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  1. As a long-time player of DayZ, I feel like the ability to spawn with your friends or anywhere besides "random" is against the spirit of what DayZ is about. You should start each game in the role of someone who just washed up on a beach with no idea where they are or where their friends might be. You need to SURVIVE long enough to meet up with your friends before you earn the right to go skipping tra-la-la with them through Cherno. It also adds to the "real consequences" aspect of the game if dying means a 40 minute walk to reunite with your pals. But maybe that's just me. IMHO what makes DayZ different is that it is long periods of almost boredom dealing with the grind of survival, punctuated by moments of shear terror, followed with either celebration or throwing your keyboard in frustration. There are plenty of other games out there for just spawning in with your team and going at it.
  2. My .63 Offline Experiences

    Sounds encouraging. Did you get a sense for the survival mechanics (food, thirst, body temp, etc)?
  3. Just checking in..

    You cared enough to use one of your 16 posts on this message board.
  4. Just checking in..

    I did log on last night, but given the low traffic on any server, it seems like Bohemia has made a great "last man on earth" simulator.
  5. Just checking in..

    For the record, my wife and I have actually gotten married and produced two actual children since the SA was originally released. My dream is that someday their children will get to play a finished version of DayZ.
  6. Use of Masks

    In the mod a person's name used to appear above their character. Now the problem with this mechanic was that it was visible for hundreds of meters, even if the person was hidden. But I wouldn't mind having it in the Standalone at a range of like 10 meters. Wearing a facemask, bandana, balaclava, helmet or other concealment would disable this.
  7. Thinking about coming back?

    The problem with a lot of these "open world" early access sandbox games is that they start with an interesting idea, but you have no idea what the finished game will be, if anything at all. The Mod started off as this brilliant, if crude, concept of a brutal open world zombie survival game. Similar in tone and style to The Walking Dead, The Road or 28 Days Later. Survival times for new players was like 15 minutes on average until you could figure out how not to be immediately killed by zombies or player bandit gangs before you found your first backpack. Only THEN would you actually have to think about where to get food, weap;ons, etc. We thought the Stand Alone would just be a polished up version of that. Four years and many interface and engine overhauls later, we have a big nerfed down walking simulator on a very pretty but largely empty giant wilderness map. Zombies don't work. The loot economy is broken. But we have this new engine that dramatically simulates leaves gently landing on a pond. I'll check out .63 when and if it's ever released. But I'm skeptical that it won't just be more of the same.
  8. Let’s talk about the night-time, shall we?

    Yeah, I don't know. The problem IMHO is that since the day / night cycle is more or less "real time", no one is going to fumble around in pitch black darkness for 12 hours. They'll just switch to a daytime server. And if you make night time into a bright "TV night time" where you it's just daytime with a blue filter, sort of defeats the purpose of it being "night". A short day/night cycle forces the player to find a light source or hunger down for a time period so they aren't stumbling into zombies or players. You can create a sort of Minecraft / I Am Legend / Dying Light dynamic where you hide / fortify at night and go out during the day. Or maybe a reverse of that where the night offers greater reward and safety at the expense of not being able to see so good. I haven't quite worked out what the ideal day/night dynamic should look like on a largely open map where you only occasionally encounter people. Chazz Michael Michaels: "The night is a very dark time for me." Jimmie MacElroy: "It's dark for everyone, moron."
  9. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    I don't know much about game development. But I do know a lot about general software development project management. "It's done when it's done" is generally not an acceptible answer. I presume that BI doesn't have infinite budget and DayZ's fan base doesn't have infinite patience. Is that normal for games to just be developed for years on some open-ended timeline?
  10. Thoughs on Open World and the SR Report

    I suppose a use case for inland boats would be hauling stuff up and down river. But I guess it's more like, if they are already creating the boats to get back and forth to islands, might as well also go up river with them.
  11. Thoughs on Open World and the SR Report

    If they are going to add streams, I wish they made them wider so I can take a small boat upriver Apocalypse Now style.
  12. Why don't we spawn along the southern coast?

    I'm a bit concerned that the new stamina system will make the game a lot more boring by preventing us from "fast forwarding" through the vast empty wastelands between towns. Still have high hopes for .63...sort of. It's nice knowing the dev's reasons behind the new spawn locations. But to be honest, I still miss the old school Mod spawns on the southern coast from Balota to Electro. In my mind, the game always had a natural South-North progression. You started on the coast and made your way to the PvP shit-storm that is Balota Airfield, Cherno or Electro so that you could gear up with enough low-grade basic weapons and supplies to head north (if you survive). I mean you could try heading north directly, but it might be tough to get through all the wilderness between the coast and the next ring of lootable cities. Once you cleared the coastal cities, you were more or less safe until you entered one of the high-loot bottlenecks at Stary Sober, or NWAF. Along the way, you stopped by Green Mountain, one of the castles or a few other spots. Maybe if you were lucky, you came across a heli crash or camp. I liked Berezino and NEAF because they were interesting locales that took a while to get to. Assuming you managed to survive to this point, you then had the option to find some obscure part of the map to build a camp and otherwise eek out a living or go south and kill people. To be honest, I haven't played much as of late, but the current system basically seems to consist of: 1) Spawn wherever 2) Spam apples til your belly is full 3) Run to NWAF and Tisy Missile Base to get some good gear. 4) Don't know...I lose interest by this point and start over at the next post-patch character wipe.
  13. Hardcore in DayZ

    That's what they said 6 months ago! And the 6 months before that!
  14. Reasons for "Mostly Negative"?

    I feel like a lot of negative reviews might be due to a failure to have a proper vision for what DayZ should be and how to define and market to its target audience. I "grew up" on the Mod and Rocket's original vision. So I kind of expect to spend long hours scavenging for supplies, gearing up, hiding from swarms of zombies, PvPing CoD style in a few known hot spots and occasionally running into packs of overpowered gangs of psychotic players at random. But for various reasons, I feel like the game isn't quite "there" yet. There are hints of where it could be. Like getting corned in a house by a pack of wolves or teaming up with a gang of new spawn strangers in Cherno to hunt some ghillie-suited sniper whose been harassing us. But then there are long stretches of wandering around, not seeing zombies, not really needing to do much to survive.
  15. How do you see DayZ Infected?

    I often imagine the world of DayZ is more similar to The Crazies than Night of the Living Dead. That is to say, (most of) the other players are the ones who are actually "infected" with a virus that turns them into murderous lunatics. The NPC "infected" are just later stage where they lose their cognitive abilities and just wander aimlessly like drunken hobos.