One more question though. I think we all understand that some modifications cause more harm than others but can you guys confirm if the persistence issues are resolved with the Vanilla build? Or are we not there yet?
  8. Experimental Update 0.63.149597

    You should decrease your gamma of your monitor or graphicscard settings.
  9. Experimental Update 0.63.149597

    You are pretty open about this. But you should see it from our side ImpulZ. What you guys shared with us is this forum post: This post is very clear. You are talking about a system that is implemented to make sure it will never happen again. The next two patches though, there have been no notes about persistence specifically. So we don't really know what the state of things is right now. Have you made improvements? Are some persistence issues fixed or all of them? Is this system now implemented? We feel a little bit left in the dark here. On every patch note since this post we ask what's up with persistence and there is just no answer until you posted this. We understand what to do as server owners. But we don't really know what to focus on as players. Can we safely make bases now? Or not? If not, where do we stand?
  10. Experimental Update 0.63.149597

    I know exactly what he's referring to. We've have multiple groups on a server and it hasn't happened since last patch as far as I can tell. Before that I had daily reports. It would be nice if the devs would be more transparent about this issue.
  11. Experimental Update 0.63.149597

    You do whatever you want man, I'm just trying to help
  12. Experimental Update 0.63.149597

    I'm playing now and monsoon is still there.
  13. Experimental Update 0.63.149597

    If you report it to the server owners of the community servers they can send the persistence files to Bohemia so they can investigate of before and after removal of your base.
  14. Experimental Update 0.63.149597

    When did your tent base or barrel last disappear? I haven't heard any reports of disappearing since before last patch.
  15. Experimental Update 0.63.149525

    Yes, please do tell us!