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  1. do you want to heal at a realistic rate too.
  2. love the report.
  3. I know, but be patient.

    From the devs stand point, they took in millions and millions of dollars for way less then the same investment on their side. They have been keeping putting varying levels of effort into it for the subsequent years and constanlty collecting more money as well. As to success or failure, they are a company, it is a success. They made what used to be a bunch of money before the battle royal games showed them real money. For the players. Yet to be seen. Surely a marginal experience with years of underutilized servers as the game trickled out. If they had said at the start you will have a stable game to play with 40% of the content of the mod in 2019 how many millions would they have gathered. lol
  4. .63 Combat System

    I like them if that helps you decide
  5. A Thank You Is In Order

    Toxic complaint got a toxic response. Really. What a surprise. Sometimes we have to go full postal to get attention, do not whine about the response you get though. You did what you thought it had to do, well done. Right up to the whine.
  6. Visited the DayZ map IRL today

    Thanks guys, will have to wait till I am back from my trip. In Italy now. Got them on face book though
  7. Visited the DayZ map IRL today

    Don't know how to post them from my cell phone..
  8. Was fun, the well and the red Barn at Starey Sabor, the church at Gorka. Lots is there lots is missing. When they made the map they cut the vertical scale by at least 1/3 all the hills seem way bigger. The house under construction on the west end of Navey is finished. Still has the trailer in the back. The closer you get to the Elbe the more unrecognisable it is. But the interior is cool.
  9. 0.63 my personal opinion and experience

    I can see a loooong way when the weather is good. as far as I could ever see.. Good write up
  10. Exp Update 0.63.147368

    I crossed the main northern highway and suddenly someone was talking to me, I put my headset on and hit caps lock and boom. out of the game. Thought that one was dead but when I logged back in the next day there I was standing alive.
  11. Exp Update 0.63.147368

    Excellent, keep the fixes rolling!
  12. Exp Update 0.63.147368

    I read that you might not want to put things on low settings put them on high and see what you get
  13. Feedback on 0.63 Exp.

    I like the feeling of the map being bigger and wilderness between them. Do not mind the reloading. Do not mind the pace of starvation and dehydration. That is what you are really fighting and the fight starts in the first minute. Not so sure on the weapon status, not only is is cludgy to execute it is flakey to get it to stay in a given mode. Can certainly be improved. When they get the cold and wet and damaged to gear working with the atmospherics and zombie density they have achieved..wow the teeth gnashing will be intense.
  14. Started in the little fishing village in the Ne, had only cleared a few buildings when a guy came running down the road, not armed, I only had two cans of food by this time. I offered him a can of food cause I had no way to open it. He took it, then followed me 30 feet then started screaming fight me. Because of how often you end up fighting zombies hand to hand with what ever you happen to have, I actually kicked the crap out of him, he ran a bit, I caught him and finished him and got my can back. He was screaming kill me at the end. I would rate him to have at least some imagination. I cleared that valley still no knife or anything sharp so I walked a trail I knew about looking for rocks, none. By the time I reached a built up area searching for something sharp and heard a weapon shot close to the south(likely the military check point) It was very dark so I just moved away from it. Left along the rail lines to the nw and soon saw someone. Said hi and he asked if I could open some food for him. Said no, he said use your pipe. I tried but got no indicator to open it, he asked for the pipe to try and I demured on that. But we started searching for something to open things. He was limping from hunger. We searched along with him living on water. Split up to search and I ran into someone else in a stab vest and with a skorpion with an axe. Asked him if he would open some food he said sure, so we had to find the other guy now. Went off looking for him and saw him stumbling away from 2 Zs, I called to him that I would pipe them he led them to me, I killed them then gave him a rag. We opend the food, I gave the guy with the axe the 380 ammo I had. We kind of split up and I saw each of them in the next bit in the distance as we moved generally west. Not sure what people want form the game. The danger of firing your weapon has changed it quite a bit. Core of this game is way way better then it has ever been. Its not even close really.
  15. Is this even a game at this point?

    I want to put on a ballistic vest and run full speed 15 km to the far end of the map. This game sucks because I cannot do that. Got it.