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  1. i hope some work on recoil is planned, currently its only camera shake and movement, would be nice to actually see gun move
  2. Forest in The Witcher 3

    witcher is pretty but atleast near me, forests are more similar to dayz ones
  3. DAYZ SA HUD concept

    add something around the icons in different color so i see em on white background :P
  4. 3PP Camera Position: Fine tuning

    If someone has problem with 3rd person, theres soultion- 1pp servers! yay (if i was days dev i would remove 3pp :P)
  5. About Weapons

    http://youtu.be/5sny3RfMYMU?t=1m13s show some love to classic :>
  6. Vehicles - driving, shooting, hitting

    id love to be able to lift the car and use wheel for torture/execution
  7. 1year+ for alpha, same or more for beta(thats what they said) and u complain after half a year holy moly
  8. Combat in DayZ

    play some arma :lol:
  9. in one week people will forget that to prepare for next rage in 10 months
  10. "I know it’s hard to predict, but how long do you see yourself working on DayZ? Hall: I think right now, realistically, the next 12 months. Particularly if a console port came in—or ports, if there were changes to certain consoles. I’d say I’m probably being realistic there, to deal with that." thats from june, and yet still people cry
  11. Dissapointed new player

    theres like 12641681315 positive reviews on steam
  12. DayZ losing ground to Rust

    every steam game losin to dota 2, turn every game into moba
  13. To Newbies, from a newbie! :)

    wow, id say- more u got greater pressure gets
  14. Dayz standalone on late 2013 Macbook Retina

    did u try atleast to check temperature?
  15. Mythical 'Healthy' Status

    get on da roof, jump, click respawn magic, u are healthy