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  1. Stress Test vol.11

    Not sure that is broken, the devs have greatly rationalized the effects of being heavily loaded. Going below 50% on the bottom right bar is a big issue. Reminds me though, I did have an issue with zombies. I decided to try out my 45 before I logged out. So I shot at a zombie at way to far and missed him, took 3 rounds to kill him and then all in that acre were rushing me. Killed 2 more and one was rushing in from the field. I switched to may axe noticed I was bleeding(I thought) and then braced for the baddy. He hit the fence near the barn I was arround and he disappeared. I heared him behind me. He was outside the fence behind me. He warped 75 meters or so. Now he didnt see me cause he was facing the other way. I checked my health and I was not bleeding...So bandaged myself anyway cause I didnt trust it and then axed him. I think the new zombie concept is on a way better track...make them sound more like players when they are in buildings though.
  2. Stress Test vol.11

    found out where i was after being lost on a stormy night for an hour in last test. Loot looking good with little fire arms variety still. Stuff spawning in lots of the newer nooks and crannys. Military fence towers are still set to 100% spawns and the loot is under the floor. Saw some duplication, one barn with two pairs of badly damaged green cargos with a can of spagetti in them. Identical, same barn. Genral patterning seems too strong, 4 black rain jackets in a row.
  3. Stress Test vol.10

    What is the issue with the mag reloading? I think it makes perfect sense.
  4. Stress Test vol.10

    Just spent 2 hours in the game, Is the leather jacket now water proof? The darkness is fantastic. Love how you make it a bit more visible as lighting strikes then make it way darker when the lightning ends as your eyes have to adjust. Same for the houses, pitch black when you enter but if about 5-10 seconds your eyes adjust and you can see a bit. If it is ocuppied you would already be dead.. Can you z buffer the lightning so it shows the silhouette of the hills in that direction? I was lost for about 45 minutes, Logged out still lost. Great fun. Well done.
  5. 0.63 Experimental Release Check list

    how about change the title so that the "0.63 Experimental Release" isn't all we see at the top of the page every time.
  6. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    I found the rocks, even a few at a time and tried to combine them into a knife but could not get the craft to happen
  7. Offline Testing Mode for DayZ

    yes, shoes make different sounds, if you time it right you can literally jump on to ladders and start climbing feels very very fluid. Carrying stuff while moving burns fluids at a very high rate. Healing is quite fast it feels to me, but being hurt slows you down big time. Including dehydration. Still do not know how to craft a knife. I thought the eastern suppressor was not working on my AKM until I took it off. Lol the fire signature is crazy. Richochets are very cool. shoot a 9mm at the metal defense plates on the radar tower at close range you can see them deflect from the first hit and hit again. you can aim off and see the deflection change. I had some problems with rendering my dude when I switched to the 45cal SMG. My body parts stopped rendering just the uniform and the smg was actually in my center torso, like sitting at coord 0.0.0 of my body or something. Fixed when I went back to my FNX.(took screen shots.) I likely spent 10 hours on it this weekend.
  8. General Discussion

    Played through a few characters now thought I would drop some observations. Game looks fantastic. The new weight of objects works great and seems very reasonable to someone who was in the infantry for 7 years. Anyone that thinks troops can carry half their weight without impact to performance is kind of on crack. No idea how to make a knife from rocks now. Kind of bored of only having a few kinds of weapons. People think we move slower now. It looks to me by the way objects approach that the speed is the same but the distances seem farther. The deer stand west of Starry is now way way farther. Is the map just been made fat bigger?Not sure what that is. But takes hours to search NW airfield now. It feels 4 times the size. Night looks perfect to me. Reloading magazines seems fine. Zombies move cool and sound cool and if you miss a key stroke and they start thumping on you they are very dangerous. The feed back of status is good now that I understand it and do not eat everything in sight to try to make them green. My take is how could anyone who loves the game not be very impressed with this build. They made some of the villages back to their simple older versions.
  9. Did they go 5 months and only change the tone of a gilly suit?
  10. Exp Update 0.62.141072

    Its what I call the little green quonset huts with 3 bunks in them.
  11. Exp Update 0.62.141072

    Had a nice walk around today. My graphics settings had been nerfed at some point so view range was terrible, but fixed that today. Some stutters on turning the character in 3rd person. Not sure if it was worse then I had seen but seemed so. Went into a few buildings that had hickups in the past like the officers barracks and the red house with the car port and they were both fine. So that was cleaned up at some point.
  12. Exp Update 0.62.140694

    seeing minor loot explosions, small houses with 4 hand guns and 2 shot guns, small houses with 8 jackets.
  13. Exp Update 0.62.140694

    had some fun last few days back from holidays. Lots of rain and took me a while to find a jacket but had fun and like the new environment changes.
  14. Exp Update 0.62.139507

    You will rarely see a cricket you hear, or an owl you hear, often even birds you hear IRL in a real forest. I think the ambient animal sounds are great. But I have not run long enough to know if they are always on. Hearing owls all night every night is kind if lame. Love the new graphics and wind. I am runnign a 1080gtx and see no difference between previos version and this one in performance. Just really great looking trees and lighting. Are buildings darker now when its bright out and they are shadowed inside. Certainly the one door barn is. Nice look.
  15. Status of 0.62 on Experimental Branch

    Why do only people with few posts seem to flame the devs positions. Because generations of others have just given up and left this forum to the fan bois. You can be certain, the devs have combined rabid over promising early on with intense under delivering later on to be a very frustrating development process to try to support. Myself, I just take the game as it is on a given day and enjoy it. As kind of silly as the official story from the devs is, the game is very fun for me in this state. Been a while since a big change now but I got my 30 bucks out of this puppy many times over. But I cant log into dev right now. So grrrrrrr. Bad devs.