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  1. meh just wait for modders to go off on it, I see plot poles and not being able to spawn in with in a certain number of meters from em lol
  2. Cant you get his UID from the RPT and use that and ban him by UID?
  3. LOL whatever guy didnt tell her to add it told her what would add what she wanted, so ease up or block me or just unass the topic :)
  4. failure to read is a terrible thing.
  5. NO knowledge is worthless....
  6. same line will work on stable, not my problem ya cant modify,excuse me , not supposed to, the files yet
  7. dude if ya think it was bad advice as in incorrect you are mistaken, being a person who has built and run many arma2 and 3 servers I like to keep up with how they are writing code for dayz standalone to have a leg up for when it goes beta. the line i gave her is the exact one that does the debug monitor,like it or not.
  8. dont believe anyone asked that....
  9. told her how didnt say it was leagal
  10. lol well live with it till they release beta then
  11. google-fu and the ability to read
  12. believe I said that earlier aswell
  13. yes I believe I said that ealier
  14. same file that has your admin pass and BattlEye = 1; disableVoN = 0; vonCodec = 1;
  15. if you say so , works fine for me