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  1. Hello everyone, as senior map designer in DayZ Team, I may be the only one in the Q&A series so far that isnt lead on a paper, but nonetheless, in our small team of map designers, I'm the one with the responsibilities that covers how the environment look, plays and performs in the end. And with the environment, I mean nothing less than our beloved Chernarus terrain of course. I make sure that we always do what is best for Chernarus in a long-term. That often means preparing detailed analyses and in many cases this also means preparing placeholders for future map assets for the art team so they exactly know what we need for the environment. Luckily, my work is not always composed from swimming in pages of analyses, creating tasks and other "paperwork". Given the size of our team, I still very much get to enjoy the best part and that is an actual map design, which basicaly consists of manipulation with map objects, changing terrain mesh and texture data ("satellite" texture and surface mask). Work of a map designer is often a balancing act between making the environment believable and interesting to play in. Creating a nice environments for you to play in has been and will always be a pleasure and we always enjoy watching what you do in the places that we create everyday. So lets get to your questions and see you in Q&A video!
  2. It was. That is no longer true in .75. Hey guys, so 0.75 ( compatible) is here finally! (I have been pretty passive last few months - was caused mainly by school, but I have finished it -finally- and its time for modding again!). Remember that this update requires Namalsk Crisis, Update 2.4 (v1.15.4). DayZ: Namalsk [v0.75], DayZMod compatible Client-side << General >> Changed: All of the needed files were updated to be compatible with DayZMod Changed: Hitsounds for infected (you will no longer hear default arma2 hitsound when shooting infected) Changed: All infected are using (zombieLoot) Namalsk cfgLoot classes now (to counter the amount of loot the infected can spawn using classic DayZMod cfgLoot classes) Changed: Although you will meet the new infected (viral) during your survival attempts on Namalsk, it uses different (new) classes Changed: Loot is now more scarce on Namalsk Changed: Bloodsucker spawn should be more rare again (+spawn density parameter extended, see init.sqf file in mission pbo) Fixed: Travelling over Tara bridge should be safe again << Loottables >> Added: "ItemNails" to "genericNamalskNoFood", "genericNamalsk" Added: "ItemWaterbottleUnfilled" to "militaryNAC" Added: New types of food into "foodNamalsk" Changed: All custom "CfgLoot" classes to match the new DayZMod's format Changed: All custom "CfgBuildingLootNamalsk" classes to match the new DayZMod's format Changed: Increased the basic infected count in "CfgBuildingLootNamalsk" classes Changed: Several infected parameters (count, chance,..) in Namalsk loot tables Changed: The golden mine aka "Land_dlouhy1" building with 53 possible residential loot spots was "relooted" to 25 loot spots Changed: "BAF_AssaultPack_DZN" changed to "DZ_British_ACU" Fixed: Few loot positions on some objects to prevent script errors when using this spot to spawn Removed: "10Rnd_127x99_m107" from "militaryNAC" and "militaryNamalsk" ResidentialNamalsk - Lowered spawn chance of "ItemWatch", "Makarov", "MakarovSD", "Colt1911", "Binocular", "LeeEnfield" and "WeaponHolder_ItemCrowbar" - "WeaponHolder_MeleeCrowbar" changed to "WeaponHolder_ItemCrowbar" - Added "MeleeBaseBallBat", "WeaponHolder_ItemHatchet" IndustrialNamalsk - Lowered spawn chance of "WeaponHolder_ItemHatchet", "WeaponHolder_PartEngine", "ItemKnife" - Increased spawn chance of "trash" - Added "WeaponHolder_ItemCrowbar" FarmNamalsk - "WeaponHolder_ItemMachete" changed to "MeleeMachete" - Lowered spawn chance of "WeaponHolder_ItemHatchet", "PartWoodPile" - Increased spawn chance of "trash" SuperMarketNamalsk - Increased spawn chance of "trash", "Binocular" - Lowered spawn chance of "ItemWatch", "Crossbow_DZ" HospitalNamalsk - Increased spawn chance of "trash" - Lowered spawn chance of "MedBox0_DZN" HelicrashNamalsk - Lowered spawn chance of "MedBox0_DZN", "AmmoBoxSmall_556" and "AmmoBoxSmall_762" - Removed spawn of "M107_DZ" and "BAF_AS50_scoped" MilitaryNamalsk - Added spawn of "trash" MilitaryNamalskWinter - Added spawn of "trash" MilitarySpecialNamalsk - Added spawn of "trash", "Sa58P_EP1" and "Sa58V_EP1" - Lowered spawn chance of "AmmoBoxSmall_556" and "AmmoBoxSmall_76" MilitarySpecialNamalskWinter - Added spawn of "trash", Sa58P_EP1 and Sa58V_EP1 - Lowered spawn chance of "AmmoBoxSmall_556" and "AmmoBoxSmall_762" - Removed spawn of "M107_DZ" MilitarySpecialNAC, MilitarySpecialNACER7 - Added spawn of "trash", "Sa58P_EP1" and "Sa58V_EP1" - Lowered spawn chance of "AmmoBoxSmall_556" and "AmmoBoxSmall_762" - Removed spawn of "M107_DZ" Server-side Added: New loot scheme "CfgBuildingLootNamalskNO50s", which removes er7 variants and KSVK_DZN (check init.sqf file in mission pbo for more info) Added: New picture for mission loading screen Changed: All of the needed files were updated to be compatible with DayZMod Changed: Battleye filters to support newest DayZMod release and DayZ Namalsk / Namalsk Crisis changes Changed: Functions for spawning static helicrashes and medical care packages were completely redone to support Changed: Starting location of "Ka60_GL_NAC" helicopter (to prevent weird bumping on helipad) Download etc. - as always - on first post or directly on
  3. Northen, more precisely Bering Strait I am not an expert on dayz servers, but I guess, try to check your vehicle spawning script and db (if there is an entry for mtvr for example). Tbh, me neither :lol: , let me know, how things are with the newest update.
  4. Hey guys, so 0.741 ( compatible) is here finally! Sorry, it took some time as I had to solve the issue with loading the loot schemes (DayZMod had pretty big changes with in this). But it is now hopefully working and the custom loot schemes should now work again just like they were before. DayZ: Namalsk [v0.741], DayZMod compatible Client-side Changed: Needed files were updated for DayZMod Changed: G36K -> G36K_camo and G36a -> G36A_camo in loot tables to support multiple sights feature, which are only available in OA variants (*_camo), thanks to Dr.Zed for this suggestion! Changed: Minor changes / additions to the loot tables of Namalsk to reflect DayZMod's changes (Added machete, changed crossbow, added new types of food, trash, FoodMRE & FoodNutmix to some military loot tables (rare occurrence)) Fixed: Loot table loading, no-sniper or no-er7 schemes should once again work now Server-side Changed: BE filters to counter spam/kicks (scripts.txt), created by newest changes in DayZMod & DayZ Namalsk Changed: Updated dayz_server.pbo and its files for DayZMod Download etc. - as always - on first post or directly on
  5. Yes, this has been done for some of the mil. loot tables, but its rare :P Anyway, I've had some problems with loot table loading (part of 0.74 bug - unable to load different loot schemes), but it should be now pretty much solved, BE got some new filters for scripts.txt, but I was not able to reproduce some of the reports about kicks (so not sure about that..). I think, I will take a look on it tomorrow and if everything will be fine, I am going to release DayZ Namalsk 0.741, compatible with DayZMod ;)
  6. Me too :D Are you running Arma with -showScriptErrors, if so, are there any errors popping up during the gameplay? Also, if you have rpt file available, if there are any script warnings / errors? Anyway, I will try to get things ready for, so stay tuned, this time it should be relatively fine ^_^ (but well, you never know, BE will probably surprise me with ****loads of script logs & kicks again, hurray!)
  7. Hey, not sure why the spawn for bunker is not working for you, how did you test this problem? Do you give enough time to your client + not running directly inside the underground? Indeed. :)
  8. Do you have nst key in Keys folder on your server? Thanks, noted, I will try to address this issue somehow, but it will require a model geometry change, which is hopefully not that far since I feel the next update for Namalsk Crisis will include model fixes and enhancements :) (I can't fix this issue with the regular DayZ Namalsk update) Sorry guys, did not expected this to happen, I don't know why it is not working, but I am going to debug it and fix it.
  9. Indeed. :) DayZ Namalsk v0.74 was released. For more information, visit first post or directly Enjoy!
  10. I will wait with .74 until monday to see what is going to happen, if there wont be released, I will release .74 with support.
  11. Bloodsuckers have some loot while they are alive (APSI + Mutant heart), it is there because of a several script reasons and these items are removed once bloodsucker is dead. You should not be able to loot that (but it is probably doable in very laggy situations). Since .73, there is a chance for an additional item (bloodpack), which is not removed upon bloodsucker's death. But this chance was very, very low, so I had to adjust that in .74, it has been tested, your chance to obtain a bloodpack is much better (it is still rare of course). In order to loot the bloodpack, you need to access gear of bloodsucker body as it is not displayed with the "loot" icon.
  12. Have you tried if is this happening for you on different servers?
  13. Thanks. I don't know in what exact situation you were, but bloodsuckers are usually up to attacking their targets (maybe more than DayZ's infected). There are few exceptions though, it is possible to get bloodsucker into situation, where he arrive on your position, but you are still a bit outside of his attack range. You can also use environment and wait for him on the places, where he cannot go (on rocks for example, inside deerstand,..), that is also situation, when bloodsuckers are unable to perform attacks, but the rest should be fine. Always visible eyes are by the design (they are using cloaking, their eyes should be visible so they can orientate themselves). They also glow during the night :)
  14. Yeah, well, that's not how ,74 is going to look though :D we've discovered, that bloodsucker spawns are a bit messed up combined with, so I had to address this. I don't know exactly, .74 itself is almost completed, we've been testing yesterday, I've eliminated some weirdness and bugs. Also prepared website update. The thing is now I heard there is possibility for another hotfix for DayZMod to be released, so I am waiting what is going to happen (I would release rather one version than two within few days). Thanks :thumbsup: well I am trying everything what my free time allows me to do, I would love to do a lot more for the whole Namalsk Crisis or DayZ Namalsk or even my next, yet still unannounced work, but its hard :( Some of those things in DayZMod are certainly not helping (banning.. I don't really get some steps taken there, but luckily it is not that hard to go around it). If there are any thing you would want to see changed compared to the DayZMod, let me know, I can take a look on that, but can't promise anything since I don't like really breaking into the mod itself much. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Anyway, here is another version of a preliminary changelog for 0.74: [DayZ: Namalsk v0.74] Client-side Added: A portable solder to 'IndustrialNamalsk' loot table (low spawn chance) Added: Ability to repair broken NVG, radios and GPS (you need toolbox + solder + 2 pieces of broken equipment) Added: Models for broken GPS, radio and NVG (so you can recognize them lying on the ground - exemplary picture > Added: New weapon VSS Vintorez (class name 'VSS_vintorez_DZN') into 'MilitarySpecialNamalsk', 'MilitarySpecialNamalskWinter', 'MilitarySpecialNAC', 'MilitarySpecialNACER7' loot tables + correct ammo into 'militaryNamalsk' and 'militaryNAC' (note: this weapon is not available in no-sniper rifle loot scheme) Changed: Some weapon classes to counter DayZMod's newest banning ('MakarovSD' -> 'MakarovSD_DZN';'AKS_GOLD' -> 'AKS_GOLD_DZN';'AK_107_GL_pso' -> 'AK_107_GL_pso_DZN';'AKS_74_UN_kobra' -> 'AKS_74_UN_kobra_DZN';'RPK_74' -> 'RPK_74_DZN';'Saiga12K' -> 'Saiga12K_DZN';'G36_C_SD_eotech' -> 'G36_C_SD_eotech_DZN';'MG36' -> 'MG36_DZN';'BAF_L85A2_UGL_ACOG' -> 'BAF_L85A2_UGL_ACOG_DZN') Changed: Lowered count of items in 'MedBox0' (5-2-2-2-5), medical box is now represented on Namalsk by the new class called 'MedBox0_DZN' Changed: Increased chance for dropping 'ItemBloodbag' from killing a bloodsucker Changed: Tweaked (once again) spawning mechanism of bloodsuckers (because changed somehow spawns of the infected), they should be once again a bit rarer than they used to be (this is of course still configurable using mission parameters) Changed: Existing files in ns_dayz\code to support newest DayZMod's update changes ( Changed: Working GPS and NVGs are no longer lootable (only broken ones are, working pieces removed from existing loot tables) Changed: Temperature script change - flying in a helicopter above water, riding a boat, etc. no longer affects negatively your temperature with water factor (only swimming does) Fixed: 'BrokenNVGoggles' no longer has binoculars model Removed: 'huntingrifle' (CZ550) from the no-sniper rifles loot scheme Removed: 'ItemWire' from 'IndustrialNamalsk' loot table Server-side Added: New parameter in mission init.sqf, which can affect times between each EVR (more info in the mission file > init.sqf)