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  1. Riddle me this, DayZ vets-

    You can also just click with the scroll wheel to select an option. I hardly ever use F because I can just click the scroll button to open doors / select options from the pop up menu.
  2. I've decided to check out Experimental for the first time this morning and after updating and launching the game, while I'm selecting a server, every time I hit the connect button, the game instantly freezes. Task manager couldn't close the game either and even task manager wouldn't respond. I ended up hitting control - alt - delete and signing out of windows and back in to end the program. Had to do this all four times I tried so far. I think I'll go back to stable until another time.
  3. I've played the mod (Vanilla, not other mods like Epoch) extensively before the standalone came out, and now I play the standalone.
  4. Would You Help This Person?

    1. Yes 2. Maybe 3. No
  5. How much of the map have you explored?

    I've explored most of the map in SA except for some towns more in the center.
  6. We don't know when they will arrive right now but that they will be in the game.
  7. How many of you can read/write russian?

    I have no idea how to read/write russian, I just remember the roads around / near towns I travel to often so instead of reading street signs I 'read' the environment around me and try to figure out where I am and where I should go. It works most of the time but sometimes I'm walking aimlessly in the woods in a direction (N, E, S, or W) until I eventually come upon a familiar area.
  8. The Unfortunate Tale of the Dumb Bandit

    I see. I think you should always have your weapon out already when searching through a town because you never know who could pop out from where and try to kill you. In this case you did the right thing but your friend was a little too forgiving. I've had bad experiences looting places without having a weapon out and ready.
  9. The Unfortunate Tale of the Dumb Bandit

    I personally would have gotten hit that one time, then painted him full of lead, then go and bandage myself once he's taken care of. That way at least if I die by not bandaging in time, I know he died too and hopefully spawned farther away from the area. I'll be friendly if there is no way to avoid someone but if you attack me you will die no questions asked. Ray ray should have shot to kill when you said he hit you with the axe.
  10. AK 47 or AK 74[POLL]

    MP44 would be so nice B) . I'd like to see the AK-47 added first, and I can only hope the MP44 makes it in at some point.
  11. Updates on Main menu, or a launcher maybe?

    I wouldn't mind seeing a main menu option for 'News' so I can read updates in game, even if I would never use it, but a launcher is a definite no in my book. I just don't like launchers.
  12. Chernarus Survivor Census - the CSC

    "They call me Wolf, Lone-Wolf." :D I like that a lot. You have my beans for a good poll. :beans:
  13. We NEED some way to identify heros and bandits.

    I am pretty positive bandit and hero skins were apart of the vanilla dayz mod. I only played the vanilla mod and distinctly remember the humanity system and hero/bandit skins.
  14. Alt Tab Death

    I've memorized a good portion of the map so for the most part I know where I am at where ever I may be.
  15. How Many Of You Play In A Clan Or A Group

    Just what I was thinking. I play alone and I want to continue playing alone. I can't vote because the option I want is not there. Edit: Thank you for changing the options :)