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  1. mitch2GNAR

    playing dayz with goldglove

    playing dayz with goldglove aka goldy
  2. can we get this to 100 views! 😄 #dayz
  3. mitch2GNAR

    triangle love affair PVP

    such a scary encounter.
  4. mitch2GNAR

    triangle love affair PVP

    3 different groups encounter ? i was solo, hiding in a house, when I heard someone breach info the house I was sitting in, gun fire was exchange, I had to surrender due to no more ammo in gun (Blaze). While i was Bandading up a man from the distance snipes the guy that
  5. mitch2GNAR

    my first mapping

    so cool, how to vido please
  6. mitch2GNAR

    Strange Location!?

    looks like near kamensk ? up north
  7. mitch2GNAR

    .63 BETA is just about here!

    Been playing dayz standalone since feb 2014. so excited for beta release! Cheers to more exciting/fun times to come! www.twitch.tv/mitch2gnar
  8. throw back to dayz 2015, i miss my old crew such good intense times. this was shot on a pvp organic server.. These are the type of encounters that make dayz so special to me. Cheers to BETA .63 for more great times!
  9. oh shap what a moment! @ 1:40 that was epic.
  10. mitch2GNAR

    A first look at DayZ Modding

  11. mitch2GNAR

    Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    i cant seem to download the offline mode, i put the code in ireallywanttotest and it says invalid code?
  12. I was watching some of my old videos the other night and I came to think about all the amazing people I have meet in the world of Chernarus, and tons of amazing friendships along the way. This has to be one of the greatest friendships ive had in DayZ. The fact that we could have never known each other, just by the blink of an bullet. This was the night we met Prin, which happen to end up becoming one of our bestfriends. From this night and every night for a year and half we played in this mad world that we call DAYZ. Every night we had a huge crew, always ranging in numbers. (mister, xboxdwayne, lawdog, pstar, and many others. We call ourselfs the Zambie Crew. We roleplayed, Pvp, reordered skits, held up tons of people up at gunpoint, and had many fights at the nwaf. I just love Dayz. There is no other game that you can get such a interaction where it becomes a factor of literately not knowing if they could become one of your bestfriends. This game shows what a split decision can effect, and not just a way of a game decision, the decision you make in the game actually becomes a part of your real life. If we would have shot her, thats a real life friendship that never was. The heartbeating factor you get when you are in Chernarus is insane. And the amazing thing is i know im not the only person to experience this, many dayz players have met friends that to this day still game with, all from meeting them in the world of Chernaus. To that I say cheers, And i Cant wait for many more friendships to come! The Zambie Crew and I were heading north to Novo to celebrate the purge weekend. On the way we ran into two survivors. We captured both of them. One was a female by the name of ZambiePrincess, the other was a deaf male who spoke no words. He died, she lived. Fast forward to present time the crew and princess are still surviving, picking its way around the wastelands of Chernaurs. This is the story of how we met Princess. 8:18 ending montage *for those that dont know, princess (PRIN) became a big part of the ZambieCrew Family **SPOILER ALERT** also goes to show how crazy KOS can be, you never know who you are going to meet in dayz. Video is from June 2015 @Baty Alquawen
  13. mitch2GNAR

    Final Tale DAYZ cinematic

    thanks baty for watching my video :D im glad you liked it , you should check out my other dayz videos on my youtube page. Ive put alot of time into making them and I would be honored if you and some the other devs watch them :D i love dayz! forever! me and my friend also manage a dayz community call fight the dead fear the living :D www.fightthedeadfeartheliving.com ! maybe we can meet up sometime in Chernarus :D @Baty Alquawen
  14. mitch2GNAR

    Final Tale DAYZ cinematic

    DayZ Standalone unscprited role-play movie. Watch the final days leading up to Stone D. Cold's death. Live on Fight the Dead Fear the Living Survival Role Play ..come join the fun Intro: 0:00 Chapter ONE: 0:19 Chapter TWO 9:09 Chapter THREE 12:27 Chapter FOUR 18:28 Chapter FIVE 20:35 Chapter SIX 21:45 Conclusion: 22:33 *this was all unscripted actual gameplay https://www.reddit.com/r/dayz/comment... check out boof's journal http://fightthedeadfeartheliving.com/ recorded/editor- mitch2GNAR
  15. mitch2GNAR

    Growing PumpkinZ Happy Halloween

    cool edit