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  1. You just got some beans sir. keep up the good work :)
  2. I Can't remember, we were playin in summer 2015, had a many huge bases back then XD
  3. Hello! This might be my 4th post to this section in a 3 years, but ppl move on so did my old squad, So I'm looking for a MATURE group to play with(20+) small or bigger i think max 10 people . Idc about the timezone, you can be from EU/US! I am Finnish 22 years old and, i have pretty huge knowledge of dis game. 700H played NO AFK HOURS, and with my other account abour 1000 Hours. all playin styles etc. i have a weird kind of humor and i want you to have humor too, so dont be a stick in a shit :) AND I AM NOT LOOKING FOR A COMMUNITY ! SO YOU CAN KEEP YOUR COMMUNITY AD's AWAY FROM MY TOPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hook me up brothers ! <--- you can find my steam ovaaah theeerrr
  4. Wth, you stil playin ? :D if you remember we were playin together back then when you was lookin for a group ? ;D
  5. Stable Branch 0.61.137517

    Damn, Joined 35 Minutes ago and has a Grasshopper rank...
  6. Stable Branch 0.61.137517

    Thats right, "Bohemia Soonactive"
  7. Stable Branch 0.61.137517

    it has been "soon" since this Alpha launched.
  8. Unable to connect to my own server?

    Wait till Steam update.
  9. Stable Branch 0.61.137517

    Please stop cryin, I used to love this game, Even then when there wasn't even V3S, i think Running around is part of this game.
  10. Experienced player looking for group.

    can i have your steam please ?
  11. White armband, what do they mean to you?

    Well in my opinion i think white is something like (hero/friendly) player, and green also. but still everyone uses them even if you're cannibal or bandit.
  12. Looking for a group

    Hey rassem, me and my small group are looking for a new players to play with so, you can come to play with us :) add me on skype: "j​oona.rudvehtinas"
  13. Ban the person above you

    banned for commenting to this topic.. woops *banned*
  14. FAKING DEATH (traps)! WORKING! :D (52sec)

    LOL! i fkn love this :DDDD
  15. you can find answer for that issue from google.. it's very common problem.