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  1. BetterDeadThanZed

    Experimental Update 1.03.151544

    Still no fix for the base gates?
  2. BetterDeadThanZed

    Dayz Server + Battleye Extended Controls (BEC)

    A better alternative is to use OmegaManager to create and manage your server and then you can get messages in that. Google and you'll find a link.
  3. BetterDeadThanZed

    Where is the newly added Hatchback?

    In this post, it was reported the spawns were in events.xml but they are not: I've added this line to my events.xml under the VehicleCivilianSedan section:
  4. BetterDeadThanZed

    Experimental Update 1.03.151529

    I have yet to kill another player in all the years that SA has been out, so I can't comment on that, but the zombies have the same problem.
  5. BetterDeadThanZed

    Speculation on the upcoming ''survival focused'' patch.

    Do you have a link to information about this supposed "upcoming survival focused patch"? I haven't heard of that.
  6. BetterDeadThanZed

    No community servers

    Use DZSALauncher. It's far superior to the in-game browser, and if you want to join a modded server, it will download all required mods for you!
  7. As always, check our Discord for the latest updates. We've made lots of changes since the last time I bumped this.
  8. BetterDeadThanZed

    is there a serious server?

  9. BetterDeadThanZed

    Experimental Update 1.03.151511

    I just use the Codelock mod on my server to avoid this issue. Not an option on official servers though, if that's what you play.
  10. BetterDeadThanZed

    Hello new server

    Google? There's a bunch of sources for this info.
  11. BetterDeadThanZed

    Experimental Update 1.03.151487

    Sure would be nice if community servers could update to the new experimental version...
  12. BetterDeadThanZed

    Experimental Update 1.03.151487

    I can't get this update on my experimental server. When will we be able to download it?
  13. BetterDeadThanZed

    Experimental Update 1.03.151478

    Players using DZSALauncher can easily set their player name. Using a site like OmegaManger/CFTools or Battlemetrics helps you manage even players with the name "Survivor".
  14. BetterDeadThanZed

    Experimental Update 1.03.151457

    I stand corrected. I didn't know they could do it that way.
  15. BetterDeadThanZed

    Experimental Update 1.03.151457

    I'm sure the PARTS exist, but there are no spawn points for the vehicle.