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  1. Dc-62 is originaly been create on early spring 2019, Its a small group. But we are aiming bring back the old arma2 hardcore experience. Server Features include: Custom coastal spawns (Cars and player spawn point) Increased zombie spawns 1PP view lock with cursor Normal loot and stamina Accelerated time (24 hours passes during a 6 hours cycle) Six hour server restarts Rad Zone Hardcore Zeds Blood Tracking players Airdrop (No Notifiction) Server is located in Singapore And more to discover! MODS ON THE SERVER AirdropRedux Ak_overrides Arctic Latitudes for Chernarus Plus BuildAnywhere BuilderItems Community-Online-Tools DayZ-Expansion-Chat GoreZ Increased Lumens InventoryPlus DayZ-Expansion-Notifications Permissions-Framework RPCFramework Queue Connect Fix Radiation Zone NewNVG Trader 28DayZLater JoggingDeadZombies HOW TO JOIN THE SERVER I recommend you download DZSALauncher at http://www.dayzsalauncher.com/. Once you've installed it, just search for "DC-62" and you'll find the server. All mods will download automatically. If you insist on using BI's official DayZ Launcher, you'll need to subscribe to the individual mods in this collection: https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1597247499
  2. Hello guys. If There is a way to write some codes that can make music are playing in-game and loop in init.c? Currently im still very new about coding. But im still learning. So. Any feedback will be thankful. If there is a example. Will be great.
  3. HeadCrabD

    people getting reflex sight and fnx mrds in server!?

    Yeah. Its pretty easy. All you need to do Its get the Item's name. Follow the example there and writting down in the type.xml. Normally need 2-3 hrs to get items spawn. So be patient. Update: You probably will encounter this problem that may cause items not spawnning correctly. Type 'X' must be inherited from class 'X' No idea how to fix it.
  4. HeadCrabD

    Player Count in game

  5. HeadCrabD

    Player Count in game

    How do you use this code.. Put this on top of init.c seems not working at all
  6. HeadCrabD

    Night is a problem.

    Whats the date are you setting on your server?
  7. HeadCrabD

    Force to walk rather than jog when out of stamima?

    Yeah.I didnt. But i think if i set this to 0. Then everyone can join without right mods right?
  8. HeadCrabD

    Force to walk rather than jog when out of stamima?

    Trying work around with those numbers. but everytime i put this in my server got crash :/ Did you know why its happenning?
  9. HeadCrabD

    I can't get mods to work on my local test server

    Anyone tried to run this tool in vilayer game layer?
  10. Hey Guys. I was trying to modify script.pbo doing some experimental test. When i packed pbo. and overwrite the old ones. Server got crashed.And got this error "Got Multiple declaration of variable"
  11. HeadCrabD

    Experimental Update 0.63.149887

    Its Bacteria,Temperature,Food,Water, Blood,Health
  12. HeadCrabD

    Experimental Update 0.63.149653

    Yup. The in-game binding system its working.
  13. HeadCrabD

    Experimental Update 0.63.149653

    Also Some action are missing description. Like Take a sip. Bury body. etc etc.
  14. Recent i start localization texts for dayz. I wonder if have any tool covert ttf file into fnt format.
  15. HeadCrabD

    Schinese/Tchinese Localization

    Well. If you want practice your chinese. Feel free to talk me on steam. I think we can have some good coversations over there.