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  1. Hey Baty, You deleted 0.61 in version status from Dayz.com.Please fix it. Thank You :)
  2. Hey Baty, Please update "version bar" on Dayz.com. Thank you :) Edit: and "Beta" link :)
  3. Do you have plans to update Trello for 0.62 Stable ?
  4. Hey Baty What about "Visual Update : Roads" ? Any new for ROADS ? Thank you :)
  5. What will plan for roads ?
  6. Hello Baty Will there be any update today ?
  7. Today Status Report day.I can't wait new picture for new animation and visual update.
  8. Hello Baty :) Will be there any update today or tomorrow ?
  9. I can not wait for new screenshot of the new animations,physics and visual update. Please please please...
  10. BattlEye update
  11. Hello Baty :) Will there be plan any updates today and other days on experimental ? or Will there be any updates today on exp ? Thank you :)
  12. Will there be any updates today on Experimental ?
  13. Will there be any updates today on "exp"?
  14. Please close other exp update task (Exp Update 0.61.137076)
  15. Next week