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    Okay so this happened.

    I asked them if they duped ? They said they did not. They did say they got majority of it from Base Raiding. They have around 15 Brits and the same or more US players who cycle their play hours. And yes you only saw 2 didn't you ? Trust me there was NOT just 2 of them. There was 2 of them visible yes. Someone has been server hopping into this base since this video went up, and I did cop the blame for it. Rightly so, but it was not me. And to those whom it may have been … At least fight for your stuff. Combat Logging is also cheating. So if you have two cans of Bacon you a duper because they are duplicates of one of the 3-4 types of big can food goods ??? The game is FULL of duplicate items. each can each bottle is not individual. There is only so much gear in the game and so you are going to get doubles and more if you go and collect in multiple places with multiple hands. But maybe just maybe these Guys were building their tits off whilst MOST players were trying to measure there winkies by trying to hold solnichy Factory for weeks, or KOS'ing Bambi's on the Coast ?????
  2. Tyler Tee H C


    A friend of mine just jumped into a car with no wheels and it popped and killed him then started shuddering on the spot, I then burst into laughter at his stupidity and then the car shuddered into my leg snaffewed my leg and killed me. It literally glanced my leg. I will share the video later as it just happened.
  3. Tyler Tee H C

    Okay so this happened.

    They do have a BIG clan half Americans half Brits and they cycle the play times. Its called organised and efficient
  4. Tyler Tee H C

    Okay so this happened.

    Jealousy is a Beach
  5. Tyler Tee H C

    Okay so this happened.

    I am so glad I am not you and post something that silly in my name. Enjoy your Day Sir.
  6. Tyler Tee H C

    Okay so this happened.

    I had to ask myself that too bro. Honestly ?? I can't say ?? My guess is someone IS probably duping. BUT they were NOT A-Holes. Just want to make that clear.
  7. Tyler Tee H C

    Okay so this happened.

    I did link a video but can you guys not see it ?
  8. Tyler Tee H C

    Okay so this happened.

    There is a video what more do you want ??? If you had read past line 3 you’d know my point. NEVERMIND.
  9. Tyler Tee H C

    Okay so this happened.

    Hats of to this Team of Survivors whom have not only built a Great Base, but have done it well. These Chaps are ON POINT and extremely HANDY in situations as me and my Team mate found out. Via a two day trip back to the Coast. BUT and I must emphasis, BUT they did invite us back for an Armed Escort and a FRIENDLY AF Tour of the complex. Now I kind of don't want to share this adventure as I feel that it might bring them a bit of attention. And that is NOT my intention. My intention is to show people the adventures that can play out if you actually reach out and try to communicate and Interact, instead of going Gung Ho and KOS'ing. We came across this ''COMPOUND'' Late one night, just as we was ready to jump off for the night. AND it was Night Time in the Game too, so we decided to call it a night and make a mental note of location. Next Morning bright and Bushy Tailed we set off to have a ''Gander'' at the Base we had spotted. The following link is what happened. Unfortunately you don't see us BOTH get Pwnd by the one Survivor. But I was KO'd and he brought me back round after bandaging me, but I was still losing a lot of Blood and Died on the spot. Sorry I didn't capture that, but I had gained a lot of respect for these guys and I didn't want to stream the ''RAID'' if you can call it that. LOL. Later that Day me and my pal got an invite to a party and asked if it was us that was at the Base ? We admitted we was there, and that we respect the fact that we was Killed. These Guys then asked us if we would like to return to get our Gear Back. To cut a long story short, we did return. And they were very professional, Proficient and actually very Hospitable. We asked whether we could stream the visit and they were kind enough to say yes. We had ONLY 2 conditions. 1. Drop our Guns and Clothing etc at Visual Distance, and 2. Stay in 1st Person Perception. Which is fine for me as that's how I like it. When we got into the base as you will see we was Given Fresh Clothes and shown around. PLEASE RESPECT THESE GUYS AND DONT GO HUNTING AS YOU WILL FACE THE WRATH OF ALL INVOLVED. I SERIOUSLY DOUBT THERE ISNT A SERVER THEY WOULDN'T GO TO MAKE YOUR DAYZ LIFE A MISERY. Unfortunately and unintentionally our host did not include his voice in the clips. But he was totally a gentleman. And we left there alive afterwards with gifts. JUST SEE IT AS AN INSIGHT INTO WHAT CAN HAPPEN WHEN YOU ACTUALLY INTERACT. I would just like to thank those ''LUCKY'' Guys for being absolutely true to their word, and for allowing us to see all their hard work. I am totally gushing and blowing smoke up their arses during the stream but I was honestly totally blown away by their efforts. And for that I have a lot of Respect. AND INSPIRATION. DO IT RIGHT GUYS.
  10. Tyler Tee H C

    Character Locked in Database

    Thanks for fixing on a Sunday too
  11. Game looked great, even played alright, for a while. The control scheme is MEH especially if you spend DayZ on your belly. BUT ... I have been data locked. On the night I couldn't sleep and so thought I'd have a real deep solo adventure. And just when I was getting somewhere Server timed out. I am then data locked. I am not a duper, and not a server hopper if I can help it. It seems to of happened to friends too. Just my tired DayZ LESS 2Centworth. PONY!!!!!!!
  12. Tyler Tee H C

    Data Check Failed

    Me too buddy. I see the PC was having the same happen back in 2018 June.
  13. Tyler Tee H C

    Character Locked in Database

    CHARACTER LOCKED IN DATABASE. Apparently the only way to fix it is send your gamer ID number thats on bottom left of your intro screen to BI and they will KILL your character before you can even play again. So Monday at least. BS BI.
  14. Tyler Tee H C

    1.0 Release times

    I think it will be 00.00 here in UK
  15. Tyler Tee H C

    Dayz 1.0 patch notes

    Will be 1.01 so ... No point reading 1.0 patch notes