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  1. Status Report - 27 February 2018

    After being involved in setting up and running servers, the biggest worry I have for the game is simply the human element, people are fickle! Though in saying that, the UK server "The Village" gave me some hope that there is chance for a DayZ utopia one day (couldn't play the server myself though unfortunately, due to high ping). It was more than random groups of people roaming or laying in wait for another random person or group to show up and then battling it out! There was a coordinated effort from many random people to try and build something (using the limited mechanics of the game available at the time) and to protect it and survive against all those who wished to destroy it... sounds like the vanilla DayZ experience to me... and it was hugely popular!!! Right up to when I last played I was always seeing and meeting new players, there's interest out there, keeping that interest is hard when you've got such a steep learning curve, and only got a partially complete game with bugs still. And as i said people are fickle, they'll show up or they wont... usually like sheep, they go where everyone else is and that's my biggest concern. Bohemia needs to get the beta patch done right, then build on that and really do some marketing to draw the people in again. Many enterprises were built on the theory that if you build it, then the people will come... we'll just have to wait and see. Know I'll be back for more after an extended break from DayZ.
  2. When will gameplay be introduced?

    Dude.. this just reeks of "I want casual easy game play on the coast" and i wont bother mentioning the obvious reasons the devs are working on the things they are right now.. I'm certain you've heard them already. But if you want meaningful interactions then find a server and join their TS or Discord.. if you can control your whinging you might just strike up a friendship with other regulars (I've met many people I'd call friends IRL, just by doing this, I even did this with the regulars here on the forums, its not that hard). Other people give you camaraderie, laughs, and a general purpose for playing.. fun times!!!... no one is going to say no to an extra set of eyes in the group as long as you fit in, it just takes a little trust building. I usually look for a zoned map with pvp and no kos areas.. it means the player base is interested in more than just shooting peeps, but don't let that fool you into thinking a lot of them don't like a gunfight though. Things are quiet at the moment.. many are waiting for .63, its been the norm between patches especially the drawn out ones and I'm doing the same, played a little epoch/overwatch while catching up on things IRL, but its become a little dull. More content doesn't guarantee any better game play... it's the people you're playing with that provide it from my experience.
  3. Missing string Controls entries

    I'm not sure about the other missing controls you mention, but the missing gestures have been like that a long time.. people usually add a salute or a new sitting posture into their controls using those keys. Could reset to default again if its messed up maybe.
  4. ONE Thing You Want Most!

    Had these same thoughts.. a random zed that's armed with some kind of firearm. Could be military, police or a hunter but with poor aim unless your unlucky and bump right into them. Would possibly open the door for AI in mods even
  5. Nightshade

    Its all good Bio.. This reminds me of someone on reddit...would trash talk DayZ while talking up miscreated like anything. After a couple of months he suddenly became very positive about Dayz again.. when asked about this sudden change in attitude, the only explanation he could offer, was that he was back on his meds!!! ;)
  6. gameplay over realism or other way around?

    A mix of both maybe.. There's been really challenging past iterations and some that were just too easy in my mind.. some preferred the former while others preferred the latter. The devs will have to balance both sides somehow until modding starts up I'm guessing. I've got a feeling that the final state of the vanilla standalone will be very harsh and simply surviving will be an achievement in itself, to really achieve anything more than that will probably require a group effort perhaps. We'll just have to wait and see.
  7. Exp Update 0.62.140694

    Yeah.. positional desync is or at least used to be way more common and explains what you experienced.. an actual invisible one is much rarer but I've seen it (No pun intended!). Players on TS said they had an invisible zombie so i ran there and sure enough, i could hear it and got attacked by it, but couldn't see it or shoot it.. may have fallen through the ground mesh. Not that long ago you had to shoot the dead zombie your saw on your client again for the server to register it as dead I believe, I think IMT has experienced that one before so he may be able to confirm that perhaps?
  8. Exp Update 0.62.140694

    Its pretty rare to see an invisible zombie, I'm just shy of 5000 hrs and only seen one ever in that time. Found it to be an interesting experience to be honest. And you can outrun them, unless your PC is a POS.. can hardly blame the devs for that can you?
  9. Status Report - 25 July 2017

    It shouldn't have any great effect overall seeing as the product on show is beta, though in a limited form
  10. DayZ Dev Team is lazy ?

    After dealing with players as an admin, I'll just say whiners be whiners.. but we need to embrace them for the sake of the game, grievers feed on them as they cry the loudest!!!
  11. New patch!?

    Every major stable update will come with a full wipe of the servers Moose.. everyone starts from scratch again
  12. Spawning under floor

    Try squatting/crawling and rolling around the edges.. if that doesn't work work jam something in your keyboard to hold down the W key and face the outside of the house then pull your internet cable or turn off your modem and let yourself be disconnected.. when you relog you should be outside. Have never had to, but you can contact support and have a dev shift you i believe.. don't go back in there once your out!!!
  13. DayZ Standalone and Mods/Maps

    The modders would be pulling their hair out because anything they do will be broken by development.. it should all fall into place once the foundations are there for it.
  14. Stable Update 0.61.138458

    Let me try and answer what I can for you Kaiser88... -i cant skin and quarter the cows and deers Try skinning animals from the front of the carcass.. scan around until you can see the option, back towards yourself at times even -i dont find any fish when i go fishing Had someone catch their first carp on TS couple of nights ago, so you can still fish. There's a method for fishing then the last part seems to be simply getting the timing right.. watched a youtube tutorial when I had trouble with it. - tents and barrels disapear sometimes ( offline 5 min for smoking and when i m back all disapear ( 8 barrels, 2 millitary tents and 11 normal tents ) it can't be someone ) , an other day all barrels disapear but not the tents, and yesterday all the tents Haven't experienced this during .61 myself but some admins I know were talking about tents going but barrels staying on their server yesterday.. very strange! Could be a glitch with persistence maybe, the admins reverting back to an earlier persistence file or simply resetting persistence in the other cases you mentioned.. look into the server your playing on, could be the admins trying to scare you away if its a low pop public server possibly. - trucks and bus are always stuck on railroad or railroad crossing the only way for move it is to use an other vehicule for push it, same for rocks and little walls Railroads are a pain for sure.. that's why I take an alternative route or one where I have the speed to clear them. Was it mentioned in a status report a little while ago that they will be lowered possibly when the next patch comes out? I cant remember too be certain this wasn't just someone's interpretation of what was said though. -maybe add a tool or a command for unstuck vehicules would be interesting This goes against all that DayZ is about, wait for mods until this is available I would think. - i think i try every way possible to repair a weel with the tire repair kit Hold the repair kit in your hands, open the vehicles inventory then right click (could be left) on the wheel to repair, double wheels cant be repaired unless you use duct tape for a marginal increase.. ruined wheels cant be repaired at all even if they're pristine :) I take all the wheels off and back on once I have repaired them so it registered that they are repaired and doesn't compromise the vehicles handling. - Zombies and wolves pass through the doors This is a client to server glitch I believe.. had it happen once and yes it got me killed! I play on pretty high ping servers and its not really an issue.. Is it a high pop server? I still haven't encountered it on those either, but maybe I haven't been in the right situation for it to occur. - we can't use a saline bag with IV kit on yourself ( and i dont find the way for fill and use a blood bag, i just can fill a seringe with blood but i can't use it on me ) , when you are alone and sick it's very hard to survive to the sickness That's the DayZ way.. wait for mods for this to be changed I would think. - all water is drinkable and dont need a purification tablets I know plenty of players that have contracted cholera when they drank water while not healthy so I'd say this isn't correct. -Is there a blood,food and thirst gauge somewhere ? (menu, options...) i dont find it No there isn't any blood gauge except in experimental servers.. food and thirst indicators are there when you open your inventory.. if you don't see them it means your nether thirsty or hydrated etc. Hope this helps you enjoy the game a bit more.
  15. Stable Update 0.61.138458

    No dude.. you should be ashamed for being uninformed, then thinking your small narrow minded view has any right to be posted here!.. its called game development and the 101 of game development is when you add things you break things and then sometimes the things you break have a low priority for fixing.. simple as that! Besides I know of people using grenades just fine.. what's your problem with them? Oh.. its easier to whine about something than look into finding a solution maybe? Take a cement pill and harden up would be my life advice for you I think!!!