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  1. New Ideas after playing .63 offline

    They are not "zombies" , they are infected , sort of like the rage virus in '28 days later" , and "28 weeks later" .
  2. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    I wasn't really clear in saying what I had said , I too had to alt-tab-tskmngr the game off also , my 2nd char worked fine , still working fine as of this post .
  3. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Mine was the same first char out , second time it all worked .
  4. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    About 8 hrs on the offline mode yesterday , finally getting to check out past berizino-gorka area's , lol , getting lost out that way is easy now . That wind is still laggy , even offline , glad I don't live in chernaurus for real ..... how the hell you guy's travel that map so fast ?
  5. Rain Coat

    Parazight , because you don't wear a raincoat over just underwear , or do you , lol ! As for inventory space , one slot or two , maybe one , because I've a raincoat and poncho' that roll up into a small space in my pack , irl .
  6. Taping Together Mags?

    Even though it's a very old post , those helmet's are from the era when the soviet's were in chechnia , made from titanium plate's I believe .... almost bought one when they were surplused ....
  7. PSO Scope

    I've found in deerblind's
  8. Backpack question

    That still happen's to me on occasion , relog , there it is ....
  9. Lack of everything

    Don't forget to become familiar with berry bushes also , they are lifesaver's at time's when you fresh spawn ....
  10. Gatehouse?

    I find mostly chemlight's , handcuff's , handcuff key's , occasionally a rak , or rak/makarov magazine's .....
  11. How to download new PC

    I got my copy off of Bohemia's website .....
  12. Ask your questions.

    Cyrillic .... lol !
  13. Helicopter

    What I'd like to see is different platform's you could put on a V3S , flatbed , cargo box/container shipper , camper type shell for a mobile base , wrecker , hoist ........
  14. Quilted Jacket?

    Hell , i think you should be able to fit 10 to 12 apples in a burlap sack , and it only take up 2 spaces in inventory , maybe 3 . By the way general basic survival rule is , 3 minutes without air , 3 day's without water , roughly 3 week's without food , love the game , but not very much realistic survival .....