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  1. To be honest, unless you had a large clan of dudes (and dudeettes) where at least someone was around to guard the base, I never really saw the point of having one. To me, bases make sense in an Minecraft Project Zomboid Dying Light I Am Legend scenario where it's relatively dangerous to venture out for half the day, so you go out scavenging during the other half. During the dangerous period, you hide in your fortified base, sleep, count your beans and bullets and wait for the sun to rise (or set) to do it all over again. DayZ doesn't have those cycles. I just don't see the point of spending an hour walking across the map to get a couple cans of beans, walk all the way back to some fixed base and hope my shit is still there. To me, much better to be mobile and live out of a car so I can take my stuff with me where I go. But I'm not against base building and DayZ should allow all sorts of play styles. I just don't want to see Cherno become a shanty town of bunkers and watchtowers made from plywood and HESCO barriers.
  2. Had an interesting encounter today. I'm minding my own bussiness, running in the Solnichniy to Tisy 20k and I hear a couple of gunshots in the distance a few clicks northwest of Alter Radio Station. Their in my path, so I investigate. I start hearing more shots, which I eventually determine to be coming from a small cluster of houses about a click away. All of a sudden, I see movement coming towards me off in the distance. On closer inspection, it appears to be a bunch of wolves, spread out in two groups of 2-3 about a thousand meters apart. I manage to book it out of there without them tracking me. Never did find the source of the gunshots or what happened to them. I like those little touches when you encounter evidence that there are actually other players on the server. I mean besides when you encounter some other asshole in an airbase going for the same weapons cache.
  3. No, it was more an impromptu test of the "dinner bell" effect of firing a rifle in town. I got killed by another player a short time later anyway. And in a typical shitty glitchy DayZ manner. I could hear the guy approaching so I pulled out my AK. As I'm waiting, I just silently fall over and a few seconds later hear some out of sync gunshots. So looks like some work is still needed.
  4. I've been playing a bit and here are a couple of thoughts: The zombies are better, but the game won't be anything but a PvP fest until they can create zombies that are numerous enough and dangerous enough that they pose a threat to a single player. I did run a bit of an experiment in one of the towns that worked out pretty well: From the doorway of a 2 story house, I dispatched several zombies with a silenced pistol. Pretty decent distance shots IISSM. The zombies went down without drawing attention. Then I went upstairs, shut the door to the room and killed a couple more with single shots from an AK-101. That drew every zombie around. I could hear them all running around and inside the house on the other side of the door, which they noticeably did not teleport through.
  5. I had eaten some cooked (not burnt) chicken too.
  6. Seriously, can someone explain the "sickness" mechanic? How does one get "sick"? Drinking pond water? Getting hit by a zombie? Eating undercooked chicken? Did I just catch something in the air? I felt like I was kind of sick (yellow) for hours. I had a full stomach (highest "energized" and "hydrated" levels). Predictably, I needed to constantly drink, but fortunately I was right by a pond. After what seemed like hours, I thought maybe the pond water was making me sick, so I decided to travel cross country and find a well. Big mistake. After about 10 minutes I because dehydrated and VERY sick (red). I did manage to find another small pond but couldn't drink fast enough and died. So can someone please enlighten me on "sickness"?
  7. Came across this mess near Tisy. bunch of wolves taking down a zombie. Chased me into a nearby house.
  8. Personally, I've always felt that DayZ is best represented by long dull stretches of tense lonely boredom, punctuated by short periods of terror, followed by either frustration or victorious elation.
  9. @maxhewitt- Actually, I think the fact that there is no "instruction manual" and the constant threat of PvP is the best part of the game and is completely in the spirit of what Rocket had in mind when he created the original Mod. The intended effect is that you are dropped into this hostile and unforgiving environment with no gear or survival knowledge and hope you don't get killed by the steep learning curve. A bunch of new players should very much be the "blind leading the blind", similar to Season 1 of The Walking Dead or the first 20 minutes of any zombie movie where people are just running around trying to stay alive. Having the Community shape the play style is sort of the whole point of an open world survival game. I think the problem is that gameplay mechanics are underdeveloped so you almost don't need to do anything to survive. I seem to remember the early days of the Mod where average survival time was something like 15 minutes. Now, once you've found a pond and an apple orchard, it's pretty much until you accidently kill yourself or run afoul of another player.
  10. The landscape looks very pretty. But world also feels pretty empty. There are more zombies, but they really don't feel like a threat. At least not the way they could be in the Mod if you accidentally agroed a whole town of them. And the fact that you can never outrun them is pretty annoying. I'm experiencing lots of rubber-banding again as of the 2/13 patch. That wasn't there before. I saw wolves for the first time by Tisy military base. Their howling was a bit unsettling. I still don't like the "I feel [blah blah]" alerts. I feel like the mod gave you more visual cues and the food/thirst/health icons were better. Overall, my impression is still of a very pretty, but largely unfinished game with a dwindling player base and not a lot of interaction with the environment.
  11. I don't know why people downplay the PvP aspect of this game. PvP has been a major part of DayZ since the early days of the Mod. And the concept has deep roots in both zombie specific and more general post-apocalyptic fiction. Maybe it was less of an issue in the Mod where you needed most of your bullets to kill zombies (which attracted more zombies and wasted more bullets). There are a couple of things that make PvP fun in DayZ: * The constant tension that unseen someone(s) might be watching you and might attack you at any second. * Finding evidence that unseen someone(s) might be watching you and might attack you at any second (bodies, distant gunshots, discarded broken loot) * Stalking an unsuspecting player, trying to decide if he's worth approaching and striking up a conversation with, killing outright or avoiding altogether * Striking up a conversation with another player, and deciding that it's time to kill them because they are acting suspicious, weird, annoying, or you just feel like it. * That satisfaction of killing some jerk who just tried to kill you and failed. * Making a new friend and the two of you kill someone else together!
  12. I have a 2 year old and another on the way in January. I am looking forward to DayZ going into Beta around the time they are old enough to play.
  13. "Hard" to break in is irrelevant. Unless the base is actively guarded, it's only a matter of time before someone breaks in. They can either wait until you go to sleep and hammer at it all night, or just "teleport" inside using another server. I'd rather have the ability to bury supplies in a hole. Better to rely on the base not being seen than it being impenetrable. The other thing. HESCO barriers, Bremer walls, concertina wire barricades, berms, bastions, watch towers, bunkers, shacks all these structures are fairly labor intensive IRL, often requiring the assistance of heavy construction vehicles. I have a bit of trouble suspending disbelief that a couple of players with some hand tools should be able to erect massive fortifications. Base building should be limited to what a couple of guys could reasonably build by hand. Also what's the point of a base? That would make more sense if DayZ was more like Project Zomboid or The Sims with zombies. In those games, you're on an accelerated day/night cycle where you need to constantly attend to food, water, and sleep. People don't sleep in DayZ, they log off. You don't need a base in DayZ because the world outside really isn't that dangerous.
  14. It's funny because it's true on so many levels. While not perfect the original was pretty darn good. When they announced another version, people were excited about seeing something that built on what they already knew and enjoyed and would enhance it. When it was released, it attracted a lot of attention at first, but it felt like it was missing something. Sure there were some new locations and updated action sequences, but it just didn't grab us the way the original did. The zombies were lame. The characters didn't work properly. It felt empty. A lot of people stuck with it for a year or so, but eventually didn't see it going anywhere. It's supposed to be better than it was now, but by now a lot of people simply aren't following it anymore.
  15. This. One of the biggest complaints about the Mod was that it ended up as a sniper duel between ghillie suits carrying AS-50 anti-material rifles. As for dynamic fog changing with the day, I'd like to see an accelerated day/night cycle so there is actually a point to road flares and glow sticks. As of now, everyone just plays on 24 day servers.