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  1. Ultimoses

    How do you greet people in dayz

    I usually say "Hello Sir!". I hope to remind adults of their adulthood and prevent them from behaving like childish rambos this way. Best answer i got until now was "Hello fine man!", and there i knew that the guy was alright.
  2. Ultimoses

    O.60 Servers are up?

    Additionaly, much "experimentalprep" activity over at steamDB *fingers crossed*
  3. Ultimoses

    DayZ at PAX East 2016

    I actually don't think we have already seen everything 0.60 will have to offer, so i'm excited to see what they got. Also, i am sure Hicks will give you an ETA the 129.317th time someone asks, when he didn't give one the other 129.316 times. Keep asking plox.
  4. Ultimoses

    UK assault vest

    I think he meant the old Tactical Vest they ported over from Arma 3, not the Assault vest, when he said that it was too low quality.
  5. Ultimoses

    UK assault vest

    Yes, it may be the same bug that is preventing the M4 and 101 from spawning. As DaveB said, i think it was Brian who answered a question on Twitter a month or so ago. I just tried to search that particular Tweet, but hell, that man is tweeting alot :D Edit: Found it!
  6. Ultimoses

    UK assault vest

    They are currently not spawning, but will be back in 0.60.
  7. I want to have to share my spaghetti with my mate, because we would otherwise both die. I want to have to split those 4 rounds of ammo, so we can both defend ourselves, even if it's only 2 bullets each. I want to have to sneak around towns, keeping a low profile, because them infected would kill us otherwise. I want to have to stay vigilant outside of towns, even in the deepest woods, because bears and wolves might turn up. I want to feel some kind of a struggle at all times. Currently, when fully geared, you can hide in a bush and survive a long time, just consuming the food you're carrying. You don't have to worry about diseases (I play since the last week of december 2013, nearly 1000 hours now, and i have never been sick), the weather is nice, it's not too cold and not too warm, there's plenty of ammo and guns, canned food all over the place. I know that many of those factors are still in development and can therefore not be iterated upon until the new engine parts are finished and in place. But 0.55 was the best DayZ experience i've ever had.
  8. Ultimoses

    Light still shining through walls in 0.60?

    The last time I checked light really went through EVERY wall, not only through some tiny gaps here and there. For example, when standing in front of a wall and pointing a flashlight right at it, the room behind the wall will be illuminated, too, like there is no wall at all. But maybe it's been fixed for ages and i just got to test it out ingame, although I never heard anything about this. I'm basically just hoping that this issue will be adressed by the work on the general lighting for 0.60.
  9. Hey folks, as I'm a big fan of nighttime gameplay with artificial lightsources like flashlights, i wonder wether or not light will still be shining through any wall in 0.60. I am aware that probably no one really knows (besides the devs ofc), but maybe i missed some information about it and someone can help me out?
  10. Ultimoses

    Black m65

    Has there ever been a black one? Can't think of seeing one
  11. Ultimoses

    RP survivalists

    Always hurts me when I hear about people who can't come up with something more creative than soldier/ killer "roleplay". Those folks don't seem to get what RP is about (there may be exceptions, but in most cases that's a simple excuse for killing on sight).
  12. Ultimoses

    Amazing audio incoming!

    Unfortunately, we didn't hear much new info on the so called "audio engine enhancements", as it's stated on DayZ's Trello. But in the most recent status report, Hicks goes over the remaining tasks for the dev team prior to the 1.0 release, and among them is the "Eden Update Audio Tech merge". And jeez, this is huge! You can get a small example of how DayZ might sound once this is in on their official website: https://arma3.com/news/top-10-arma-3-eden-update-audio Oh boy, I'm so excited for the months ahead :D
  13. Ultimoses

    Throwing problem.

    You need to hold down the G button. After one second, the maximum power is reached and you can let it go again. Pushing it any longer won't make the item fly any farther.
  14. Ultimoses

    Is there any hope left? Please tell there is!

    Watch it, guys! He knows it from the inside!
  15. Ultimoses

    Is there any hope left? Please tell there is!

    And this is so wrong. The number one selling point of the games Bohemia develops is: Modding. And as soon as DayZ stands on a robust base and is released to be modded, the sellings will most probably go trough the roof or at least rise significantly when the first really good mods turn up. Never underestimate modding. Not to mention the people who didn't buy DayZ yet because they want to wait for the finished product.