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Dc-62 Manufactory|HardCore+|Increased zed+|Modded+|Rad Zone

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Dc-62 is originaly been create on early spring 2019, Its a small group. But we are aiming bring back the old arma2 hardcore experience.

Server Features include:

  • Custom coastal spawns (Cars and player spawn point)
  • Increased zombie spawns
  • 1PP view lock with cursor
  • Normal loot and stamina
  • Accelerated time (24 hours passes during a 6 hours cycle)
  • Six hour server restarts
  • Rad Zone
  • Hardcore Zeds
  • Blood Tracking players
  • Airdrop (No Notifiction)
  • Server is located in Singapore
  • And more to discover!


  • AirdropRedux
  • Ak_overrides
  • Arctic Latitudes for Chernarus Plus
  • BuildAnywhere
  • BuilderItems
  • Community-Online-Tools
  • DayZ-Expansion-Chat
  • GoreZ
  • Increased Lumens
  • InventoryPlus
  • DayZ-Expansion-Notifications
  • Permissions-Framework
  • RPCFramework
  • Queue Connect Fix
  • Radiation Zone
  • NewNVG
  • Trader
  • 28DayZLater
  • JoggingDeadZombies


I recommend you download DZSALauncher at http://www.dayzsalauncher.com/. Once you've installed it, just search for "DC-62" and you'll find the server. All mods will download automatically.

If you insist on using BI's official DayZ Launcher, you'll need to subscribe to the individual mods in this collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1597247499

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