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  1. You just got some beans sir. keep up the good work :)
  2. I Can't remember, we were playin in summer 2015, had a many huge bases back then XD
  3. Hello! This might be my 4th post to this section in a 3 years, but ppl move on so did my old squad, So I'm looking for a MATURE group to play with(20+) small or bigger i think max 10 people . Idc about the timezone, you can be from EU/US! I am Finnish 22 years old and, i have pretty huge knowledge of dis game. 700H played NO AFK HOURS, and with my other account abour 1000 Hours. all playin styles etc. i have a weird kind of humor and i want you to have humor too, so dont be a stick in a shit :) AND I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A COMMUNITY ! SO YOU CAN KEEP YOUR COMMUNITY AD's AWAY FROM MY TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hook me up brothers ! <--- you can find my steam ovaaah theeerrr
  4. Wth, you stil playin ? :D if you remember we were playin together back then when you was lookin for a group ? ;D
  5. Damn, Joined 35 Minutes ago and has a Grasshopper rank...
  6. Thats right, "Bohemia Soonactive"
  7. it has been "soon" since this Alpha launched.
  8. Wait till Steam update.
  9. Please stop cryin, I used to love this game, Even then when there wasn't even V3S, i think Running around is part of this game.
  10. can i have your steam please ?
  11. Well in my opinion i think white is something like (hero/friendly) player, and green also. but still everyone uses them even if you're cannibal or bandit.
  12. Hey rassem, me and my small group are looking for a new players to play with so, you can come to play with us :) add me on skype: "j​oona.rudvehtinas"
  13. fun

    banned for commenting to this topic.. woops *banned*
  14. LOL! i fkn love this :DDDD
  15. you can find answer for that issue from google.. it's very common problem.