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  1. Stress Test vol.41

    Status Report - 28 August 2018: first YouTube video (interview with Peter Nespesney and Eugen Harton) 14:50 into the video
  2. Stress Test vol.41

    I found it a shame that barrels and tents won't appear until beta :-(. I love building a camp and would prefer tents before transport, but that is just me. I do understand vehicles will need a lot of testing, but can't we have tents and Barrels in at the same time please?
  3. Stress Test vol.40

    Have the dev's said anything about tents and barrels coming back into the game? and I meen soon. I'm missing stashing things away.
  4. Stress Test vol.39

    What about the lack of apples and pears in the game? THAT IS THE PRIORITY RIGHT NOW NOT BATTLEYE PROBLEMS lol. On a more serious note I have 3k+ hours in the game and as far as i'm concerned I have had my money's worth thanks devs. Lots hope they get to the bottom of the problem with battleye as that I think is hampering them the most at the moment. Good luck Devs and lets hope the fix is soon so we can do more testing.
  5. Stress Test vol.39

    Glad it's not just me then. I can only play on US NE 2-2. Get kicked from the rest. Also I was wondering where all the apples, pears and mushrooms have gone. Didn't find any when traveling along the south coast. And I was looking as I needed them at some points. Also did I read on an old post that you no longer hear the shot that killed you? As I had just looted Stary mil tents (nothing much of interest) so I then went down the tree line that runs up to the big red barn. I was looking at going along the east side and was heading south when next thing I know black screen and "you are dead". Good job I had nothing of great significance on me.
  6. Stress Test vol.38

    It's funny how some servers seem ok and yet others are unplayable for everyone. It makes you wonder if there are some tweeks on the servers to see which work and which do not?
  7. Stress Test vol.38

    Lets hope they sort out the BE kicking you out of the game. Hard to play test on only a couple of servers.
  8. Stress Test vol.34

    Thanks for the info. That was the only thing I didn't try :-)))))
  9. Stress Test vol.34

    I didn't find ADS in the key bindings nor did left shift work.
  10. Stress Test vol.34

    I could not get the optics to work. Every time I raised the mosin I got the iron sight. And yes I did have key bindings for the optics and used them and got nothing. What was I missing?
  11. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Have you tried to open a door when your axe/gun/fists are raised? I have and you can't. It's experimental and its clunky at the moment. The fact that when melaying a zed you walk through them so have to turn around to be able to attack them again isn't good either. I'm just a bit frustrated as the mechanic isn't intuitive with raise to attack lower to interact with an object then raise to attack again especially with doors. And lets be honest in real life you can run away very quickly from having a gun and you automatically lower it, so why not make it that way in the game? So why add this coming out of the attack stance to run? It's on the experimental side at the moment and I'm sure it will improve over time.
  12. Exp Update 0.63.147489

    Ok I'm loosing track of the amount of zombie deaths I have had. I really don't like this raise weapon to attack things. It is very glitchy for me and I feel that if you have a weapon in hand and you attack it should automatically raise. Just got killed by a zed as he traped me on a fence and I just could not raise my axe to kill him or move to a position to see if I could raise my axe to attack. Nor do i I like it that you can't run in the attack stance or interact with objects. I do hope they sort this out soon as I'm starting to find it game breaking. .
  13. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Saw this today a pack of wolves chasing dear. The wolves left me alone. Not sure who won between the 2, but 5 mins later I saw a dear running back past me lol. I know it is only 1 dear and one wolf in frame. This was them running back past me as they took me by surprise the first time and I was expecting to be attacked by the wolves which ran within 5 feet of me.
  14. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    Ok sorry if any thing I say has been mentioned before as I haven't looked at every page here yet. I like the start of .63 even though it feels like we have returned to the game of 5 years ago lol. Very few choices in the loot at the moment and running every where :-). So here are my thoughts. Cant go prone and kneel. Only kneel using my stand up button so that toggles between kneeling and standing. Loosing max stamina seems to be to quick some items rely hammer it. Plus the colour change white to off white some times hides whether you can run or not with curtain backgrounds. Your blood group should be in a different colour to as that gets lost in the blood drop on the right hand bottom of the screen. Also if you have a weapon in your hand, I don't like that you have to raise it to use it. If you attack it should rely automatically raise. I have had a few Zed deaths due to that lol. There are a few other things but they are for another day. I do like this though so thumbs up to the Devs. Tweaking is better than fixing :-). Oh and I forgot. Its nice that you loose the wind noise in the houses, but it would feel better if it faded out rather than cut off and why does it cut the wind noise on the dear stands :-)?
  15. Stable Update 0.62.14463

    Has any one else lost their camp after today's maintenance?