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  2. Opinions on culldistances

    Well, you know... okay. It's not that much off topic. You're basically suggesting that the map should be greatly reduced but highly detailed so we won't have that culling distance problem and more fidelity. Maybe something like The Division. I was never that good at math, but basically when you call something a square it means it has sides of a certain and equal lenght. So I checked the internets:
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  4. Opinions on culldistances

    Just to clear this up. I did mean 100 x 100 m², which is exactly one 1 km². E.g. in Stockholm, which is one of the less dense major capital cities in the world, the population density is some 5000 people per 1 km² (this is on average, not in the inner city). So my "idea" was a highly detailed map of 1 km² (220 times smaller than Chernarus in DayZ), 80 players, never able to see more than 300 m. This is Södermalm in Stockholm, Sweden. The red quadrant is 1 km². Throw 300 players in there, with somewhat realistic accessibility to buildings, allies, cellars, attics, construction sites and so on, and you would have a harder time finding anyone than you currently have in DayZ. I am not saying Södermalm in Stockholm would be a good setting for a game. My point is that 1 km² of "realistic" environment could be a much grander setting than a 220 km² dead wasteland, if done right. Naples, Italy: Just do this to your own home town and realize how enormous 1 km² of a highly detailed, and brilliantly put together, map would be for 80+ players to muck around in. Hell, make it 2 km² if 1 km² is not enough. Still 110 times smaller than Chernarus. Get my drift? Still off-topic, I know.
  5. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    Not "might," but "will." 0.64-0.99 won't even exist as far as I can tell because as I said, version numbers are arbitrary. That doesn't mean we won't get any updates after 0.63 comes out. It's not a progress bar, it's just a system used to track builds. Game development isn't linear enough to have something like that, so focusing on the version number isn't supposed to be what's important for anyone. They could just as well say "We're entering Early Access with DayZ Version 1" and then any update we get on Stable increases that number no matter how small of an update it is. They could use the letters and numbers for the version, or just completely silly names like how Starbound did it. (Starbound Alpha started with version Perturbed Koala and ended after Cheerful Giraffe.)
  6. Cycling helps the environment

    So a person had a crap and <<lit the toilet paper on fire>>. I guess if he had been in a car or on foot out of town he would still have <<lit the toilet paper on fire>> right? Having wilderness/survival/bushcraft sense doesn't have much specifically to do with road cycling does it? I live in a tourist area and I have seen 1 million tourists do 10 thousand dumb things including (last week) a 21 year old freezing to death because he got lost drunk in the snow 30 meters from his hotel. I don't know what means of transport that guy used to bring himself up the mountain all the way into an endgame situation (does it matter?). I think - my opinion only - he should have known better, but if you take town folk out of their environment and put them in a very different unknown often "unexpectedly" hazardous place, without them being either briefed or aware of the environment, many of them have really no idea how to act and do things which may not lead to their well-being. This is not a story about cyclists.
  7. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    good summary - how long have you been a game developer? Players and builders often have a VERY different take on even "minor" gameplay mechanics. or, put it another way: 1) What is your ideal game? - name just one single game ( thanx ). 2) Why do you play it, what SPECIFICALLY are it's main points of interest for you (.. take your time with this one! ) 3) How many hours playing time do you have with that game? xxp
  8. Thoughs on Open World and the SR Report

    Boats would be a great thing. Only the question arises where it makes sense to use boats, if it is so that boats can not be carried (is realistic, except a kayak, boats are too heavy). On the sea: Yes definitely, the sea is big and wide and there are islands that can be reached. Inland lakes: there are a few lakes big enough to use a boat, but why? for fishing? Honestly, fishing on a lake is a very difficult thing to do ... in a world that is unpredictable. You're the perfect defenseless target of a Lvl.1 sniper. Without targeted mechanics on a lake (net fishing), it makes little sense. Rivers / streams: they are even worse than the lakes. too small and worthless without meaningful mechanics. Also, you will have no advantage in speed, and waterfalls will stop your way too fast. Therefore the idea with boats sounds good, but the benefit in comparison to the effort (programming), IMO is too low on rivers / streams. Definitely welcome boats are on the sea (a few more islands in the east, Adam? Wink ;-)) and maybe on larger lakes.
  9. Artist Alley

    Good morning all, Do we all know what is next... yup you guessed it a new page of Game Night Adventure is here so enjoy the massive dialogue interaction, intrigue, snapbacks and wait am I overselling it... Game Night: Adventure 148 - The charge Greets, Kevin
  10. Introduce yourselves

    just looking for for some beers in the apocalypse, please send help!
  11. Cycling helps the environment

  12. hey im from ontario too i wanna play dayz with people and what not, my steam id is saugaslayer... your ts link isnt working:(
  13. Looking for a friend

    Hey, Im in Toronto, I just got finished building a new pc... Been playing alot of dayz standalone on steam. I dont know anyone who plays or is even willing to play anymore lol... add me on steam? Im pretty ignorant of the current server situation dayz devs have been implementing. I play under the name saugaslayer (sauga = mississauga) its also my steam id idk ill keep my eye on this page i suppose haha.
  14. Thoughs on Open World and the SR Report

    If they are going to add streams, I wish they made them wider so I can take a small boat upriver Apocalypse Now style.

    Just uploaded a new DayZ video! My mic is a bit quiet but I didn't record two paths so I couldn't really turn it up! This is the only game play I have for now so I hope you guys enjoy!
  16. Last week
  17. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    So going straight from 0.63 to 1.0 might be done without releasing 0.64-0.99 iterations to public ? Hope for pleasant surprises. This must be the toughest game ever to make function as supposed, moreover as there is no clear picture what it is supposed to be, I think. It was proven in the past that it can work. Really looking forward to DayZ standing up from the grave.
  18. Status Report - 16 January 2018

    Watercourses look great, as does the 3PP camera!
  19. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    You're not even going to ask for ketchup to go with your french fries? That's blasphemy! Funny post though, thanks for the laugh.
  20. Status Report - 12 December 2017

    I agree with you about the player count currently being really low, but that's happened throughout DayZ SA's development cycle as people like to test the newest features/items for a little bit then stop playing until the next patch arrives. This isn't the only game I've seen that with, and it won't be the last one either. You say that the dev's been secretive, but the question is, are they really being secretive or are they concentrating on getting 0.63 out as quickly as possible? You have to realize that the more time they spend on the forums answering questions, the less time they're spending working on 0.63. I get the frustration, and yes, it can be frustrating not having the devs coming on the forums like they had previously in the past but I'd rather they spend more time working on the next patch than coming on here and taking time away from being spent working on 0.63. As for having a community manager to relay questions to the devs and then getting an "approved" response to us. You have to realize that all responses are carefully "vetted' so that just enough information is given out without actually giving out a whole lot. You can't expect developers of any game to spend time on the forums/twitter/trello without taking away from more important work they could be doing elsewhere (working on patches, etc.) which only makes things go slower. Honestly, I'd just tell your friends that while DayZ SA is in a playable state, that it may be better to hold off on purchasing due to the fact that there currently aren't many people playing the game or to even wait until we hit 1.0 before purchasing as things should be development should be progressing faster by then.
  21. Donald Trump

    Discussing the issue of North Korea's nuclear ambitions in an interview Wednesday with Reuters, Trump said: "I guess they all realized they're going to have to leave it to a president that scored the highest on tests."
  22. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    Version numbers are arbitrary. They don't have to go through 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, etc., and a dev already said DayZ will go straight from 0.63 to 1.0. We have a list of features that constitute "1.0." That's all they need to do to get there.
  23. .63 ETA ?

    Lol this is coming to life, I wonder if it is not too optimystic to have 0.63 so soon though. Also if we will look further, then 1.0 should come in roughly two years after 0.63 release. I wonder if 1.0 will come out to experimental at first, or it will be stable in single shot :D Perhaps exp branch won't be used anymore after DA BETA...
  24. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    ^^ Sure everyone is only like that and all the time, forever, just "I" am not. I want to prove that i am true fan now. I want to encourage devs not to rush things out. Take a couple more years... why to rush things out in 2018. You have been working so long on this, you have taken massive gambling by choosing some ways, most of them really haven't payed off, 2017 was the worst year for DayZ just because your aim was to have as best result as possible (I suppose), and somehow, strangely resulted in most uninteresting gameplay since the performance became pretty awesome. So perhaps make the performance garbage again, and the game will be exciting again ? lol joke Just don't rush things out. How is it possible to work on single iteration for whole year, and then push nearly forty of them in less than a year ? Working in weekends, not sleeping and not taking holidays maybe ? I know that it is possible to build a house in a few hours if you have crazy good organisation and all the resources. But can you do FORTY iterations in lass than one year, when you do one almost whole year ? Thats an iteration every week basicaly (if 0.63 comes really soon), otherwise it will have to be more than one iteration per week.
  25. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    The only thing society today understands is instant gratification.
  26. 5 months till the new update? Realy?

    Dude, you forgot about getting them to line up the victims for you to shoot and eat!
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