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  1. lonewolfgaming


    Looking to try and make the infected a little more alert and aggressive. Does anyone know what pbo contains the settings for these?
  2. lonewolfgaming

    Zombie Hordes to my server

    Does anyone have this working with the current DayZ? If so, where do you put InfectedHordes myHordes = new InfectedHordes(); in the init file?
  3. lonewolfgaming

    zombies at NWAF

    I have been toying around with the zombies_territories in the worlds_chernarusplus_aI pbo infected army section increasing the zombies with the smax/dmax settings. Does anyone know which ones are for the NWAF? I have teleported to a few of the military places and most I have like I want them, but NWAF seems kind of soft due to the size of the area. Thanks in advance
  4. lonewolfgaming

    Combination Lock Issues

    I tried the way refus did, but after restart the locks combo is changed. Thanks for the info on the tents.
  5. lonewolfgaming

    Combination Lock Issues

    Does anyone know if they are gonna fix the issue with the combination locks losing their set combination? I am on a couple of servers and both have this issue. I have a test server on my personal computer and the same thing is happening on it as well. I also noticed on one of the other servers I had a tent setup before the update, and now I cannot access the inventory in it.
  6. lonewolfgaming

    My Favorite Hoarding Simulator

    Same here
  7. lonewolfgaming

    Community Online Tools

    I use DayZSALauncher when I get on other servers, but mine is just on my personal computer as a test server for now, doesn't come up through the DayZSALauncher
  8. lonewolfgaming

    Community Online Tools

    that is what I have in my profiles folder. After I first ran it two txt files came up in roles, admin and everyone. What I think I was doing wrong was just getting onto my server using dayz instead of going through the launcher. I just tried again through launcher with the three mods checked and when I try to get onto the server I get kicked. Here is what the kicked errors show: 19:57:01 Player Survivor (xxxxxxxx) kicked from server: 9 (F:\Steam\steamapps\common\DayZ\!Workshop\@Community-Online-Tools\addons\gui.pbo) 19:57:01 Player Survivor (xxxxxxxx) kicked from server: 9 (F:\Steam\steamapps\common\DayZ\!Workshop\@Community-Online-Tools\addons\scripts.pbo) 19:57:01 Player Survivor (xxxxxxxx) kicked from server: 9 (F:\Steam\steamapps\common\DayZ\!Workshop\@Permissions-Framework\addons\scripts.pbo) 19:57:01 Player Survivor (xxxxxxxx) kicked from server: 9 (F:\Steam\steamapps\common\DayZ\!Workshop\@RPCFramework\addons\scripts.pbo)
  9. lonewolfgaming

    Community Online Tools

    don't have discord
  10. lonewolfgaming

    Community Online Tools

    SmashT, thanks for the info. Added that and the server placed a few JSON files in the community online tools folder and text docs in the Permissions roles folder and a JSON file with my player id in the players folder. I changed the info under roles to admin from everyone, but still not able to use the tools. I also tried adding in the permissions folder a txt, PLAYER and JSON file with the admin info, but still not. I think it is something small I am missing.
  11. lonewolfgaming

    Community Online Tools

    I am trying to get the Community Online Tools to work on my personal server and I am having issues getting it to work. I have added the required mod folders and created the folders and file for the profiles folder. Here is how I have my bat file to start the server. Is this the correct way to have it? This info is on line 2 of my bat file, no other wording: start DayZServer_x64.exe "-mod=@RPCFramework;@PermissionsFramework;@CommunityOnlineTools" -config=serverDZ.cfg -port=2302 -noFilePatching -scrAllowFileWrite -NoLogs
  12. lonewolfgaming

    Fruit from trees

    Thanks for the info got it working
  13. lonewolfgaming

    Fruit from trees

    Does anyone know what file I need to open to change values on for fruit to be on the ground around the trees?