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  2. [ADD] AutoRun Hotkey ,

    Well in the end it's up to the developers isn't it. I think with mods it can be added if you can't play without it.
  3. [ADD] AutoRun Hotkey ,

    Meh i wouldnt use a auto run ( i dont run all that much as your to easy to spot) and with stamina coming in i think it may cause you a disaster , but cant see the harm in adding one in as there is alot of people who ask for it . Id say it be pretty easy to code in and wouldnt hurt the people who think its useless having one so why not just add it in.
  4. Returning player

    I hear a hawk sometimes... Or is that the chicken off in a distance HEHE
  5. Returning player

    Agree, this is some of the most frustrating game design i have ever seen. I thought about making a video of me quickly setting my keyboard shortcuts in another complex game where you just double click on the thing you want to change they press a key and your done; then show how long it takes compared with DayZ. All for the sake of educating the devs if they weren't big gamers and some aren't. They want to waste gobs of your time and cause frustration.... in order to prevent your time being wasted and you experiencing frustration.... Best not to fight fire with fire.
  6. [ADD] AutoRun Hotkey ,

    This might be super controversial, but I like the convenience of autorun for short distances while I tab out to switch to a different video/song while playing and not wanting to stop moving.
  7. Returning player

    The only animals currently in game are chickens, cows, deer, and wolves. Don't waste your time looking for pigs, they were removed for now because of an unfortunate potential for abuse.
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  9. Returning player

    There have been more than a few content additions but no major game-play content has been added since wolves. Personally I've been lurking and patiently waiting for some kind of aircraft or base-building to be implemented, and if I had to guess I'd say it's still going to be at least a few months before we get them. I do expect Beta on EXP in a month or less though, although it likely will not have aircraft or base-building in it to begin with.
  10. Returning player

    It's daylight still and warm, I've gotten some alright clothes and been through half of Berezino. Made loads of rags with a fireaxe from the firestation. Found a barrel! So can place that near an old Berezino safe spot I used to use. Might be alright ;) It's pretty quiet though, I'm guessing there aren't many on atm. Game's still glitchy, but apart from zeds fighting still being pretty awkward it's been fun. Stealth really works which I love, it's needed that. For so long it was aggroed from half a field away for no reason... So far so good then. Got rope and sticks, need burlap or a pig to make a backpack. Found a pistol and a RAk but no ammo.
  11. [ADD] AutoRun Hotkey ,

    I can see it now, "I set autorun and went to take a piss and came back and I'm dead!!! Game sucks *&%$% you Bohemia!!!"
  12. Returning player

    So far, eyefinity still isn't really working on this anymore. It used to a year or two back. All the other Arma games are good with 3 screens but the DayZ devs have broken it? It works if I play the game windowed. I'll leave that for now. So, next issue what have they done with the controls? Can't bind a sprint key now? It has to be forward and sprint together now? Also the new menu for controls is clunky af. I have to select a function, then tell it to add, then apply, apply again, then continue. Surly that's at least two clicks too many? Going to stop moaning now. It's running smooth. I'm in Berezino. Some loot in the industrial at the NE of the city. Going to sneak in now.
  13. Returning player

    Some quick tips to keep you from getting discouraged: The rain is a big hassle right now, so hang on to the flare that you spawn with, and if you are having trouble lighting a fire without a flare it helps to craft a torch from a rag and a stick, which you can use to light your fireplace; stones can no longer be gotten just anywhere, so consider stocking up while on the beach, or carrying a pickaxe or ice axe to mine the lone boulders for stones as you go; zombies are lootable now, and will often be your best source of food as you try to get off the coast; get a knife or an axe as soon as possible, and cut everything you see into rags; leather clothing will give you the best protection from wolves, and the shotgun and magnum are among the best common guns to kill the wolves. good luck
  14. Returning player

    I've been waiting for it to get more of a survival and more hardcore. Will be interesting to see. I've just gotten home so will load it up and see how I get on! Cheers folks! Beanz
  15. [ADD] AutoRun Hotkey ,

    In my personal experience with Exile, Overpoch, PUBG, and DayZ Standalone (all games which I've used autorun hotkeys in) it's kinda pointless, in Epoch/Exile it can be helpful because not too many people are in the middle of nowhere and most action happens in cities or airfields, in Standalone I get most of my action in the middle of the forest when I'm not expecting it. I've tried using autorun hotkeys in the past and they normally lead to death because I was so laid back and not paying attention, just letting my character run for miles.
  16. Returning player

    This version is focused on survival gameplay mechanics testing and they halted this dev branch at .62 for a long time to make bigger changes we're about to see in .63. I have 700 hours in Standalone so im not going to say its not fun sometimes, but that was mainly before all the hardcore survival stuff got put in, just after release. You might like it fine, but be warned, the survival stuff isn't very intuitive or realistic at the moment and might not enhance or gameplay/immersion as it is, so.. You might wait to play until .63 comes out or you might very quickly turn into Queeg 500. EDIT: "Quig 5000"...
  17. [ADD] AutoRun Hotkey ,

    See there is no reason not to have a toggle for auto-run on/off, people will say, "But stamina", and I say, "If your too dumb to turn it off and die from exhaustion that's your fault, no one elses". Then the whole cycle begins with, "Early release", and "It's Alpha" and oh, "Didn't you read the warning", sort of responses. Because you know, everyone wants to develop hand cramps or lodge a coin in their keyboard, when all they need is a hotkey to toggle it on/off, and when the stamina system comes in (Ages from now.) people can toggle it off freely.
  18. Returning player

    You have a ton of material to look over. I would start by all the status updates, most of the negative reviews avoid for now. Most of the reviews can be over a year old. Basically everyone is waiting for things to get finished, that is it and always has been that.
  19. Returning player

    Evening all. Long-time player who hasn't played for some time. What's new and does anyone have any good info for someone just returning? Last time I played was around the time Tisy was being spoken of, but wasn't actually a place yet, and wolves were being reintroduced to the Chernarus wilds. SO, what's happenin dudes?
  20. [ADD] AutoRun Hotkey ,

    No, I don't think you would be banned at all for having a macro on your own mouse that does the same thing as could be done on keyboard. If you know what I mean. You're not getting any kind of unfair advantage. Just using a different button to do the same thing.
  21. [ADD] AutoRun Hotkey ,

    You realise that double tapping W makes you sprint? And instead of shift+w you can double press ctrl (isn't it?) to always run. I rebound my controls a little so can't remember the default. But either of those you could get around your little finger being needed as much. In the past if I've had a long way to run I've used a small weight on the W to hold it down.
  22. Late night Kamyshovo massacre

    Good memes.
  23. Do vehicles even exist in game anymore?

    Try playing on the russian server called VK.com/bad-dayz. Best action I have come across recently, especially in severograd or stary/novy area. With that said I don't get why people complain about there not being any interaction. Dayz is supposed to be an organic experience where chance would lead you to come across people. Like EMU said only servers with some kind of Meta can immediately point you in the right direction so to speak. Me I know from personal experience where to find action on certain servers. But i have to admit that some of my best dayz moments came from just exploring the unknown, of course i'm just speaking for myself. I think only when modding support comes along is when this game will be able to cater to everybody's needs, seeing that everybody seems to have a different opinion on what the goal of the game should be.
  24. Footage by Draft kamy.mov Freshie.
  25. ANOTHER EVENT INBOUND!!!!! Event details "Saturday Night Madness" is a server wide event that anyone can join in on. This event will vary from static events, to moving events as well as other scenarios. Server: HIHB - Regular(US) Server Event: HIHB MISFITS LOOT TENT EVENT Time: Saturday - 9:00 pm CST Date: 18th NOVEMBER 2017 Starting Map Location: NE QUADRANT OF MAP Objective: HIHB Misfits will be defending a loot tent in a town located in the NE Quadrant of the map! https://discord.gg/pRdY82
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