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Jacob Miller slaya

Locked out

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12 hours ago, Jacob Miller slaya said:

I've bout three $40 copys one for my wife, son and I I'll return all of them inless you fix this soon.

Well, you can't return them, so there's that. You bought, for some reason, 3 copies of an early access game. The devs warn you at every time they can that not only is the game not complete, but support is limited. 


I'm not sure why you would buy 3 copies of a early access game knowing it would be plagued with bugs. This isn't a triple A title, neither is it a fully launched game (in fact it's a long way from launch). The devs are constantly working on updates to firstly improve stability, then will introduce new content. Coming to the forums to threaten the devs that you will return the game is not the avenue to follow. They are aware of these issues and will be patching them as soon as there is a fix.

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