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  1. Basebuilding

    I have to believe part of the building and home env art upgrades coming in Beta+ will be the removal of 'baked in' static furniture and set dressing. Replaced by individual assets that can be hand placed per structure to look and feel more random by the artists. Whether the furniture/set dressing assets are converted to dynamic props, allowing them to be manipulated by the player...not so sure, but that would be fantastic though.
  2. Status Report - 12 December 2017

    Super stoked --> 'absolute freedom of aiming firearm in prone in 360 degrees' + gif example. The best mechanic in Ghost Recon Wildlands, and DayZ is going to add it to the game. F*@( yeah! =)
  3. Fanboi defense of DayZ #4,684...or something... The misinformation and serious lack of educated posts (mostly elsewhere) surrounding DayZ makes me sad. In 2017, the internet is a treasure trove of information on game development, and how difficult the process can be. As a fellow game dev, I'm lucky enough to jump into engines such as Unreal and/or Unity and just start going to town. Almost every project I've ever worked on didn't have to support multiple version of a game in parallel, while refactoring almost every damn thing. Armed with this knowledge, DayZ devs are fucking heroes IMO for keeping their heads in the game, and pushing forward, when all of them are talented enough to leave and go work at other companies/or projects. But, they don't, because they believe in the END PRODUCT, and being part of team is valuable and rewarding. Game devs are motivated people. You don't make it in this industry unless you are smart, thoughtful, motivated, and like to solve problems. A lot of the problems DayZ is trying to solve, there are no past 'playbooks' to use for reference, these guys/gals are trailblazing some really cool tech, and I for one really appreciate it. Do I think they've made some bad decisions? Do I think their communication has lacked clarity at times? Of course I do. Most people who paid for DayZ don't give a shit about the minutiae behind game dev. They just want simple explanations and results. Period. But, as someone who has spent time in the production trenches, all games go through some amount and form of dysfunction. Most people just never see the dysfunction. Early Access is a double edged sword. I also benefit from being a bit older. So through life experiences, I've learned patience and understanding on what's truly important. I've been a younger person, I understand that 3 months can feel like a year, 2 years feel like 5, etc. I understand. I also know there has never been a better time to forget DayZ for a while, play other fantastic games, and return when more progress has been made. I don't know any of the DayZ devs. I've only heard them speak, and read their words, and played an early skeleton outline of what they want their game to be. I'm very hopeful they will deliver and DayZ will in fact be an amazing game when V1 releases. Plus, being able to modify the game via to modding tools is icing on the cake. On that note, I appreciate how different BI is from other publishers, and the length of rope they have given this team to make something truly unique in the gaming landscape. Just my 2¢
  4. Haven't posted in a while. Just want to say this was a fantastic SR, very nice breakdown, and cleared up a lot of my confusion around the dev timeline, and what to expect in Exp Beta. An Environment Art question I still have is with the introduction of PBR shaders in DayZ. Will the environment eventually get a shader for blending 'dry/wet' during and after rain? Keep your heads up DayZ devs, making games is tough, but I still believe the end product + modding is going to be frickin' amazing!
  5. I would like to see a portion of the new website dedicated to showing off the models and textures using an embedded viewer such as Sketchfab or Marmoset. Thank again DayZ devs!
  6. What software does the animation team use on DayZ? Maya, 3dsmax, 3rd party middleware, and/or internal proprietary tools? Will the same BI proprietary tools/plugins be made available for modders?
  7. Exp Update 0.61.137076

    While I don't want super powered, highly sensitive infected, I would like to test a more dangerous infected population based on the damage they deal. Since this is experimental, what better time and place to test super lethal infected. 1-2 hit knockouts would be an interesting test. I could also see holding off until infected/player melee collision/sync issues are ironed out a bit more, before doing this sort of test. (hopefully with the intro of the new player controller).
  8. -The same PBR Shaders applied in the environment with consistent quality and polish as the latest character gear and weapons. (Mostly to support wet ground/pavement/mud) -New trees and vegetation to replace some of the old legacy trees and bushes. Not all, some trees are okay, just need a new coat of paint. -Dynamic fog (rolling over the hills and moving with the wind, not static and based solely on height). -Dynamic props in the environment. The world is too static. Examples would be flags, clotheslines, windmills blowing in the wind. Ambient particles adding to the atmosphere. Birds. -Way more indication of a bloody conflict has happened or in progress. Not simple blood decals and smears here and there. -Probably not in the scope of Version 1, less a visual/art upgrade and more a engineering task, but I would also like to see physics/interaction in the world between player/environment. Remove those static buckets, picture frames, desks and chairs, and add dynamic versions to the world. The devs are smart and talented, I have no doubt that Version 1 will include many improvements and surprises :)
  9. DayZ Q&A: Design

    1. Will the new player controller allow actions such as wall/window climbing/mantling in the vein of Bad Benson's Enhanced Movement. 2. Will the medical system see an increase in complexity in the vein of ACE3? 3. Will the radio system see an increase in complexity in the vein of TFAR? 4. Will the helicopter controls have an AFM option? (Hardcore mode?)
  10. Map expansion ?

    I'm more interested to see how Senchi/environment team plan to enclose the map. I would eventually like to see the void to the North and West be blocked with at least an impassable mountain range (shear cliffs etc). The empty tundra that currently exists makes me sad and breaks my immersion. Of course it's not a big deal, so, this is all way past version 1.0
  11. Fantastic. Look forward to reading about the success and the failures you guys encounter. As a fellow game dev, I understand failing on the way to getting 'it' right is a big part of the process, so, I appreciate this approach you will be taking.
  12. @Hicks - You mentioned using True Sky (I assume you mean http://simul.co/truesky/ ) ? I see BI games listed as 'Customers'...since you are using a 3rd Party in your game, would/could this also mean you will be using SpeedTree in the future and replacing the hand placed legacy trees in game now?
  13. This is where I believe server options such as 'Hardcore' 'Regular' 'Easy Arcade' Modes come in to play. Depending on the server YOU choose, gives you a different type of game play experience. Not just 'Hardcore = 1PP' and 'Regular = 3PP' Hardcore should be HARDCORE.
  14. Good status report :) Regarding the car destruction: I hope that the doors and trunk don't just pop off their hinges in the final iteration. Hopefully, that's just the nature of this early tech demo and not a necessity to kill or swap them out for static objects in the world. One thing I really look forward to in the final Chernarus is a lot more ambient movement in the world. (Dynamic Fog/Weather, Flags, Windsocks, Windmills, Trees, Birds, etc.) I've been on a self-imposed DayZ hiatus since .47. I told myself I would wait for the new engine modules to come online. So this status report makes me happy, and hope for my return to the infected lands in the next couple months :)
  15. DayZ Audio Subforum

    Any chance of getting Task Force Radio integrated into Vanilla DayZ? Works great, and adds to the immersion in Arma 3. I imagine that most players who already don't bother with radios, will be pushed even further away from a more complex radio system, but I'd still like to see it happen.