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  1. Clips recorded on the servers (all in german!)
  2. New hardcore server ! Now there are 2 servers running on the same hive - one hardcore/fpo with disabled crosshair ( NEMESIS HC) and one 3rd person with enabled crosshair (NEMESIS). More information about the servers:
  3. If someone is interested in the previous ones:
  4. Hey guys :). I would like to show you my "best & worst of 2016" which covers all my highlights and fails. In my opinion it is the most worth seeing and most elaborate BEST OF on my channel. What do you think of the video ? Criticism/feedback/improvement suggestions of any kind help me greatly. The video is partly in german, but should still be entertaining for you ;)
  5. Since the update there is more traffic on the server. Feel free to join and equip yourself for coming events. From now on, it will take a long time to 0.62 and the next wipe. Thus it is very worthwhile to build a base now.
  6. Thus it's not possible to build a base, right ?
  7. PvP Evening ! Today from 7 pm (CET) at Veresnik Military Base ! Join the server, engage in the battle and have fun :)
  8. Hey guys, here a short presentation of my dayz standalone servers, you are cordially invited to play and to have fun on ;) NEMESIS: 60 slots, 3rd person, crosshair enabled NEMESIS HC: 30 slots, 1st person, crosshair disabled Both servers are running on the same hive ! Restarts occur every 6 hours. Basebuilding is enabled ! If you want to report any incidents (concerning hacking, duping, glitching, combatlogging...), you can contact us either at facebook (-> or via email (-> You can see the ip's at gametracker: Server Location: Frankfurt, Germany
  9. Thanks :) I don't kill on sight. All these kills have a reason. These reasons become evident in my other videos, of which I've taken all these clips.
  10. Thank you very much for your feedback :)
  11. Can't undersant you. Why do you think so ?