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  1. Kill log

    One would think, detailed logs would be necessary to keep hackers and cheaters away... This can't be what BIstudios want. (I hope)
  2. Show Kills in Server Log

    Same problem. It is really gettting harder keeping hackers away from the servers if your kind of blind. Please, BI help us in this matter!
  3. GermanDayZ Community

    GDZ joined 0.63! We do hope the issues that experimental brings, will be solved soon.
  4. Kicked off the game

    There are massive problems with that. I really hope it will be solved soon since it destroyes gaming a lot.
  5. Character Locked in Database

    There really loads of reported issues at the feedback tracker. I guess BI is aware of the problem. But well, it would be a good thing if they would say something.
  6. GermanDayZ Community

    We are trying something new: Our Thursday PvP Event got a new date. It will take place on Friday, starting today. If you think you are a great shooter, feel free to join us on GermanDayZ.
  7. Status Report - 28 August 2018

    Talking about modding now seems to me like making the second step before the first. Version 0.62 is only just playable. Bugs and crashes get more and more. I understand that the main focus is on 0.63 and I am anticipating that version. But a litte bit more transpareny would be nice. I love DayZ still with my whole heart and trust BI to make a great game. But don't let us down. The competitors don't sleep by the way.
  8. Status Report - 28 August 2018

    I'm honestly missing news concerning the PC version. We PC players are still faithful to DayZ and looking forward to 0.63 progress. It would be great if you don't forget us. :)
  9. Sharing and Losing Character Progression

    Same problem. Starting Friday, on several times. I wasn't the only one. Lots of my friends made the same experience. It kind of destoyed playing...
  10. GermanDayZ Community

    Even the anticipation for 0.63 is huge, GermanDayZ is not standing still. We have our weekly events and the players enjoy this. This was "bring as many infected as possible" Pumpkin farming challenge: The task "make photos of living wild animals" had been a hard one Of course, there've been countless funny, strange and great hours. And there will many more. :)
  11. GermanDayZ Community

    One of our special events: Pistol only on Skalisty Island
  12. [ADD] AutoRun Hotkey ,

    I'm looking forward to stamina instead of auto run. :)
  13. GermanDayZ Community

    GermanDayz Community and server I'd like to introduce you to our community and server. GermanDayz is the largest German DayZ community, with over 48.000 registered users, so naturally the most popular topic is DayZ Standalone. But also players of DayZ Mod can find their home here. We are well functioning whitelist community (10.000 registered players) community existing since 2012 starting with the DayZ Mod.; you can play the way you want. PVP, PVE it is up to you. Also, the board contains the largest download section for DayZ, is well visited and there are active moderators and administrators available if anyone needs help which the friendly community can't deliver. And I will not forget to mention that we have a very good, moderated TeamSpeak and Discord Server. We established several regular mini events on our server: Monday there is the „toddler's group“. It was started to show new players how to survive in Chernarus. Making fire, growing food, hunting, all the basic stuff. We still do that, if needed. But usually, there are quests and tasks to do for the players, sometimes PVP, sometimes PVE: Simple VIP missions, hillarious boxing matches or scavanger hunts with vexing riddles, there is something for every taste. Tuesday is „Dark Tuesday“. Enjoy the glowing embers of warm campfires even at NWA. Play hide and seek in the dark. Go for a night time stroll. Or simply try not to shoot your own teammates in the pitch black forests of Chernarus. Thursday we let all hell break loose with PVP in changing places. Wether Teams or lone wolf, that is up to you. We even analyse the kill-logs. The player with the most kills gets a badge on the board and a special colour for their name. These events happen while the server is in normal running mode. Of course, there are also big events for which we reserve the server with a password. Have a look at our forum: http://board.germandayz.de/ how to whitelist: http://board.germandayz.de/germandayz-standalone-server/neues-whitelisting-verfahren-fur-die-germandayz-privat-standalone-server/ Server IP: * Whitelist- Server * 60 Slots * Persistent * Server restart every 6 hours * Dayz global ban list [DAST] You may have heard of the project „Tishina“: a friendly community with a base. This project started 2 years ago and it lives on GermanDayZ. You can have a look: http://www.tishina.de/ Check out some of our videos: