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  1. Hello dear community, Since 2 days I have a dream I want to create a mod with the chernarusplus map of DayZ 0.28.113734. I want to show the player base all the changes and want they dive in nostalgia and memories. All the files I got now after long searching of the internet. But the problem is the dayz map are binary from bi. I know there are tools outside like convertwpr but you need to place the normal maps again. I don't know that I can do that, I am a very hard noob in modding and this is my first project in modding. I really want to realize this dream is maybe someone outside to help me? Thank you
  2. holzflasche

    DayZ map development

    I hope the Map will expand to this size. Large rivers, the big Novigrad town and Utes as a island near Chernarus.
  3. holzflasche

    Advanced Infected Functions

    Thank you. I don`t know how to write this. I take sting because the thorn. Thank you man. Chernarus is located by the Caspian Sea in the near of Karalat, Russia. You can good see this in the first Gameplay Trailer from ArmA 2. This location got a good temperature and humidity for the mosquitoes. ArmA 2 Gameplay Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MmUjICT0i8M
  4. holzflasche

    End of Map

    I thing the barrier will be the sea in the future. It exist signs for this. I uploading here some pics what you can see it. Between the mod and the standalone was the map expand to the 5 times size. But the devs are only editet only the terrain. And I think a road to the end of the world is really unrealistic. And the map is for 100 players or more to small. ArmA 2 Original Map (Loaded in ArmA 3) DayZ Standalone Map (Loaded in ArmA 3) Positions
  5. holzflasche

    Advanced Infected Functions

    :beans: "The infection is an already problem for survivors." :beans: The zombies can hit you and something, but at the moment the infection disease cannot transfer to the suvivor. That is a great problem for the survive aspect. So I thing a got a idea which fix that and give the game a new atmosphere. Mosquitoes are already alive. The immortal species and they immune from the infection but they don´t only bite human or animals also zombies who are infected. After this their thorn are infected and can transfer the infection to healthy humans after they bite you. To avoid this you must clean your body regularly or after a long walk at the best with desinfetion spray or in a lake or sea. But this only lowers the chance to got the infection from the mosquitoes and her thron. To lowers the chance too you can take bug spray or wear heavy clothing. Mosquitoes are life in wet areas and by dead people, trash and big town where are the zombies to. And you can see the big mosquitoes swarms and shouldn't go into it or stay so long into the near. So the change to infected by a mosquitoes is really low but they are here. To the infection to realize you feel a heavy feiber and your player are often unconscious. When you realize it, is it too late. So this is my idea, sorry for my bad english but I like this idea and they circles in my head since the release. Thank you to read my post. Leave a comment here, maybe you got improvements. :D :thumbsup: