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  1. I'm calling it: 5:30pm in Prague and no build on steam. All passengers bound for 0.62 to disembark here. A connecting service will resume in the AM!
  2. I think information technology has merely made more visible to you what has always been true: That even the most seemingly sane and intelligent individuals are in reality a fucked up mess.
  3. I see this concern all the time and I simply don't understand it: If a person would say "fuck this game, I'm never playing it again because it's shit and despite being in active development can never get better!" then they are being irrational, unreasonable and just as naive as someone who considers the dev team to be saints that can do no wrong. People are so melodramatic! They'll soon be back, and in greater numbers.
  4. I think it would make sense to have *three* types of hive: Official - Unavailable to rent, controlled dayz experience Community - The existing public hive Private - The existing private hives Assuming modding is still on the cards, now might also be the time to also further subdivide servers into modded and unmodded categories, perhaps encouraging people to rent unmodifiable servers to maintain the vanilla experience's online presence, whatever that may be when complete?
  5. I'm sure this is already well known as it's been around for a long time in one way or another, but the frame loss whilst driving seems to be related to the wheels: To demonstrate, watch your FPS counter whilst driving. Focus your camera towards the wheels and then cut them out of shot and you'll see what I mean.
  6. I'll take some of the blame: I've been pointing folks on reddit over here the last few days, and we all know what a cesspit that can be. Sorry!
  7. I get infrequent memory errors on 32 bit, frequent on 64 bit. 10GiB physical memory Windows controlled pagefile; currently ~2GiB Peak commit at time of crash is less than the total and no page faults are logged.
  8. Good evening Paul. We've met several times, but you probably wouldn't know that as I try not to gush at "celebrities", nor let people get near enough to discover my name. Something to keep in mind here: Youtube video creators and twitch streamers don't gain their popularity from their skill (at least in my not so humble opinion; why should I lie about being arrogant?), but rather from their dedication to contributing and their personalities. By heeding your moral compass you don't risk your viewership, but rather you strengthen it. In my opinion, the day you cross that line is the day you decide to stop making streaming, entertaining and educating a part of your life, let alone your day job. Regarding exploitation of the well glitch versus the apple glitch: Whilst it's not perfect, I actually feel that given that water pumps in DayZ are of the piston variety, the act of spamming your interact key actually closely mimics reality; to attain a steady stream of water, one most work the pump handle with vigor! I rather hope that the new player controller will take this into account in the way it allows us to interact with this object. The apple glitch on the other hand is equivalent of shaking the tree to make it rain apples; whilst this might work at the height of the season, it's utterly unreasonable in January!
  9. Thanks for the confirmation. What do you need from us to help expedite their appearance on stable?
  10. Who is the most annoying person in the office? Who is the most useless DayZ player in the office? What causes that wierd "stretched limbs" effect we sometimes see on the main menu, particularly with the improvised bow?
  11. programming

    In a recent interview Mirek spoke about this. The series is well worth watching in it's entirity, but the answer to your question is here:
  12. The edit was there when I made my post. You can workaround the bugged inventory status by removing the item of clothing concerned to the floor and re-equipping.
  13. Trash the rear tyres of the V3S: The handling improves dramatically and the top speed goes from ~60km/h to 73km/h!
  14. I dislike party politics in general rather than specifically the SNP, apologies if it felt like a derailment! ;) Looking back I wasn't very clear. By traditional means I don't mean necessarily outside the internet, but rather was questioning what tying such discussions into an online first person camera game would add that isn't already possible via internet forums, VoIP and such like. I'm possibly missing something obvious, but I can't imagine what would be added by giving us all imaginary guns and making us deal with survival elements whilst we discuss real world issues. Regarding settling in-game disputes, you imply above that the threat of bandits and infected would push us closer together and that this could be used to find common ground, but surely then this would be diluted by taking such discussions into a private, isolated server rather than keeping such diplomacy as part of the private hive's own meta? Anything is possible with data, provided you've got the tools and the access. Right now, we lack the latter, but in theory there should be no reason why privately hosted servers won't be able to backup/restore/wipe their hive files as they see fit, allowing migration from one hive to another. Hopefully this will extend as far as being able to drill down on the data prior to export or import, which would allow for modification of the hive files to (for example) move characters after import without altering any other characteristics.
  15. If it's mirrored you'd be able to stand in the northwest corner and see three copies of yourself and if you shot at one, all four of "you" would shoot at the other three simultaneously. I shudder to think what this might do to server performance if firing a bullet were duplicated. Would it even be duplicated? Would a single bullet simply have multiple trajectories? It's a total mindfuck! A toroid would allow for a rolling seamless map and could be achieved by turning Chernarus into an island. Whether the RV3.5 Enfusion engine would allow for such geometric games is another question of course, though it's certainly *technically* possible.