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  1. What new update do u want

    And I could do without Base Building. But would kind of like to Raid though lol
  2. What new update do u want

    Oh yeah course , duh it was indeed ArmAII mod.
  3. What new update do u want

    I Have also seen bases built on PC years ago so why it not there now ???
  4. What new update do u want

    I have played night time on PC and it really can be just a black screen
  5. Just near to NW Airfield and ...

    Actually was a blessing as he would of got wiped by update so ...
  6. Hints & Tips

    Fid Mushrooms around Hay bales
  7. What new update do u want

    FREE LOOK, MORE EMOTES, BOW AND ARROW CRAFTING DISEASE and Blood effect. Everyone want's night and will regret it as too dark to see anything and unless you NV then you might as well play what we have now but with eyes closed. Lol

    I don't understand Discord. I think I'm too old to understand it.

    Was wondering if anyone would be interested in a "Role Play Sunday" or the like ?? Be good to have a few RPs having some fun once a week. I tend to use the same server always and if People are interested I will share server No. And work out what day and time is best suitable. In the UK so all times will be published. in GMT.
  10. Just near to NW Airfield and ...

    Just scroll til just before it ends LMAO. https://mixer.com/Tyler_Tee_H_C
  11. Megaphone ??

    Yeah tried all that to no avail. T'is ashame.
  12. Fall from a huge ladder that went up the side of a huge chimney LOL But Angry as it was like the ladder disappeared and I went off sideways too lol. ? Watch n' Laff https://mixer.com/Tyler_Tee_H_C?vod=55909005
  13. Megaphone ??

    Does it need battaries ? Because mine isn't working. ?
  14. Servers Down ?

    Yeah all good now. The servers were there but I couldn't join.
  15. Servers Down ?

    yeah from UK