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  1. Worlds Greatest DayZ Player OR ... ?

    I hope it won't be too painful if it does. Stung like a bitch at the time for sure.
  2. Worlds Greatest DayZ Player OR ... ?

    Could always send me a PM through XB1 ;) GT is same as here dude.
  3. Specific Knife Properties.

    So Combat Knife, if used for Killing Zeds and as a general Melee weapon it will not wear out. Hunting Knife. If used specifically on skinning animals will give you a bigger yield of Meat AND Bones can be left behind which can be crafted into hooks. Which are useless right now but kool never the less. Add more if you know more helpful tips regarding the Knife mechanics. Hope this helps.
  4. Any FPP survivor's here?

    Yup. The ONLY way to play for me.
  5. Worlds Greatest DayZ Player OR ... ?

    Yeah. He either super smart or super dumb. I mean in the two full 8 hour game sessions I got a lot of info about him and his movements etc So he can run. But he can NOT hide. I really think he has now lost out on many future adventures, but he too pussy to actually have a battle but will in gamer terms sucker punch me after teaching him the basic game and helping him along. So be careful who you befriend. Even your friends can betray your asses. From now on I am staying lone wolf. I can no longer give people the benefit of a doubt any longer which is a sad thing. But DOES give me a whole new Mini Mission and an end Game for DayZ now though.
  6. Not seen one myself and I have been looking so no more SVD then ??
  7. About a week ago was in a no particular server and there was only 3 or 4 players in there so sent out a message saying I’m friendly what about you ? So I get a reply and an invite to a party. So I go over and there’s two of them. One a UK Dude and an American dude. So we chatting away and decide to meet up. We meet up in Tisy Barracks and here I show him how to make a fire drill and a fire place. So we had a little hunt round and I called it a night and logged off. The next few days only the American guy came on but everyday he was getting more wrapped up in this role play group he was getting recruited for. But for the last two days we have ran the length of the map twice and had a rather cool adventure. And again today I am playing and gets a message immediately and he says he’ll meet me. So again we spent the whole day running and looting and surviving. Then he says to me let’s switch to game chat and not party chat. So I am like okay kool. Anyways ... You know what happens next already don’t you ? Yeah whilst I was crouched right next to him like a TEAM MATE trying to help him get his mic working he fuckkng shoots me in the back of the head. Then he goes to his discord and starts saying I ate human flesh so he shot me. At the time I truly felt that that went far beyond playing a game and taking in a role and more like fucking Off a rather good DayZ friendship. For what ?? I do feel hard done by as I was only playing the helpful dude. But in all honesty he just played a rather Looooooong game, but to take me out the way he did when he had all the loot he could carry and could carry no more. I have played this game and ArMA series a looong time. But that to have someone who ended up on your friends list and you basically teach them how to be self sufficient and help them get loot only for them to a week on shoot you in the back of the head is either the Worlds Greatest DayZ Player ? Or just a moraless @£&”£)!?!!’ Jockey!!!! ??? He either needs a medal ? Or a huge clan to hunt him down and bring his devious treacherous deeds to account ?? But I just got DayZ’d!!! ?
  8. Strangest thing happened yesterday

    Well I figured it was not the Sun as you say as my shadow did not correspond with the black hole Sun' placement. I saw it over Tisy and it was placed North west. It was infact showing the very opposite. The Sun's placement was South East. Was streaming at the time and had guests in the arena and was rather trippy and rather entertaining. I even shot at it, and a visitor said "await that email from BI saying 'OI did you shoot our Moon?". Oh how we chuckled. 🤦‍♀️
  9. Strangest thing happened yesterday

    I let it count down fully. But it teleported me about 4 or more miles south of where I logged out. I only logged out as I saw everyone it was a hi pop server seemed to be getting kicked out and I thought I’d jump out then as I was in a great place and needed the go to empty my bladder. Was very weird. I also saw what looked to me like a UFO was like a black sun. anyone seen it ? I did take screen shots of it but no idea how to share them on here. Also on a stream I did a few days ago. Will look for it tomorrow and share link here.
  10. No fishing as that’s just an unnecessary flavour to the core DayZ experience apparently according to the last status report.
  11. Not even sure if chopper crash sites are in after update. No one seems to of found any since. STILL yet to get myself an SVD :(
  12. The Mosin.

    Also had many dead bullets from my AK yesterday first 4 were duds then the remaining would work. Strange. Thanks for the info guys.
  13. I was playing yesterday when i started to see a list of players being kicked off the server and so figured the server was restarting, so I logged out before I got kicked but this is the thing, when I logged out I was at the West fence of the NW Airfield. But when I signed back in I was in a house and was pushed multiple MILES South and in the middle of nowhere. When I finally found a town I realised I had somehow been forced from NWA to Miles away from where I logged out. And not only that I was chatting with a friend in another server and the same thing happened to him. He went back ward said in time but forward in map. He had gear he had dropped and was also resplendent in a different place. Anyone else have some weird sheet happened to them yesterday about 4pm GMT.
  14. The Mosin.

    I ask as I have seen players in streams load 5 or is that only PC ?
  15. The Mosin.

    Do I need a Mag to beable to load multiple rounds ? Or am I missing something I am pretty sure I can only chamber a single round at a time. Any help appreciated. Thanks in advance.