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  1. Passive Character Progression

    I'm probably going to get heat for thinking this but I think DayZ needs some sort of progression system. Right now what holds DayZ back from really being a survival game is that the only value your character has is the loot on their back. Other than that it doesn't matter if you live or die. If you are grouped with friends and you die, you just suffer a long run back to them if they don't have a car. In my OPINION, DayZ should add something that gives your personal character more value and makes people value their life more. A passive progression system could add some value. Basically over time your character should get better at certain things the more they do them. For Example: Increased Stamina pool - The longer you are alive and moving the more your stamina increases over time. The more you run then eventually the longer you can run. Strength - Characters can carry more before being slowed down as this stat slowly increases Medical - Only thing I can think of is CPR. The more you perform CPR the better you get at it. Fortitude - Surviving extreme conditions Cold/Heat the more you are able to resist it before going into hypothermia or hyperthermia Artisan - Better success at repairing items/clothes Theses are just a few examples that can help a character with the overall environment and give their character value without giving other players a disadvantage when fighting against that character. Just a thought.
  2. The Main Problem with Consoles

    Sea of Thieves and Ark are completely different. For one, if someone is talking in game chat there is a visual indicator that tells you that so you know they are trying to communicate with you. That way you can switch to game chat. DayZ is a much less forgiving game. Those games also show gamertags of players so it is easier to communicate. Most people aren't going to play in game chat if they are with friends. Most people you talk to will be gearless fresh spawns on the coast and once you make a friend most of them will suggest going to party chat to avoid giving away their position in case someone is in game chat. I'm not being over-dramatic, I'm just being a realist. The ultimate DayZ experience is going to have to on private/community servers that attract like minded people.
  3. Why I'm excited.

    Sadly that interaction you are looking for isn't going to exist on Xbox. Unless they allow private servers where someone makes it a rule to be in game chat at all times.
  4. The Main Problem with Consoles

    That is the point I am trying to make. The Xbox limitations are going to take away from the full experience of what DayZ is. Sure someone could switch to party chat, but the few seconds it takes to do that will likely get the person killed. Also the person you are trying to talk to won't know you are talking to them unless they are in game chat too. This is going to result in people not using game chat. On PC this isn't an issue because players can hear people talk in discord and in game chat at the same time and can respond accordingly via push to talk. So unfortunately there hero or bandit mentality is going to be lost. It is going to just be another battle royal game. No one will try to create unique interactions. Robbing players, taking them hostage, trying to save someone, or just being a weirdo. Most of the popular DayZ video revolve around that type of interaction which is what drew many people to dayz. That is simply going to be lost. The only thing that will salvage it on Xbox is if they allow community servers. This "issue" isn't the developers fault. It is just the xbox's limitations that are going to hinder dayz.
  5. A Tutorial in Glory

    Also a tutorial on how to use a longhorn.... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uXBygapBI-g
  6. I see a lot of you guys saying that you have played this game for however long and haven't encountered a single hacker. However, you probably have been killed by them on more than one occasion and have just been unaware of it. The most common hack is ESP (Extra sensory perception) because it is also the hardest to detect. Basically, it lights up players, zombies, and items in nice colorful boxes from hundreds of meters away. They can hunt you and kill you and to you it might seem like a totally legit kill, even though you didn't have a chance from the start. So just keep that in mind all you people saying, "I've never been killed by a hacker." Chances are you have been killed by a hacker. 40 pop servers will always have several of them.
  7. Friendlies are plentiful in DayZ- At least, for me

    It seems in all of the situations you described you were not geared at all. However, once you get gear, especially a gun, most people will take you out at the chance.
  8. Need a survivor group!

    Hey I'm looking for more people to play with aswell. If you wanna play sometime. Add me on steam: Recinema
  9. Feeling remorseful...

    I have actually felt such remorse in this game. It was my 3rd kill. Me and my friend were in a building in Zeleno, sorting through our gearing, discarding what we don't need. When, suddenly a guy randomly walked in. It scared him as much as it scared us. He yelled friendly. We gave him some food and let him help himself through the stuff we didn't need. Then he went his way. We continued to loot then saw him run around the town 20 mins later. We approached him again and asked if he wanted to team up. His voice was pretty laggy but I am pretty sure he said no. He then asked me if I had any ammo for his gun. That is when I a thought crossed my mind...If he had ammo to begin with, would he have opened fired? So I came to a conclusion - He had a gas mask on (I dont trust gas masks or payday masks O.o), He had boots and a vest which my friend needed, and I figured if he got bullets he might try to kill us. So I raised my gun while he was talking about something and put him down. I instantly felt bad and wish I could take it back. After looking through his gear it seemed he was just a regular survivor...
  10. You could try to make your inventories completely pristine. That is what I'm trying to do. I'm also trying to find a Magpul stock.
  11. HUGE UK/EU North West Airfield Raid Tonight! 13/02

    I just go extremely lucky. I didn't track you. I just went behind the fence and waited. I knew you guys were going to the NW AF and so I just watched the way I would have gone to get there.
  12. HUGE UK/EU North West Airfield Raid Tonight! 13/02

    And after Zeleno it took my awhile to catch up I just followed the main road.
  13. HUGE UK/EU North West Airfield Raid Tonight! 13/02

    You posted your team speak in the forum so i just listened. You also posted your steam so I was able to join you off that. I just had to few your profile and it says "Playing DayZ - Join"
  14. HUGE UK/EU North West Airfield Raid Tonight! 13/02

    I hope I provided your team with a thrilling and suspenseful adventure :)
  15. Anyone Else Unable To Jog?

    hitting enter also fixes it.