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  1. PongoZ

    Why is it ALWAYS NIGHT???

    night should be at most 1 out of 4 hours. The rest is nonsense.
  2. PongoZ

    Reviews starting to come out

    No one has successfully made a game with 100 players 400sq km and a credible number of animals and zombies. This right here is really the best that we have that I know of. All the money right now is being made on 64km square maps or likely much smaller with zero AI in effect. At 8X8 km this game would likely work with a few hundred zombies. But that is not the target. Everything better we see in the game vs 6 years ago from a performance stand point could be chalked up to 3 iterations of Moores law. PC and video card horse power has doubled 3 times during the "development cycle" (assets of course are much nicer) How many times over the years have people on this board said that anyone who questioned the duration of development and the crazy slow progress just didn't know anything about software or game development. lol. The various generations of devs that have worked on the game have done some great stuff. But the original mod dude thinking that the underlying structural challenge of the game was trivial to resolve was always going to taint this project. Because its at the very fundamental of the game scale that the problem lies.
  3. PongoZ

    Reviews starting to come out

    As I said to much flame a few days ago. This was the first early access release on Steam I think. They changed the rules for this game. And really, it has been a silly mess. Paying for things before they are done is as unlikley to get the response you want from a company as you would expect. It is nothing to do with the developers or designers, it is inherent in the economic system. But aside from that lesson. To charge full price for it now in hopes of getting 20 more million based just on the name when the game is far far far from done and the devs have never demonstrated a technical solution for a full map with 100 players and a full set of zombies is just dishonest. Anyone who has diligently played along through beta and thinks the devs have a solution to that problem that they are ready to spring on us is delusional. But I did get my 30 bucks worth. And on steam the buyers who bite now can get their money back in a day right?
  4. Its not brain surgery. Who cares for the excuse, they could do an engine change half way through because they had a huge bank roll to do it and were still allowed to sell the over promised unfinished game for years in the state it was. Clearly they were terribly dishonest with steam and every client not just at the start but for years afterwords and to this day to get this thing into early access. Sorry it confuses your fan boi brain, but I can have played this game happily for years, gotten every penny and more out of the investment. And still acknowledge the fundamental dishonesty in the whole project. It is self evident.
  5. lol, 5 years later and we get 40% of the game. I have enjoyed playing it too, but this is a totally failed way to source a game. And the first example has turned out to be the best example of why. Motivating a company to do something they have already been paid for is pretty tough. All the rest are uninformed fan boi excuses.
  6. Didn't steam give DAYZ a special waiver to be sold early access. We see how that worked out for the company. How did it work out for the customer.
  7. PongoZ

    It's Been 6 Years

    "everyone knows it takes 6 years to make a game!" Ya, if you get paid before you deliver the game. I have gotten my moneys worth many times over. But lol what a joke.
  8. PongoZ

    Exp Update 0.63.148873

    maybe this is what happend to me with a player a month ago. He ran up behind me, I turned my AK and fired at him and instant died. I thought he was a hacker or something
  9. do you want to heal at a realistic rate too.
  10. PongoZ

    I know, but be patient.

    From the devs stand point, they took in millions and millions of dollars for way less then the same investment on their side. They have been keeping putting varying levels of effort into it for the subsequent years and constanlty collecting more money as well. As to success or failure, they are a company, it is a success. They made what used to be a bunch of money before the battle royal games showed them real money. For the players. Yet to be seen. Surely a marginal experience with years of underutilized servers as the game trickled out. If they had said at the start you will have a stable game to play with 40% of the content of the mod in 2019 how many millions would they have gathered. lol
  11. PongoZ

    .63 Combat System

    I like them if that helps you decide
  12. PongoZ

    A Thank You Is In Order

    Toxic complaint got a toxic response. Really. What a surprise. Sometimes we have to go full postal to get attention, do not whine about the response you get though. You did what you thought it had to do, well done. Right up to the whine.
  13. PongoZ

    Visited the DayZ map IRL today

    Thanks guys, will have to wait till I am back from my trip. In Italy now. Got them on face book though
  14. PongoZ

    Visited the DayZ map IRL today

    Don't know how to post them from my cell phone..