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  1. Its what I call the little green quonset huts with 3 bunks in them.
  2. Had a nice walk around today. My graphics settings had been nerfed at some point so view range was terrible, but fixed that today. Some stutters on turning the character in 3rd person. Not sure if it was worse then I had seen but seemed so. Went into a few buildings that had hickups in the past like the officers barracks and the red house with the car port and they were both fine. So that was cleaned up at some point.
  3. seeing minor loot explosions, small houses with 4 hand guns and 2 shot guns, small houses with 8 jackets.
  4. had some fun last few days back from holidays. Lots of rain and took me a while to find a jacket but had fun and like the new environment changes.
  5. You will rarely see a cricket you hear, or an owl you hear, often even birds you hear IRL in a real forest. I think the ambient animal sounds are great. But I have not run long enough to know if they are always on. Hearing owls all night every night is kind if lame. Love the new graphics and wind. I am runnign a 1080gtx and see no difference between previos version and this one in performance. Just really great looking trees and lighting. Are buildings darker now when its bright out and they are shadowed inside. Certainly the one door barn is. Nice look.
  6. Why do only people with few posts seem to flame the devs positions. Because generations of others have just given up and left this forum to the fan bois. You can be certain, the devs have combined rabid over promising early on with intense under delivering later on to be a very frustrating development process to try to support. Myself, I just take the game as it is on a given day and enjoy it. As kind of silly as the official story from the devs is, the game is very fun for me in this state. Been a while since a big change now but I got my 30 bucks out of this puppy many times over. But I cant log into dev right now. So grrrrrrr. Bad devs.
  7. Been playing a bit on the 3rd person server cause I cannot find the first person one. Got into some fog weather up on the NE highway area that was amazing, 50 foot visibility and very real looking.
  8. Done a couple of fresh starts and the loot seems fine. Pretty empty servers though so maybe that would effect it. Wolves seem to be nearly invulnerable to 9mm..
  9. 1/35 scale, look great, is that a silenced hand gun on the one guys hip?
  10. that likely indicates these will not. I guess that is the one advantage of playing on 3rd person...I am looking for a car anyway.
  11. I want to test if the glow strips on my fire fighter jacket light up in head lights...
  12. Hard to understand how someone can say little has changed in exp in the last few months with a straight face. It is weird that the health healing bug seems to come and go. Some of the buildings seem to have door problems creeping in. But to say the game has not moved or improved at all in the last 2 months is so silly that it is hard to respond to.
  13. the vehicles are all complete and full of gas, you do not need persistance to test them for driving
  14. Fired the mosin bell on prison island to see how many zombies are there...about 20..
  15. the eastern silencer seems to works great on an AKM, but on the skorpion it makes a very muffled noise that is not like a weapon discharge at all.