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  1. Hello Baty Will there be any update today ?
  2. Today Status Report day.I can't wait new picture for new animation and visual update.
  3. Hello Baty :) Will be there any update today or tomorrow ?
  4. I can not wait for new screenshot of the new animations,physics and visual update. Please please please...
  5. BattlEye update
  6. Hello Baty :) Will there be plan any updates today and other days on experimental ? or Will there be any updates today on exp ? Thank you :)
  7. Will there be any updates today on Experimental ?
  8. Will there be any updates today on "exp"?
  9. Please close other exp update task (Exp Update 0.61.137076)
  10. Next week
  11. Will you like to update this cards in trello? : 1.Four door hatchback 2.Tactical gloves And will you like to delete this cards in trello? : 1.New church 2.Mass graves(Since 0.60 stable)
  12. Handslot duplication method not fix. I wrote my feedback on private bug report. Please fix it :(
  13. Do you have any planned weapons, backpacks, clothes or any new items to add for the stable branch ?