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  1. Understood, however the level of "creative expression" in these Day Z clones is now called "Stealing a concept," as Miscreated has in their interface. Besides, If you wanted Day Z to be the best Post Apocalyptic game on the market, would you allow for this new level of "artistic expression?" I don't think so.
  2. No, it isnt' however........When you look at Miscreated and see the interface, they ripped of B.I. Make sense?
  3. Hi everyone, I'm a bit confused about Day Z and clones of it, per se, like Miscreated and H1N, whatever it' s called. How is it that they can take conceptual ideas and not get sued by B.I.? Thanks Stefos
  4. The Promise and Fear of .62

    Well, The devs DID say they have to overhaul massive parts of this game......ie Coding. Making trees, textures, vehicles is easy.............Programming them is not. Rust, Miscreated, etc. are not coding overhauls...They are coding legos, per se. Try overhauling this game's code.........Try coding period and see where you end up....It's not easy everyone. I want Day Z to continue and Blow up big. Stefos P.S. I'm surprised that Day Z hasn't sued Miscreated for copyright infringements.
  5. Hi Hellfire, I'm in the Eastern Time zone. Thanks man, Stefos P.S. Yeah...I was like......where are the people? lol
  6. Hi everyone, So I just picked up Day Z and finally "fired it up" and I noticed that not many people were there! Can someone please direct me insofar as servers are concerned & playing is concerned? One big problem is how to "Take" things.......Do I use the middle mouse button on my mouse? Thanks, STefos
  7. Hi Everyone, I just bought Day Z standalone...........Let look towards a great future in this game! Thanks for all your input, Stefos
  8. Not a problem...............Thanks for expressing where you were coming from. Things can get "off" when someone posts like this here. I'm not sure I'm going to move to where I wanted to.....Tuscon, Arizona. The pay there is considerably less than here and it's very hot. I'm having serious doubts at this point. Thanks my man, Stefos
  9. Hi IMT, Thank you again sir for being straight up and honest. I saw a Miscreated video and liked some things about it...i.e. flashlight at night looked really nice. I also saw ridiculous things like Tae Kwon Do high spin kicking and I laughed a bit. DayZ seems to be the boilerplate game for all other DayZ rip offs actually. I'm surprised BI hasn't sued these companies for ripping off their (now) product. Stefos
  10. Hi Espa, I saw a Miscreated video on YouTube and I didn't like the more arcadey feel to it really. I enjoy "The Walking Dead" and I like realism actually. I might be moving to a different part of the U.S. so I need to save more money. Thank you sir for being honest. Stefos
  11. Hi BC....... Thanks but I've only seen old videos on YouTube from 3 years ago and what's up now. I'm not crying poor.......Just don't want to waste my money if the Dev team was not actively concerned about this game. You've really given me nothing to chew on. Thanks anyway, Stefos
  12. Hi IMT, What about monitoring Hackers, Cheaters and other gaming "undesireables?" Can you speak to that? Thank you sir! :) Stefos
  13. Ok......thanks but when is the mid year sale? June or July right? Thanks, Stefos
  14. Hi, Thanks for being honest. It's still selling for $30...........When it be reduced in price? Thanks, Stefos
  15. Hi everyone, So, a bit about me: I own all the Arma's and just got the Arma Apex expansion now as well. I really liked "The Walking Dead" and I am considering buying Day Z (full paid version) however.......I have seen a LOT of negativity around it. For example: People complain about missing things like vehicles & being able to build structures. Can someone please bring clarification about these things? Are the developers going to put in the vehicles & ability to build structures? Thank you, Stefos