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  1. I'm sorry, but I find this post to be hyperbole filled and premature. Let's wait and see how it feels ourselves before condemning this change as "horrifying". Putting technical limitations aside, I see no reason why this feature couldn't become a server side variable.
  2. You said it yourself: In my opinion, there's nothing wrong with exploiting 3PP as long as it's on a level playing field for all players. The debate on whether the playing field is really level when we compare what you see lying prone on a roof and overwatching versus what someone on the ground sees aside, I personally would have no problem with any amount of "cheating" as long as any advantage one player has is freely available to all others, and that all players are aware that there is the *potential* for them to be at a disadvantage.
  3. That's a feature: It only happens when you 3PP wall peek...
  4. I don't particularly like accelerated time. I think it'd probably make more sense if we were able to set the length of the day and night independently, and then we'd perhaps see more players willing to endure and love night time.
  5. What I'll typically do is rename the folder from dayz to dayz_old. It'll build new config files on next start.
  6. The only problem with this is that people will suicide repeatedly to get the "class" they want. Whatever system the devs go with in the end, it must be created with the knowledge that players will *always* try to game the system and discover the min/max builds available.
  7. Standard dayz troubleshooting step not mentioned: Make a backup of and delete your config files. The default location is C:\Users\yourusername\Documents\DayZ. These files are not touched when you reinstall the game.
  8. When you click the "beta" button on the landing page, it still takes us to an outdated and inaccurate post from 2015...
  9. Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed the format and hope it can make a reappearance the next time everyone in the office is waiting on a deployment. I'd personally love to see this kind of thing pop up from time to time when you're testing internally, too... It was especially enjoyable to hear Peter and Eugen discuss the CLE, even if we didn't get to the crux of my question: What factors does the CLE take into account when deciding *where* to spawn a given item? I'm sure I'm not the only player who is making assumptions and gameplay decisions with the system in the back of their minds, and it'd be wonderful to have some empirical data to make such decisions on.
  10. I'm not sure. I suspect I'd just come off the back of an argument and/or had let real life invade my thought process. That, or I was drunk. Either way, it was unfounded and deserves and apology: I'm sorry!
  11. I'm blown away that anyone managed to take a positive from his video!
  12. I'm calling it: 5:30pm in Prague and no build on steam. All passengers bound for 0.62 to disembark here. A connecting service will resume in the AM!
  13. I think information technology has merely made more visible to you what has always been true: That even the most seemingly sane and intelligent individuals are in reality a fucked up mess.
  14. I see this concern all the time and I simply don't understand it: If a person would say "fuck this game, I'm never playing it again because it's shit and despite being in active development can never get better!" then they are being irrational, unreasonable and just as naive as someone who considers the dev team to be saints that can do no wrong. People are so melodramatic! They'll soon be back, and in greater numbers.
  15. I think it would make sense to have *three* types of hive: Official - Unavailable to rent, controlled dayz experience Community - The existing public hive Private - The existing private hives Assuming modding is still on the cards, now might also be the time to also further subdivide servers into modded and unmodded categories, perhaps encouraging people to rent unmodifiable servers to maintain the vanilla experience's online presence, whatever that may be when complete?