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  1. You also have another rare creature, a working V3S cargo Baroness. It was your lucky day lol.
  2. Well that's two dirt tracks I have found that my vehicles find invisible strange objects that make them go on there sides and at odd angles and do funny dances. A bit frustrating as vehicles aren't that good at the moment with poor traction and clearances on some and wonky roads don't help :-(. When is beta out to start fixing things :-)
  3. It's ok it's back on (Phew)
  4. Has the server DayZ MO 2-6 (Public/Veteran) - Hosted by been dropped? I cant see it on the Official server list any more
  5. I didn't even see a yellow barrel when I was there. It was a few days ago when I found your place. I have only been there the once and that was when I found your camp.
  6. I most defiantly didn't take your barrel Baroness. Looks like some one else has found your camp.
  7. I can do that for you. Do you wan't me to re arrange your tents ;-).
  8. And no I didn't move things around Baroness as I was full of loot from my NWAF run so no room on me to mess your tent up. Ask Emu and IMT on what I do when raiding tents its not re-organising that's for sure lol.
  9. Sorry Baroness that might have been me with the burlap, but not the cooking pots. I found your camp, but as far as I can remember I looked at it but pretty much left it alone. Good job too as IMT told me later that it was yours.
  10. Thanks again fro the reply Baty. And IMT when are you going to open up your next Mcownalds? were do you think would be good for the passing trade? May I suggest Topolniki its about central for the Tisy routes.
  11. Thanks for the reply Baty. And yes I know about destroying vehicles with matches I do that when I wreck a vehicle, but if people don*t have matches and trash the vehicles it does not de-spawn. And if they are in out of the way places they might never be found and destroyed. We don't have may regulars on are server so any one that comes on might find a vehicle wreck it then move on without destroying it. It is then luck if we find it then trash it. Ok we have a way of recycling vehicles, but only if you have matches on you and you give a dam. People just popping on won't be thinking that way and probably won't be carry matches ergo quantity of usable transport drops. It is a work around the match, but has its limitations that's all.
  12. Hi baty. Any plans for what is going to be looked at or fixed next on 0.62. We are running out of transport on are server as I get the feeling there are a lot of dead vehicles on the map that people aren't destroying. Been to 80% of the V3S cargo spawn points and nothing and we are down to are last cargo (sad face). Also the heli crashes could do with some loving in the loot front (big smiley face).
  13. Hey IMT did you take my FAL mag? Well thats ok as it was a present for you. I thought you would like it when I found it :-)
  14. Well Its time for me to give the game a break. Absolutely hating vehicles. Sedan and lada traction is poor, all vehicles get stuck way to easily on trees when you slide into them and small objects on the ground. Tyres get damaged way to quickly on collisions. Before they implement stamina vehicles need a massive improvement.
  15. Yep there are some very very good photographers in chenarus.