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  1. Elle

    How old are you?

    ok i'll play, i'm 50 with 2377 hrs. i play alone in every way i can. i dont remember my first kill but it was likely one of those nice little "did you just swing an axe at me?!?" revenge type things. i do remember my second kill very well, he was fighting an infected at the revised neaf, i had been sighting my mosin for distance and was looking out at about 700 meters when i saw them. i watched him take a lot of damage without seeming to make any progress in his endeavors when he paused and i realized he was still and just in my crosshairs. it was almost automatic as i clicked the little mouse and the mosin belched fire and smoke. he issued forth a bit more blood and dropped like a bag of rocks. i left the infected alone, satisfied that i was ranging correctly and moved north. that was the one and only time i have ever offered unsolicited ammo to another player. i try to avoid any and all contact and if i do happen to encounter another player i will either flee or die. i've stopped talking to everyone. i am a recluse. on a side note: can it get any prettier?
  2. Elle

    PSA: Even the sky wants to kill you.

    oh I been doing pretty good - haven't actually logged in in a while but I do read a lot as guest (issues with cookies I would imagine). would love to see some night shots of the lightening tho and speaking of night shots... aint the night so pretty these days :)
  3. Elle

    PSA: Even the sky wants to kill you.

    you should see it at night... almost pissed my pants when I did. nice catch by the way.
  4. Elle

    0.59 bug report

    almost sounds like you are still using specific launch parameters. remove any launch parameters and try it again. you can of course keep -newui if you feel like it but I personally hate that UI.
  5. Elle

    Drinking bugged?

    I've been using canteens and bottles to hydrate. I concur on the pumps not working for drinking from directly (haven't tried any standing water like ponds or lakes) but bottles and canteens are working.
  6. Elle

    Karma system

    just say NO to drugs, unprotected sex, and any form of humanity systems. OP the search function is your friend. find it and use it please.
  7. oh Irish I have to say this thread made me a chuckle a little.... all these kind peeps talkin to ya like you started playing yesterday. I would offer some advice for the binocs but everything I know to do has already been mentioned. methinks this deservers some investigation - will keep you posted ;)
  8. Elle

    Stuck in floor. Can I get out?

    have a look at this and see if the devs can help - https://forums.dayzgame.com/index.php?/topic/190827-dayz-support-stuck-characters-etc/ good luck
  9. Elle

    Bikes Confirmed = New Goal

    my my my I spend half the day trash talkin in guild wars 2 (those children hate me) and when I come back I find I have even more reason to appreciate a new found playstyle. cash you have absolutely inspired me and the negative banter is simply encouragement to see how many bikes I can one shot (I might actually keep score on that one). thank you so much for the inspiration. Rick darling, I see you are still very busy making new friends and keeping old ones ;) as far as I am concerned your playstyle has taught me very important lessons about health, stealth, and accuracy. thank you sir. I am by no means a typical koser but its going to be very hard to resist a two wheeled moving target. just sayin. hey maybe they can brandname the bikes "skeet".
  10. Elle

    Bikes Confirmed = New Goal

    oh cash I think I love you.
  11. Elle

    The mysterious hidden Vault

    Awww Frosti thanks for the memories - I kinda miss that hill....
  12. Elle

    Long Range Scope?

    the hunting scope is the long range scope now - try the pu scope, it should still fit the mosin.
  13. Elle


    not too much - just havin a lil fun at the expense of others it seems ;) did ya see the damage that guy does to barrel of that AR? craziness.
  14. Elle


    I see. like the "nighttime" portrayed in the vid you posted. for the record - I am not your "dear" and to use such vernacular makes you sound rather pompous and aloof. I do take offense. edit: I did find a daytime vid if that helps any - its a bit longish but it is full on daytime. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BSizVpfqFtw
  15. Elle


    oh so like this one must be photoshopped... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvkzHkJ0RaQ