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  1. Tyler Tee H C

    Hold breath

    Yes there is hold breath on PC standalone watch RunningManz vids he uses it all the time. And it needs to be implemented ASAP on console along with leaning.
  2. Tyler Tee H C

    Factory Rooftop HOW???

    Watchtower can only be built on flat ground nearest point is a slope so maybe fence but without planks ?
  3. Tyler Tee H C

    Factory Rooftop HOW???

    Yeah what I was thinking half built fence or something. Thanks. Stay Frosty
  4. Tyler Tee H C

    Xbox Update 04/02/2019

    RB is power punch. But yeah swap round RB zoom LB Power lunge
  5. Tyler Tee H C

    Factory Rooftop HOW???

    Okay so every night in US 8154 there are dudes on Coneybin, Factory Rooftop and I just can't fathom how they're doing it ? I don't care but I want the loot left from the Kills but my mind boggles ???
  6. Tyler Tee H C

    Devs giving us the cold shoulder?

    Hold breath and Lean please. And stop with the constant wipes. Getting monotunous
  7. Tyler Tee H C

    Server wipe

    Yup 4233 too
  8. Tyler Tee H C

    How to get rid of sickness??

    Suicide. Lol
  9. Tyler Tee H C

    Is It Possible?

    PA system perhaps
  10. Tyler Tee H C

    Game reverted to same state upon release ?

    Double tap L3 to change fire mode. It does work. Just can't see it change.
  11. Tyler Tee H C

    Server Reassignment Xbox -> PC 19/12/2018

    Careful you don't get punished for sharing your views on a FORUM allegedly here for that reason ? Only to get a rude reply from the moderator who say's something bitchy, but then lock the thread so you cannot even reply. I am gutted to lose yet another home server and another 2 NOT on list here disappeared today, but my post about this issue a couple of weeks ago got ridiculed by most, and the mods before the lockdown and penalties. I was basically told to quit being a cry baby. But this kind of action is bound to upset the people who play to survive and not just to KOS.
  12. Tyler Tee H C

    5gb update live eu

    Maybe why servers were purged ? But no servers live as of 4.40pm Gmt
  13. Tyler Tee H C


    1.0 on PC tomorrow.
  14. Tyler Tee H C


    Yeah just bitter tis all. Been playing since Operation Flaspoint PC and ArmA, ArmA II plus Mod remember that ? Bwahaha.
  15. Tyler Tee H C


    Uh ...Because its part of whats called the Skill set of the game. I'm nearly 50 so watch your mouth.