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  1. BEST OF 2017/18 - dayz sa

    The best scenes from my videos from 2017 and 2018. Please let me know if you have any feedback!
  2. There are some parts in the video where I am talking german. If you want to skip the german parts: - from 6:43 on, I try to hold-up a guy as a fresh-spawn - from 1:28 on, I am getting held up in elektro Enjoy :)
  3. combatlogger - dayz sa

    Due to the fact that it can be both (a combotlog or a lucky coincidence), I have a free choice concerning the video title. A combatlogger wouldn't behave different. I think he had a SVD and a M4. Why should he drop the M4 and log out ? He can actually log out with 2 primary weapons. We can not be 100 % sure.
  4. combatlogger - dayz sa

    "Oh mein Gott" is german for "oh my god" I would consider it combatlogging (if the timer didn't work). Every interaction between 2 players can develop into a fight. I called on him to put his hands up. The only way to dodge my demand was to fight me. He logged out instead. Normally, the timer should be about 30 seconds long. Maybe it was bugged, I don't know. It is possible that he already logged out before I talked to him. So it was either combatlogging or a (in his case) lucky coincidence.
  5. double knockout !

    hold-up: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Y2tfYXM7sw&t=2m54s
  6. double knockout !

    attention: video is in german - but the specific clip is still worth-seeing ;) What do you think of the video ? Criticism/feedback/improvement suggestions of any kind help me greatly. More knockouts & dayz content: https://www.youtube.com/user/CodayYT/playlists
  7. Clips recorded on the servers (all in german!)
  8. New hardcore server ! Now there are 2 servers running on the same hive - one hardcore/fpo with disabled crosshair ( NEMESIS HC) and one 3rd person with enabled crosshair (NEMESIS). More information about the servers: https://www.gametracker.com/search/dayz/?query=nemesis
  9. BEST & WORST OF 2016 ! - DayZ Standalone

    If someone is interested in the previous ones:
  10. Hey guys :). I would like to show you my "best & worst of 2016" which covers all my highlights and fails. In my opinion it is the most worth seeing and most elaborate BEST OF on my channel. What do you think of the video ? Criticism/feedback/improvement suggestions of any kind help me greatly. The video is partly in german, but should still be entertaining for you ;)
  11. Since the update there is more traffic on the server. Feel free to join and equip yourself for coming events. From now on, it will take a long time to 0.62 and the next wipe. Thus it is very worthwhile to build a base now.