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  1. Exp Update 0.61.138602

    Loved reading the status update. Had a quick blast at lunch time for 45 minutes or so on this patch. Only had a chance to confirm that the bird is the word: that's a dead chicken by the way :) Also got persistently bothered by this zed that wanted to talk or something. Anyway I noticed that regardless of whether you are hidden, crawling, standing etc. once a zed has locked on to you, it will just follow you regardless of your noise level. It would be great to adjust this in the future so you can be a little more canny to avoid zeds. Current tactic is just to stand there until they lose interest and wander to the next house, pamphlet in hand. Excuse me sir, do you have a minute for me to eat your brains? Overall a good blast, nothing major noticed, and performance was strong. SM
  2. Exp Update 0.61.138573

    Just had a squiz about on this patch, first load in a good couple of months: Spawned in inside a building. Messed around a little attracting zeds with guns, then committed suicide in front of them all. If you can't beat them, join them: Respawned on the coast, and went gearing for a little bit. With pristine and sometimes scoped trumpets, other .22's, and pistols in numbers in almost every house, water bottles right by water pumps, basically everything a good survivor needs on tap at the coast it was pretty mundane to get to a stage where I could start making my way inland. I had noted though at some point I'd lost my mind: Next I stood still while a chicken ran squawking towards me to die at the hand of my machete. It remained upright while I skinned it, then vanished into my inventory for later consumption. Interestingly around this time my last damage indicator started flicking between zombie base and something else, either fall from height or legs or something I can't remember. Anyway I was neither falling from heights or being attacked by anything, and wasn't losing any health or blood so pressed on to cook my tasty chicken. I managed to cook all the chicken, noting that the logs burn through really fast, but didn't disappear from the fireplace when it went out. I went on to light another fire in a different building an didn't have the same issue. You'll notice the fire in the background is out, but pristine logs etc still remain in the fire: On my way to make my second fire I raided a couple of farm buildings, got dragged half way around a small town after losing all control of my player (complex geometry issue?). After finding my 12th or so pristine trumpet I managed to find one with a scope, which I stole and started messing around with while warming my body up to critically high heat levels (still visibly shivering and cold apparently). I noticed some interesting artifacts (I'll call them that) that the shadow from the firelight cast on furniture and walls. I'm not quite sure how to describe it so here's a picture: Fully energised, healed, hotter than the sun and ready to log out, I noted that I hadn't found any cars on my short journey, so unfortunately no crash dumps to log. I did log something though, the log looks very loggy. I love it: Overall observations: Zero gear, food or survival challenge in this patch - I understand things are being played with so I expect this Basements are not places to spawn Gameplay smooth and fast Took a couple of guided trips around towns, possibly due to lag, or complex geometry Chickens going harikari left right and centre Couldn't find a single apple! Logs have the linear combustion rate of solid rocket fuel. Ok that's a little harsh, but the definitely deflagrate rather than smoulder. Couple of interesting textures spotted. Noted the front bar supporting the grill on fireplaces appears to float as there's no obvious texture to show it embedded into the stone. Zeds a plenty, but generally more interested in standing still. When I did agro one (by closing a door) it ran through 2 sets of glass doors to hit me. Good times as always, and interesting testing. Thanks Devs :) SM
  3. Exp Update 0.61.137517

    @IMT with the latest patch all the vehicles, barrels, and plot have gone, but all my gear on my character has survived through, but it certainly appears as if it (trucks etc) was all persistent through at least one or more 24 hour restart cycles. Not sure if that helps, I'll certainly be re-testing with the latest update! SM
  4. Exp Update 0.61.137487

    Yep, everything is still where it was when I logged off last night, including all 3 vehicles, barrels and contents, and the fire barrel, and the veggie patch! SM
  5. Exp Update 0.61.137487

    I see this forum is plagued by the same saved post and quoting complexities as the KSP forum! Thanks for the welcome, I'll definitely be using that workaround. I have a beast of a computer so it takes seconds to relog, but this is definitely more convenient! I'll jump on later and let you know if the fire barrel has persisted... Thanks! Yep it's only a temporary testing space and I'm not expecting things to be there when I get back, but if it is all gone then it's suspicious, as 3 fully loaded trucks, plus multiple barrels full of tomatoes etc would be hard for one person to steal. I'm on a very low pop server in the AU judging by how infrequently I come across other survivors, but I will likely abandon soon and move on to get acquainted with another area of the map. With the development cycle you can't get attached to stuff anyhow I guess! One other thing I forgot to mention yesterday that I haven't seen reported in my travels on here, is quite often when I log in I'm just punching/knifing air repeatedly without being able to stop. The only solution is to smash the space bar until it pauses, then drop the item in the hand (or equip), and re-equip (or de-equip). Not sure if I've seen that one discussed before. Will be jumping on later to check on the fire barrel, and hopefully find a tent for the next camp! SM
  6. Exp Update 0.61.137487

    Small re-introduction first up considering my post count is 2. Hopefully I can contribute in a meaningful way to the development as I have mostly been playing experimental over the last month, but have been playing since the early days of the mod, and doing some major lurking on here watching things progress. I'm mostly a lone PvE survivor, my style similar to my presence on the forum, but will team up for short periods with the right people before making my own way in the world again. Almost totally non-violent (apart from when dealing with infected or threatened) and very timid, wanting to fully scout a town to plot my route rather than barreling in. I'm still learning a lot about the game, particularly crafting, hunting skills, weaponry etc so nothing I say should be taken from the point of view of a true veteran, but I have been playing long enough to see things in context, which hopefully will keep me on the right side of the forum base :) So, to my recent testing. Impressions are that the game is enormously playable compared to what it was in 2015 when I last played in anger. Really can't give you enough credit to what a vast transformation its been. Obviously there's still issues old and new, and this is what I have been coming up against in this patch specifically: VEHICLE - Probably a known issue - While driving V3S Chassis cab (I tried 3 all with the same issue and presumably this extends across all vehicles) I am experiencing some kind of stutter which results in a tearaway/frame jumping, effectively launching you into a variety of objects unless you are careful (oh how I long for picket fences not exerting the force of a neutron star on my vehicles). The effect does seem to be reduced when absolutely flooring it in 4th gear, but as soon as you take your foot of the accelerator it begins again. VEHICLE - V3S showed two tires that were visibly destroyed to be in "perfect" condition. Didn't stop me hacking across a field at 53 kph with much glee! Also I exited the vehicle by accident at that speed and it simply stopped and deposited me beside it with no damage. OBJECT - Probably a known issue - Small observation really but quite often when I place a barrel down it doesn't interact with the ground in a meaningful way. This goes for other things such as the small protector case which will quite happily hover off the ground of half way up a bush. Quality of life improvement for down the road, but it would be great to hash this sort of thing out as it makes hiding things a little easier! GEAR - Known issue - I'm experiencing this, to the point that parts of my inventory will cease to exist. For example a backpack will physically lose some of its slots, and the black lines delineating slots will disappear. Objects taken from the backpack or other slot will appear to stay in place, and when you place something in the backpack it will place the image of the object over the last one. If you iterate this enough it tends to result in physically losing slots. A simple restart of the game solves all of this so I just put up with it until I can't see what I'm doing and find somewhere quiet to log out/in. I'm sure this will be fixed very shortly. Interestingly this issue doesn't occur with vehicle inventory slots... OBSERVATION - The PvE aspect of the game is currently too easy. I fully know these things are subject to balancing and will improved massively as we move forwards, but I'm finding tremendous amounts of guns, hachets hachets everywhere, and general weaponry abounds. Food is in short supply but still pretty easy to find so I don't need to focus on the hunting/farming aspect of the game (although I have been) if I don't want to. OBSERVATION - It would be awesome if it can be tweaked in the future to show what the jerry cans hold. At the moment I have two, and I'm really not sure which contains gas and which contains water haha! PLAYER - I'm sure this is known - Body temp never goes above 37.60 and feeling cold is the name of the game, even when the hot icon is showing in the player interface. PLAYER - I sprained my ankle but it didn't slow me down at all. I'm sure this will be fixed with future updates around game mechanics. I've got many more observations, wants and wishes, but this post is probably already subject to much "that bit doesn't belong in this section" so I'll leave you with a couple of screenshots. V3S testing - 3 V3S's stuffed to the gunnels with tomatoes awaiting a server restart. This is also my camp until someone comes along and takes everything. Hard to see but my fire barrel is at least a foot off the ground in this pic. Front view of the testing camp, with allotment having produced a trillion tomatoes. Varying stages of destruction. Note the far V3S with two destroyed front tires and no bonnet or doors from a night time hypothermia run from the NW airstrip resulting in a crash, and quick fire build in the rain (and face melting resulting in the low health) before getting under way again. Still didn't stop it running full speed across fields. Interestingly I also accidentally exited the vehicle at 50 kph and it simply stopped, depositing me beside it with no damage. MMMMMM, tomatoes. I have hundreds from one or two 15 minute grows. It's a bit easy to be honest and needs to be looked at. Also I was thinking it would be cool for more items to be interactive. For example the bin in the background. I'd probably clean up the rubbish in my camp given the opportunity, or at least use it as a fire barrel. The bench makes a great seat, but I can't actually sit on it. Would be great to see this also. So in summary, I'm really not raising too much at all as an issue, so team is doing a fantastic job, and team testing must also be doing exactly the same. Congratulations to all and thanks for making this game the amazing thing it is right now. Look forward to so much more as this journey continues! SM
  7. How was your Day(Z)?

    Spawn on the coast. Last and first character post 0.58 update died on the dash inland desperate for food. Grey and blurry vision from the intense hunger, pain ripping through my body as my vision blurred out. Those berries were my last resort, and my last call before laying down in the field to sleep. Z food. Back to the present, spawned on the coast. Quick run through the two nearest towns picking up a fire-axe, 2 tins of beans and a childs briefcase. Constant rain leaving me shivering despite the heatpacks in my trousers and coat. My body seems to spawn pristine paper like there's no tomorrow. Round the corner and straight into a newly woken survivor. Black t shirt black trousers. 3 or 4 seconds spent facing each other before his fists raise and he runs at me. The Dayz struggle ensues, 2 people trying to work out the hitboxes for fists and a fireaxe. Eventually tshirt guy gives up trying to hit me and runs off. Flanking out of the town and up the hill to the woods I get high ground and cover just in time to see him running towards a massive block of tenements. I've been there - it's desolate. Swinging gates and panicking birds your only accompaniment apart from your heart pounding in your ears. No loot, a big party must have run through shortly before. Staying in place until I know he's committed I turn and run north, thanks to the compass I found in the hunting post along with the canteen and a P1. No ammo, too many guns to choose from. A pristine splitting axe now hangs off my back along with a Winchester I found in the next town. I feel vulnerable double carrying at this point. I can't shoot any of my guns with no ammo and I must look seriously threatening. Next town along, 5 minutes lying on high ground with bino's scanning. Doors mostly shut - a good sign. No zeds and surely no players and so the sprint into town begins. Straight for the high value police station which yields press vest, Ammo and a shotgun. Winchester slung over my shoulder now, double carrying on the loaded shotgun as the P1 (8 in the clip and a nice backup now) get's put in the large waterproof backpack I've stumbled across. Moving up and out of town 1 last house to visit. Fully stocked now and a loaded magnum is the cream on the visit to the town. Winchester without ammo get's dropped and magnum now in hand, with shotgun loaded and slung on my back. The Magnum will be less obvious from a distance for anyone trying to see if I'm running weapons out. No evil intentions, just double carrying, but all the same - rather be safe than sorry at this point in my trip north. Next building out of town and a snap loader for the shotgun is looking rather tasty. Rounds for the Winchester now. If only I could triple carry! But wait, a saw and an idea. I need the axe to chop firewood, but I also want the option of short and medium/long range weaponry. Quick bit of work, and I now have a fully loaded P1, fully loaded magnum and sawn-off with snap loader in my bag. Double back and the Winchester is just waiting for me to chamber it's big rounds. I am now officially dangerous. I can stalk, hunt and kill from any distance I feel useful. Winter hunter pants and a green WW1 jacket in pristine condition (although soaked form the constant rain) are cover enough along with my camo boonie hat. I'm kitted out with everything I need to kill cook and eat pretty much anything, yet I'm shivering almost to the point of hypothermia so it's time to find somewhere quiet to wring out my clothes, make camp and log out. It's been nearly 10 minutes since I found the saw in the building north of town and doubling back there I'm sprinting across the open field. Maybe 25 meters from the door of the building another survivor fully kitted comes round the corner. My heart goes from resting to pounding out of my chest in about half a second. I really deserve to die for letting my guard down, I've been massively complacent without realising it but luckily while drawing his gun for his own protection he doesn't shoot. The hay bale between us allows for cover for us both to retreat, while still being able to see each others positions. Eventually I have enough distance to turn and sprint without risk of being hit. I flank round the hill to the West, figuring he's headed South and me North, and indeed when I crest the hill and look back with the bino's he's running South the other side of the town. Safe, for the moment, and my heart rate begins to dip back to normal realms. Onward and North, my running the only thing keeping me warm and finally in the woods the trees start to thin out to reveal a great plain of nothingness. I've made it from coast to plain and I'm alive. Skirting west I find a small hut raised off the floor and bed down for the night. Broken sleep awaits, waking at any crack of branches in the night, nightmares of hordes of infected, and survivor encounters. Tomorrow I need to find a tent. I'll have to do the thing I dread - moving through towns flinching at every sound. My eyes close...Sleep............... SM
  8. DayZ is peaceful

    Speeding Mullet here - Lone bean carrier moving town to town, staying low and staying alive. Mostly.... Been playing since the mod came out. Those heart stopping moments when you haven't been watching a town or village for long enough before the loot run and walk round the corner straight into another player. No guns drawn, friendly gestures and slowly backing away, or the quick reach for the sawn off? Heart from resting to screaming in half a second - No other game does that to me, and it's good to convert my lurking into a hello finally! Australia based and joining to feedback constructively on development, but also to see if there's any Australia based players that want to cross paths on the way to nowhere once in a while. Adventures, risk, fun, danger and payoff awaits. SM