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Can we make this game a little bit smarter

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Can we make this game a little bit smarter ?


1. Reduce drastically all weapons and ammunition spawns (locations and quantity). If a weapon was found, it should be 90% of the time in a badly-damaged / broken condition until it's repaired. And what's broken, should be repaired, not thrown away.

2. Reduce the hilarious amounts of food and soda cans everywhere, and increase all organic food spawns. A food can should be more precious than any weapon.

3. Zombies are irrelevant, surviving humans and animals is hard enough. When you're hungry, everything is justified.

4. We need a lot more wild predators like the amazing wolves. Wild boars should attack humans if they sense him. This is the end of the world, fellas, it is expected from animals to dominate again their turfs.

5. NWAF and Tisy should be the ONLY (known) places to obtain weapons. They should be surrounded by massive herds of wolves and / or other natural predators, to make it harder to get in and out from those places.

6. Stamina - Jogging is nice, but should be limited as well. The stamina bar should go down very slowly as long as you jog.


Base Building:

1. If I'm standing in the wild and I have a shovel and an axe and I want to make a stash - I just dig a hole, fill it with sticks and cover it. What's the big issue ? Why can't we have the basics first ?

2. Watchtowers should allow to add another module - "Stash unit". A big wooden box that should be attached to an inner wall, and should be allowed to create 1 per tower. Also, the player should be able to lock it with a lock.

3. Personal shelters combining 1 dead animal skin + 1 long stick, where are they? How can you start a base 

4. IRL - If I had to move a barrel or metal sheets or anything heavy for long distances - I'd start with wheels. And if I have a half- broken car sitting next to me for decades and it's FUBAR or it take too much effort to fix it, I would use 2 wheels + wood + ropes to build a carriage. No need for horses, only a Sancho Panza.


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Yes to all of this but i think alot of people should know that alot of this(ideas) is up to the server owners more so than the dayz devs. The devs are not going to do alot to make the game harder, they are just giving us all the tools and hopefully we get good servers with survival apsects more so than these high loot no stamina bullshit pvp servers

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