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  1. Tyler Tee H C

    No Vaulting ?

  2. Tyler Tee H C

    Land Mine Persistence?

    Andlike dropped gear if dropped nearby someone who stays local for hours the mine will persist. I had some down for over 3 hours the other night
  3. Tyler Tee H C

    Land Mine Persistence?

    Disabled with Pliers 😉
  4. Tyler Tee H C

    Next update info ?

    Oh and now try and move yourself after the countdown has begun. NOPE you have to sit and watch that countdown or it will not let you leave
  5. Tyler Tee H C

    Next update info ?

    apparently this 8gb update is nothing more than a frame rate update LOL
  6. Tyler Tee H C

    Next update info ?

    WTF Bohemia ?????????????? What is going onski ???
  7. MAYBE, JUST MAYBE … They trying to send a message to the Dev's that this has all been allowed to go on for too long with no strategic plan to halt it ?? Honestly I think it's THE ZEITGEIST of Duping and its really time for something to be done about it.
  8. Tyler Tee H C

    Heli Crash Sites

    Movement. The smoke from the smoking choppers always bellow and the movement is rather attractive to the retina amongst static assets. I found one the other day and all it had was an MP5K LOL. This game is sooo broken at them moment. But it's coming to PS4 so er … What ??? Nothing move along. lol
  9. Tyler Tee H C

    1.03 release ?

    Yup No 1.03 update now, we have to wait til next month for 1.04 now after releasing all the good stuff 1.03 will have then the day before it would normally drop, announce that no it won't be coming. And so what was the news we were supposed to be excited for in the stream the other day??? No Xboxone user seems to know ???
  10. I think we were supposed to be elated by the announcement of it coming to PS4 which we give absolutely 0 Fecks about. Or was it that we won't be getting 1.03 and have to wait til 1.04 til we get an update and a huge Middle Finger ???
  11. Tyler Tee H C

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    Well if you don't see the problem I am not going to bother explaining it to you as that's worse than Duping. Why cant you play one character ?? If you have multiple characters all holding weapons of course they going to effect the Loot Economy. WHat are you stoopid ?? And if there are hundreds if not thousands of people with multi accounts all holding functioning weapons then they are part of the loot economy. If they not dropped, damaged then they are part of the loot economy. At least the dupers get their gear and go fight, not hoard them in a cloud. Anyone who has multiple accounts and moans about Duping!! you NO better!!!
  12. Tyler Tee H C

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    Multi playable accounts. So people start a new account load up the character, then leave them geared up and start another fresh account and rinse and repeat. MOST of the names in the lobby list are smurf accounts and NO REAL XBOXZ LIVE owner accounts. Just look how many players have next to no player score in DayZ. And so no one person is accountable for their actions as they're not even Xbox Live accounts but secondary accounts that can be used on the original Live license
  13. Tyler Tee H C

    Character Wipe ?

    With this deleting of servers etc will there be a character wipe ? What with 1`.03 round the corner ...
  14. Tyler Tee H C

    Selected Servers going Offline on May 27th!

    Just stop the multi account BS no other game lets you play as anything other than your Gamertag, why doeZ DayZ ???