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  1. deewd27

    Status Report - January 2019

    So you guys shared ideas that were not even decided, discussed and/or scheduled internally and now we, as the community, have to live with the mistakes you(as BI) have made? I mean after more then 5 years you guys still have no real plan where this game is going, that´s what I read from this statement(maybe I´m wrong, since I´m no english native)?
  2. deewd27

    Status Report - January 2019

    Wow, 2 "new" weapons. What´s with all the rest of the content/features? Me and my wife are Day 1 players, with both over 700 hours each, played together. Was holding my Steam review in hope the first patch after 0.64 would bring some life into the game(gameplay wise, renderer, player controller etc. updates with all it´s advantages was geourgous, that came along 0.63). To be fair, for the price we paid, DayZ was absolutely worth it and one of the best gaming experiences(if not the best together with project reality) we ever had playing together the last 10 years. But imagining we would have to pay 39.99€ each now, to play with less content then before is ripping our hearts apart. We are both working as developer/in the development department(3D) and know what kind of a mess software development can be/is and meeting a deadline(without cutting sth out) is as having won in the lotto, we just wish you would communicate a bit clearer what the goals for 2019 are, as it feels you would rip out some of the promised gameplay features. No hate, wish you all the best and hope you can fullfill the dream we all had about DayZ
  3. deewd27

    Error creating enfusion engine at Ryzen 5 2400g

    Go to radeon settings -> Tick at GPU-Scaling
  4. deewd27

    Erro battleye

    Replace your HDD and reinstall Windows
  5. I´m happy with the system as it is right now. Finally some planning and adapting to your actual situation. The old system was so annoying with fresh spawns running straight up to NWAF, without having to worry about anything related to survival.
  6. deewd27

    Exp Update 0.63.147368

    press alt on your keyboard 2 times in a fast order ;) You are just in free head move(?) mode.
  7. deewd27

    Exp Update 0.63.147368

    My 1PP character got wiped :) -> UK-08. Was in my Splash screen, but created a new character when I joined the server Battleeye kicks out after 30 secs anyway, haven´t had that problem before. Now it not only crashes to desktop every second attempt to get on to any server(On both of my Systems, Amd/Amd, Intel/Nvidia). It now also crashes me back to main menu after about 30 secs of playing on UK-08. Edit: Uk - 08 got fixed
  8. deewd27

    Exp Update 0.63.147368

    Is the queuing system finally working? Want to play tonight together with my gf, but I´m not interested in waiting 1-2 hours to finally hop together on a server like last weekend. Edit: I´m for more 1PP servers too
  9. deewd27

    Stress Test vol.27

    Is the queue even working? Got the strong feeling it doesn´t. Never was matched on the server(same with my teammate), when I was nr. 1 in queue. (All related to normal exp. servers)
  10. deewd27

    What I Think Players Really Want

    I hope they´ll add in bicycles soon.
  11. After months of not beeing able to play, besides having the hardware to, I finally found the fix. Update your drivers to the latest version(18.6.1 at the moment). Open Radeon settings. Go to "Display" and simply switch to GPU-scaling on :).